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Did Imus

Get Off Easy


4/10/2007 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Nappy-headed hos" and "Get AIDS and die" -- both were said by personalities on the MSNBC airwaves -- one got a two-week suspension; one got canned. Does that sound right?

Don Imus, Michael Savage
Don Imus received a two-week suspension yesterday from both CBS Radio and MSNBC (which simulcasts his radio show) after he referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." But four years ago, Michael Savage, who had a weekend show on MSNBC at the time, referred to a caller as a "sodomite" and said he should "get AIDS and die." Savage was fired in what was referred to at the time as any "easy decision" by MSNBC spokespeople.

Imus and his crew have a long history of making comments that might be considered inappropriate; they once called the New York Knicks a group of "chest-thumping pimps."

As part of his suspension yesterday, an MSNBC statement said, "Our future relationship with Imus is contingent on his ability to live up to his word."

Does he even deserve a future? Vote.


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Hal R. Hosfeld    

I guess some groups are just more sensitive than others.

2752 days ago


Totally blown out of porportion!! Imus has a record of making crude and stupid comments --so why now jump on him--why not before? by the way that guy from grays anatomy didn't get fired where's the political police on that one?

2752 days ago


How ironic that Rosa Parks refuses to go to the back of the bus
and Al Sharpton throws him under the bus.
Don't people have more important things to worry about?

2752 days ago

Only in    

Imus's remarks were RACIST and SEXIST.Let this be a lesson to all you RACIST out there.You will be brought front and center for all the world to see when you make these kind of slurs. Only last week I said,"We will no longer be the punchline of your RACIAL jokes".Thanks to all the African American leaders that are trying to bring RACISM to an end,once and for all ! I will Never Ever give up my Fight against RACISM!,NO JUSTICE,NO PEACE!!!

2752 days ago


The rappers call women bitches and ho's. Why is there a double standard?

2752 days ago

The real Dottie    

If Imus had sang that comment with a beat in the background would there be a problem? He's white, I get it. But is it ok for Snoop Dogg or JayZ to say the same thing? Why should it be? Rap music continues to degrade women from their lyrics to their videos. What Imus said was wrong but he wasn't the first and he sure as hell won't be the last.

2752 days ago


does anyone ever have a problem with black dj's on innercity stations making fun of white people? why is that ok?

2752 days ago


# 4 u r so right. That is a language they share within their culture.

2752 days ago

Dark Knight    

Yeah I think he did get off easily. The only people really hurt here are NBC for having to lose his ratings for 2 weeks, and the Rutgers women. Imus gets 2 weeks off, and we still haven't heard if this is a paid or unpaid suspension. Even if is is an unpaid suspension he's made millions and will probably enjoy the 2 weeks off while NBC scrambles for programming. I guess I'm not seeing where this negatively impacts Imus the way his comments negatively impacted the Rutgers women and society in general.

2752 days ago


This is just a two-week vacation for Imus. He is not going to be hurt by any of this. He is extremely popular. This suspension is just to appease the sponsors and the folks who were insulted. Nothing will really change.

2752 days ago


Who the hell cares

2752 days ago


Get rid of Imus. He can find some little radio station to put up with his garbage, but NBC should have higher standards.

2752 days ago

pattie in cali    

IMUS, what where you thinking??????. THESE GIRLS, they will be ok, they will come out of this, BETTER PEOPLE, they are taking this like ADULTS, more than i can say for others, sharpton, hes no better, he sets an waits for this kind thing, hes said things, wheres the anger,? mixed messages, this is what this is,

2752 days ago


It's all in the tone of how you say it. At least that what they tell me. Most black people say they will never stop saying the N word. But then again, white folks can't scream discrimanation, only minoritys can. The thing now is the white people are almost out numbered now so they are becoming a minority but will still never be able to speak up. Sad but true!!

2752 days ago


Remember the Spike Lee movie "White Men Can't Jump?" Pretty racist if you ask me! The race card is played way too much in this country and it seems the only ones who constantly complain, are the ones who can't deal with their own kind.

2752 days ago
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