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Birkhead to Virgie: I'm Not Sharing Dannielynn!

4/11/2007 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comA relieved and happy Larry Birkhead called yesterday's revelation that he was the daddy of Anna Nicole Smith's baby a "magical moment" and likened it to winning an Oscar, while politely but firmly telling Anna's mom Virgie Arthur that she can forget about getting shared custody of the child.

On this morning's "Today" show, Birkhead told Meredith Vieira that he had seen Dannielynn, as TMZ reported, and that the baby girl has "lots of toys and a nursery ready for her" back in California. Meanwhile, though he welcomed Virgie Arthur as Dannielynn's grandmother, Birkhead insisted, "I do not want to share custody with anyone else ... There's only one dad." Arthur has suggested that she'll seek some form of custody of the baby.

As for his surprising hug-it-out moment with Howard K. Stern after yesterday's court hearing, Birkhead said that it came about because "Howard decided to do what's best ... [and] stop the fighting."


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If LB was smart, he'd not let Virgie around that baby ever! She's a money grubbing pig.

2755 days ago


GOOD for Larry. Don't let that fat bitch near your precious little girl.

2755 days ago


Way to go Larry--she has no right. I am a proud grandma--and would never expect my son-in-laws to share guardianship with me. She should just love and support you and the baby and be grateful for the chance!!!! CONGRATULATIONS LARRY!!!!!

2755 days ago


I think Howard and Larry both r acting like men who truley care for that child & i am so happy they are both trying to do what is best for her...and as for Virgie,well she needs to go back to Texas and stay the hell away from that baby,she allready f'd Anna up when she was raising her why does she think she can do a good job with Annas baby....GO AWAY VIRGIE!

2755 days ago

Billie Harvey    

Congrats Larry. You have shown great maturity and patience. Watch out for the money grubbers....they will come from everywhere. There is no big hurry for anything now but you and the baby to be together. As a grandmother of 12, I say babies don't need much transition...just your love and affection. Get out of the Bahamas quickly and watch your back!

2755 days ago


Good for Larry! There is value in the truth. And as painful as it must be, I'm glad Howard has made the right decision. It shows his love for the child and for Anna.

2755 days ago


Yay Larry! Give this child a new name, a new life and keep her nutso Grandma away from her. I hear you and Anna had picked the name Hannah out before she got brainwashed from Stern and whacked out on drugs and grief from her son dying.

Hannah Grace or Hanna Danielle would be lovely. Give this child a fresh start and do not share her with those two losers. The baby needs normalcy!!

(ps first time so close to the top!)

2755 days ago

Bring it on!    

TMZ is at it again. Virgie said that she is NOT fighting Larry for custody. Quit trying to pit those two against each other, you idiots!

2755 days ago


If Vergie is smart she will get visitation rights in writting

2755 days ago


Congradulations Larry! And Congradulations Howard for stepping up to the plate and being a man! And Virgie Just go away!

2755 days ago


He needs to be careful and not say to much until after Friday. If Virgie thinks that she will get whatever she wants from Larry, she may not fight it out a lot on Friday. But, if he starts talking tough, she may turn Friday into the Grandma Show in the Bahamas.

2755 days ago


funny no one mentions that vergie practically raised Daniel from about the age of 7. Give this woman a break for petes sake. Its her granddaughter. Daniel turned out to be a very nice kid underr vergies care all those years.

2755 days ago


Larry should enjoy a private life with his child. She deserves a life of peace and happiness - - one that her mother never really had. That would be the best legacy Larry could give her.

2755 days ago


Virgie's credibility will certainly come into quesiton if she insists on join custody. Larry has been a stand up guy so far and I believe he will continue to be. His apparent relationship with his own family shows that he has strong family values and I am sure he will allow Anna's family to have as much contact with his daughter as they want. Asking for joint custody when the baby has what appears to be a very capable father who certainly did not approve of all of the drug use and ANS's lifestyle would make one think that her only concern is for money. If any money is awarded it will be awarded to the child and should be used only for those purposes. I think that with all of the public watching it would be pretty hard for this not to be handled properly. Let that child have a strong family on both sides.

2755 days ago


HK$ is now about photo opps and sound bites in his team's effort to improve his public image on the eve of the INQUEST into Daniel's death - and in the face of a possible wrongful death Civil Suit by Virgie and perhaps Larry on behalf of Dannielynn.


NOTHING about Stern has suddenly changed; leopards don't change their spots.

When Stern hugged Larry (NOT vice versa), Larry looked SO uncomfortable! I HOPE he won't let Stern walk him down the Primrose Path and exploit him.

On Nancy Grace, John O'Quinn spilled the beans about the case in the Bahamas, which is a FRAUD action. He said that is on the agenda for FRIDAY.

Nancy Grace said, "I doubt that Birkhead can prove that Stern knew he was not the father." Well, I disagree and so does Kimberly Gulifoyle. Stern knew he was not the father! He knew that Anna first asked BEN THOMPSON to sign the birth certificate and it was ONLY after he refused that Stern was named. This is proved by emails that Anna wrote. - On Friday, the court is going to rule on the FRAUD aspect of the case. SURELY, Larry will prevail and HOWARD will have to PAY damages and attorney costs.

Ron Rale was on TV saying again that Larry is the one who wouldn't settle with Howard right after Anna died. RIGHT. They were hoping to lure Larry into signing his life away without the presence of an attorney.

REMEMBER FOLKS, Rale has a financial interest in this, too! He is named as the second executor of that idiotic will they drew up for Anna. - NO ONE wants Larry to be happier than RON RALE because he wants a piece of the action regarding the estate. - WHO in their right mind would let Stern and Rale handle anything after them signing off on the disastrous will?

And, hey, Big Moe coming out with a book -- He claims to have known her so well.... and he lied his ass off about Larry -- said Larry just sort of hung around Anna.... and he said Anna said "Moe Moe, the father is Howard." So who wants to read his book of lies?

2755 days ago
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