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"Idol" Castoff Alaina Alexander Goes Black

4/10/2007 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" castoff Alaina Alexander has gone to drastic measures to detach herself from her "A.I." image.
Alaina Alexander
The sultry Miss Alexander just dyed her hair black, and she's already flaunting the sexy new do on her MySpace page.

Alaina has been romantically linked with fellow Idol, Chris "Timberfake" Richardson, but if she happened to see our video of Chris flirting with "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad, her dark fashion statement could signify that she's through with everything that's "Idol."


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I never heard of this girl. This shouldn't even be a story!

2721 days ago


Honey I have no idea what these people are talking about. I admit that I do not remember you from the show, but lets get real if Chris Sligh shaved his head no one would remember who he was because he was all about that curly fro he sported. Now who ever you are or how you looked before you are a person and these vultues are out here to make you feel bad about your self. And I say forget them, You are a beautiful woman and if you wanted to make some changes to escape from the spotlight that AM cast on you thats cool. Dont let these morons fool you, they know damn well that if they ran intoto you in a club or even on the street they would give you that second, third, and fourth look until their head twisted off. Any of them would be blessed to have you as a friend much less any thing else, they just let thier faults shine through by trying to critique you. Rock on and keep lookin good and most of all do what makes you feel good.
And to you guys out there making comments, just because you will never have a chance with a woman like her does not justify a reason to be mean or rude to her. I bet most of you are sitting at home right now logged on to a two way adult chat paying $$$$ a minute to blow off some steam, And probally are so stuck in your own self esteem issues thats the only way you can get a woman of that caliber. So get out of the house and clean up and rather than making fun of that which you are not you can befriend those which you want to be, a part of society.
Keep it real, I think you look absolutely stunning, as I am sure you were before. And you have any problems with these people I am feeling kinda squirly. I cant give out my info. but since the article is on you I am sure they can make an exception to give out my email to you, other wise I will have all these right handed bandits writing me. and if not. well you can contact me at my buisness mail, that way it goes through all the virus and spyware possible and others can only write me but not screw me up. Have a good one and dont let them get you down.......

2721 days ago


you were a idol cast-off for a reason, so take that reason and go someplace else.

2721 days ago


I have three words for ya (YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!)

2721 days ago


I think porn would be good for her, I know I'd watch it, maybe she'd get more than 15 minutes of fame from it. Pornstars make lots of money. Her pics are VERY hot and I had to think of when she was on American Idol. Shows how forgetable most of the contestants are after they are booted off....Think like Jenna Jameson and you'll do fine!

2721 days ago


if so many people don't care so much, why are they replying? Why don't all you guys stop drinking the "Hate-orade" and get a life. I do remember her and she always looked this good. And for those of you who said she should do playboy or porno are just retarted.


2721 days ago

Kristin D    

I can't even remember her...when was she voted off? what did she sing?

2721 days ago


Okay, so she was booted off of A.I., this means she can't sing so why is she trying to still get attention? I know many females that dye their hair, I guess good for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2721 days ago


Why is it that if you don't like someone, you are automatically jealous? I didn't vote for this girl because she was talentless and didn't belong in the top 24. It's a singing competition, NOT a competition on who's the hottest. I don't care one bit if this media whore colored her hair. It must be a slow news day.

2721 days ago


That is what is wrong with American Idol. It isn't about talent any more. It's all about how you look. I know a few talented people that don't look perfect. They will never get a chance because they don't look like that! You have to look like a hoochie to anywhere in the music business. Ask Simon! He is the number one reason people like me don't even try to make it.

2721 days ago


14Bull abs Im great for a lot of things, one thing im not for is jealousy...I have no reason to be, i am a young beautiful model/mom who looks better than her blond or brunette---------
I bet you sit home all day with a room full of crusty socks---get a hobby!!

2721 days ago

HO bo    

Now here is one "IMUS" missed!!

2721 days ago

HO bo    


2721 days ago


which one was she and who cares????????????????????

2721 days ago


shes a hottie!!

2721 days ago
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