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Jordan -- I'm Hotter Than Posh!

4/12/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comKatie Price and her sexpot alter-ego Jordan, just landed in the U.S., but she's making enemies with another UK import -- Posh and Becks.

The surgically enhanced model-turned-reality TV star and her perfectly waxed hubby, Peter Andre, are taking aim at Mrs. Beckham, with Andre telling "'EXTRA" that Jordan's "better looking than Victoria" but rightfully adding, "I'm not as good looking as David."

Jordan, not satisfied with her hubby's potshot, added, "It's not hard to be better looking than her, is it really." Somewhere a robot is crying.


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I wish all four would go back on a plane back to England! We have enough people in Hollyweird right now who think they are all that!

2690 days ago


who the hell is this jordan ??? never heard of them. tmz is like perezhilton. . . . trying to make some transvestite famous .

2690 days ago

Sick of haters!    

Wow, it seems to me white girls are being hated come everything has to be race? can't we all just get along.

2690 days ago


I used to think posh was so cute when she was with the Spice Girls but now its seems as though she takes herself way to seriously she never smiles. You have to learn to chill and laugh at yourself sometimes. Jordan is pretty and seems down-to-earth and she has personality. Now David Beckham is the hottest most gorgeous man to ever walk this green earth. DAMN!!!! Jordan and Peter were like Britains Nick and Jessica they did a show similiar to Newlyweds when they got married. They seem like a cute couple though-pretty funny, cant wait to watch their show on E!

2690 days ago


You Americans sound so jealous and ignorant. Just because they aren't Americans you have to say such awful things about them. You claim you never heard of them but then you trash them?? How can you call them such horrible names if you don't know anything about them. This is xenophobia in its worst form. The world is comprised of more than the USA...go get educated and see beyond your noses. Both Katie Price (Jordan) and Victoria Beckham are very famous in England. The British are far more accepting of foreigners. We have Madonna, Gweneth Paltrow and other Yanks living over here and we welcome them with open arms. You are just so, so prejudiced and have no class at all. What a bunch of ignoramuses!

2690 days ago


SHUT UP YOU STUPID PRETTY BRIT. The only thing we want from you is to send us a porno of Kate Middleton or that other tramp Chelsy Davey. Gobble down princesses. The other thing we want is for you to KEEP Madonna and Gwenath Paltrow. And your accent isn't cute...It's sounds stupid !!! MATE

2690 days ago


Hey Pretty Brit - Stay out of our country you loser

2690 days ago

Sick of haters!    

Hey now, not all of us are ignorant...i agree with the fact that people are jealous here(mostly because they're insecure and obsessed with media), but don't put us all into one catagory. That's ignorant in it's own. Go blog on a uk website!

2690 days ago


katie and peter are big over here in the uk. She has been voted the best business women and thts what they are over there for. Too film there next reality tv program, which can i say was the number 1 reality show. Katie is the prettest out of both of them, posh might not be all plastic but she acts like it (does she even smile). At least katie is real. She might have a fake tan, but girls like to be tanned. You american guys are being way to hard on them, It sounds like you got somthing against us britains.

2690 days ago


o and also can i just say that jordan and katie are the same person!!!!!!!

2690 days ago


I have NO idea who this woman is (or her husband either?) but after viewing the video I would say she needs an appointment with an orthodontist and both her hair and her eyebrows are badly done.

I wish someone would post a comment explaining who these people are.

2690 days ago


I swear I have never seen Posh with a smile on her face. Does she have teeth??? She's homely enough to back a rattlesnake into a box.

2690 days ago


They are both conceited bitches! Neither one has done anything worthy of deserving their fame and fortune. Do the U.S. a favor and stay in the U.K.

2690 days ago


Meow, the claws are out! I can't stand Posh, is she a robot?

2690 days ago

Ayla of no people    

Katie Price aka Jordan is nothing but a page 3 (or whatever they call it in britan) girl in their rag papers like the enquirer ala a nudie model.

She also says that it is proper and ok to drink and do drugs while pregnant. She did drink and do drugs the whole time she was pregnant with her first child Harvey who is physically and mentally handicapped.

He was also left to wander in the bathroom earlier this year and climb into the bathtub and scald himself so badly that he was in the hospital for months for the burns on his legs which were worsened by someone tearing the pants off of him and literally tearing the skin off of his legs.

Believe me these people are nothing special in the least. They are just a side show in a circus. She is a horses ass and he is a mamby pamby guy.

LOL. she has already talked about the breast surgery she is getting after the baby is born.

Skank..................And I know that Even The British Feel This Way About Her.

As for Posh and Becks, I have nothing against them. They seem like decent enough people to me although of course I don't know them.

2690 days ago
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