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Don't Hold Your Breath -- Daddy Time Still Hours Away!

4/10/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite reports that Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy would be revealed at 10:00 AM EDT, TMZ has learned that the hearing to determine custody of Dannielynn will start in the Bahamas at 2:30 PM EDT -- so keep your pants on.

We're told that all the usual parties -- Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, and Virgie Arthur -- will be present. You can expect Virgie to declare her intent to seek custody of the baby, even if Birkhead is the biological father.


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Boycot all Jesses Business    

Get that baby away from this awful Stern family! These people are sick killers.

2721 days ago

Sammy wong    

I hope Howard is the father but I am sure he aint. The other 2 are more screwed up then Howard. If he is the dad i hope he fights to get her back he deserves it.

2721 days ago


Howard, Anna would be so pleased with you!! Keep up the good work. You have plenty of us on your side! Vergie, You had your chance with Anna , You have been married 5 times 5 time come on NO one is married 5 time. You need to go back to the big T and stay out of things you have NO right to be in. How are you paying for all this??????

2721 days ago


I hope we all get a surprise today and Virgie go home - you give Texas a bad name!!!! Bad mom - go home were are you getting your money splash - leave Larry and Howard alone.

2721 days ago


Virgie Arthur needs to go away. Anna Nicole didn't want her daughter anywhere near Dannielynn and I think that the law should look at that. I hope Larry is the father, just so this whole mess can be done and over with!!

2721 days ago


You go "original team birkhead"!

Let today be Larry's day!!!

2721 days ago


Neither one is likely the father. and Virgie shouldnt get that baby either, look how her daughter turned out. Best not to do that to another.
Poor thing should be placed in a loving home, and the money should be donated.

2721 days ago


I hope Howard is the Daddy! Anna obviously loved him.

2721 days ago

susie Q    

I hope anyone other than vergie gets custody, even howard would be better. Come on guys, it is so obvious howard does what he does. He is doing what anna wanted. Hate him all you want but he knew her, not you! Vergie should fall into the ocean. That hog should be expelled from the kids life.

2721 days ago

thrown out    

I think that HKS really loved Daniel and ANS and the baby. Give him some credit, if Anna didn't love Howard she would have dumped him along time ago. Remember he did alot of legal work for her and never got paid, look how much D. Opri has charged Larry, do not judge him, he only did what Anna told him, and he maybe the father.

2721 days ago


Howard is doing the right thing and l am very proud of him.
It could be any body baby, ANY BODY COULD BE THE BABY'S DADDY.
But Mommy dearest, that woman needs some big time spanking on her behind.
VIGGIE baked sweet potato pie(her insurance Recipe) for all 4four men she married.
One lived to tell his story, it's all about the insurance babe.....pending investigation.
After eating all those PORK CHOPS/MILK SHAKE'S i the insurance money, you still want Danielyn.


2721 days ago


Why doesn't virgie just go Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

She is a poor excuse for a human being.

2721 days ago

Ford Shelly is a creep    

I wonder if Larry will jump up and down outside of the courtroom. I am afraid if Larry gets Dannielynne he will sell her out to the media. Next we will be seeing Larry at Mr. Chow's and people will want to know who is watching Dannielynne. I think he is too immature to take care of a baby. When they interviewed him outside of the courtroom and they asked him about any deals and he said that this wasn't like the show deal or no deal where they open the suitcases. Larry needs to get an education.

2721 days ago


Virgie's lawyers are being very smart. There is a two step process for guardianship/custody in the Bahamas and they are playing it by the book. If neither LB or HKS is the father, then Virgie has to file for custody. However, as was made plain by her lawyers last night on Nancy Grace, Virgie has to file for joint guardianship so she has standing later on in case whoever is the custodial parent is found to be unfit.

This is all so much legal wrangling. At the end of the day, if LB is the father, Virgie will play a prominent role in the baby's life.

2721 days ago

back in the day    

"Despite reports that Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy will be revealed at 10AM EST, TMZ has learned that the hearing to determine custody of Dannielynn will start in the Bahamas at 2.30 pm EST -- so keep your pants on."

I JUST took my pants off....I'll put 'em back on. But hurry up! Warning: I'm taking 'em off at at 2:30 AND THEY'RE Stayin' off, ok?? Let's get the party started!! Everybody say Yeah!

2721 days ago
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