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Pam and Tommy Flashback to 1995

4/10/2007 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Divorced duo Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee took a break from dating everyone else in the free world to enjoy a little family time with their children in Hawaii on Monday.

Pam basked her golden globes in the island rays in a skimpy white bikini, as Tommy's tatted up flesh ensured that nary a drop of sun touched his aged rocker skin.

Although the motley crew is in Hawaii, no word if the former lovers got lei'd!


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Tina Marie    

Tommy &Pamela are perfect together! They have 2 children & share a special bond.
They have a history, & were so in love once. They both seem down to earth, & really cool. As for previous negative comments made about each of them, I must disagree! Neither of them are dumb, they both are very intelligent, don't ever judge a book by its cover!
Alot of what the media shows, isn't who they really are. It is an act, what they think people want to see, what we expect. Tommy is one of the greatest drummers of all time &
Pam may not be the best actress, however, she is a smart business woman! They are both
laughing all the way to the bank, and I hope they find their way, with or without eachother.

2750 days ago


Pam cant let go of Tommys big-one. They might as well get back together for their kids.
Then they can be miserable like all the rest of us.

2750 days ago


Even if they don't get back together, you know they're getting it on! They're both some horny people!

2750 days ago



2750 days ago

reported what    

Is that her wedding bikini??

2750 days ago


This is an intrusive story, and who gives a crap about these celebrities relationships.

2750 days ago


I agree they should get back together. Why expose countless other people to Hep C when they can share tattoo needles for the rest of their lives? Pam does love her kids but she also loves her some plastic surgery.

2750 days ago


They need to quit spreading their diseases and just stay together. Grrrosss!

2750 days ago


"...basked her golden globes ..."

Come on, Harvey! Grow up! Your captions are getting more and more juvenile. Yuck.

2750 days ago


"9. Ahhhh, Their is nothing better than watching an over the hill actress with fake boobs and getting the added bonus of seeing her with her (dumber than a box of rocks) ex has been ex rock star hubby. And all the commenter's are right,,,,, They definitely belong with and deserve each other.

Posted at 8:23PM on Apr 10th 2007 by David"

Not that I am a fan of either of these people but what the hell have you done with your life other than making comments on TMZ?

2750 days ago


BTW - Before you go around calling people "dumber than a box of rocks" you might want to figure out how to use the word "their".

2750 days ago


Wow .just some 12 yrs ago..where did the time go..

2750 days ago


#10...I gotta disagree with you...Tommy Lee seemed pretty damn happy when he was shoving his tongue down Lukas Rossi's throat...I think that is the happiest I have ever seen him!!

2750 days ago


Although I'm not a huge fan of Pam or Tommy, I always thought that they were "made" for each other and that they were/are soulmates.. Regarding #11's comments on Pam's mothering skills: What makes you believe that Pam is a bad mother? I heard that Pam Anderson is actually a really good Mom, as weird as it may sound, I believe she is.. She's always at soccer games with them, as well as other outings, etc, and seems much better of a parent than Britney could ever wish she could be!! Haven't Pam and Tommy been married and divorced twice so far? Well, like they say, the 3rd times the charm!

2750 days ago


Just a couple of CRAZY kids in love. All tatted up in their best, that little rose bud she once had on her butt, has now turned into a long stemmed rose. Her name tattooed on his chest has been lost in the folds. Didn't these two each have their tongues down other peoples throat just last week? And yes, I am pretty sure that was her "bridal" bikini, but I am not sure where her goofy captain's hat ended up! You remember the bikini, she wore for the "most romantic wedding of all time" . . .err well, at least for the next 4 months or so. Yeah, I want to be just like her when I throw up, or grown up or something!

2750 days ago
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