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Jenna Blows ... Candles

4/10/2007 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Porn starlett Jenna Jameson celebrated her birthday with, what else, a burlesque show bash.

TMZ cameras were at the shrinking star's b-day at Forty Deuce in Hollywood, where boyfriend Tito Ortiz led the crowd in an "Office Space" style rendition of Happy Birthday. His message to the crowd -- "I love you baby ... happy 23rd birthday." Yeah, she wishes -- Jameson turned 33.

Tito, unfortunately, didn't strip down and give Jenna a lap dance, like she did for him back in January.


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What!!?? She's only 33? She looks used up and older than 33, but then again, when you've been banged out every way possible with who knows how many men and women and possibly animals, it catches up with you.

2751 days ago


Jenna, I feel sorry for you.

2751 days ago

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2751 days ago


She is 33 years old! I thought she was older because she already had work done to her face and she looks different, and worn out. In the porn and hollywood world; Jenna is old. In corporate America, she would not be considered old.

2751 days ago


She needs to either reveal that she is HIV positive or get a test.

2751 days ago


poor thing...she should have stayed with Jay....

2751 days ago


33???? WHAT???? Time has not been kind to her..............................

2751 days ago


===She looks like a grasshopper. girl needs help STAT!

2751 days ago


She looks so bad there is no way she is thin over stress . That girl is seriously ILL ! And no I am not jealous I would rather see her with a little more weight on her she use to be so beautiful . Porn star or not she seems to be a really nice person I just hope she gets some medical attention soon . And yes , you can still be a nice person and do porn that is just what she does for a living.No one can bash her for that she just chooses something that is out of the norm and it works for her . I say more power too her but Jenna please gain a few pounds .

2751 days ago

chi chi    

She had a face lift before she was 33? Oh no! Imagine all she'll have done by the time she's 40. That boyfriend is so ugly too, his head is weird shaped. He looks like a pin head or the doc was too rough with the forceps, seriously.

2751 days ago


Yuck ! Who cares about her. She's a nasty skanky whore!

2751 days ago


Jenna you used to be such a beautiful woman.... Lay off the plastic surgery and EAT!! For God sake woman have a burger! You look way too skinny. I don't want to judge Jenna for her choice of career in the past.. she had a troubled life like most women in the porn industry but, Jenna you have a Hot as hell boyfriend who obviously worships the ground you walk on and you are a beautiful girl, enjoy your life.... the plastic surgery is making you look way too old and your lack of eating makes you like a starving child from a third worl country. Take care of yourself!!!

2751 days ago


Larry Birkhead is the father of baby Dannilyn. The can be viewed on So do you, think that it could have been murder for money. If so I guess it just back fired. I just hope the baby is really Dannilyn. Larry Birkhead if you're listen right now get as second DNA after you get the baby in your hand too many games has been played already better sure you have the right baby... Spoken with love

2751 days ago


Larry, Please be sure you have the right baby too many games have been played already. I am so glad you fought for what you believed to be right ,who knows what could have happen to baby Dannilyn. It takes a hateful person to come between a father and his child. What was he seeking to accomplish by being so contrite. Oh! I suppose I know MONEY! OOOPPS FOULDED AGAIN

2751 days ago

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