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Justin Dials Britney's Digits

4/12/2007 8:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake was worried about Britney after all – so worried that he called her a while back to make sure she was all right, he says.

"I called her because I worried about her," he said at a press day for "Shrek the Third," which was also, awkwardly, attended by Cameron Diaz, Justin's most recent ex, reports People. According to Justin, Britney's on the right track: "She's a great woman, I'm rooting for her. [It] seems like she's getting everything under control now."

Meanwhile, Britney is officially denying rumors that she's got the hots for Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, telling photogs that it's actually her cousin Alli who's crushing on Luke.

Brad to Angie: Show Shiloh Some Love!

Did Brad Pitt really escape with daughter Shiloh to send Angelina a message that she's not giving their biological baby enough love? That's what Life & Style is reporting in its new issue, though the couple's rep denies any preferential treatment or rift.

The magazine says that after Angie came back from Vietnam, Brad noticed that she "appeared to forget" about Shiloh while she lavished affection on the adopted kids, Maddox, Zahara, and the newest addition, Pax. What's more, family insiders claim that it's mainly Brad that takes care of Shiloh.

According to Life & Style, Brad got so fed up that he packed a bag and ditched Angie and the rest of the brood to stay in their Los Feliz home while Angie stayed in the Hollywood Hills.

Jacko Goes Bargain Basement on Neverland

Michael Jackson could be selling his personal playground/estate Neverland for the low, low price of $20 million, after asking $50 million several years ago. According to Page Six, "distressed-debt guru" Bill Huff is in "serious negotiations" to buy the property at the bargain price. The estate includes a zoo, movie, theater and amusement park, though Huff plans to tear it all down and develop the land. Jacko's reps deny the story.

Party Favors: Madonna Planning to Adopt Again? ... Did Travolta Ditch "Today" for Cruise ... Rutgers Women to Appear on "Oprah"

The Angelina-Madonna adopted baby race continues: Madonna is returning to Malawi, reports Life & Style, where she adopted little David Banda last fall – and she may be coming back with another kid sometime soon. Madonna's rep denies another adoption, but confirms that Madge is going to Africa. ... John Travolta isn't doing the "Today" show with the rest of his castmates from "Hairspray" this summer, only "Good Morning America" – and an insider tells FOX News that he's still miffed over Matt Lauer's infamous "glib" interview with Tom Cruise last year. Travolta's rep says it's just because "GMA" asked first. ... The Rutgers University women's basketball team will be on "Oprah" today, live via satellite, to talk about Imusgate and being called "nappy-headed hos" by the talk-radio host. MSNBC dropped Imus yesterday.


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I think Angelina is strange. I admire her and all the charitable owrk she does, but I have noticed the difference she makes between her adopted kids and Shilo.

You alwyas see her with Maddox, and Zahara thrown in for good-luck. I agree you can love all your children the same, but lets be honest. Most mothers would tend to bond a ltiile more to a biological child they just had. Its almost like she is going out of her way to keep Shilo at a distance. I only think she had her for Brad, because he wanted to have many biological children.

Brad, knew this though. I think if Angelina, doesnt start bonding and acting more loving towards Shilo, Brad will come to resent the adopted children. No matter how harsh this sounds, blood truly is thicker then water.

I dont think this woman needs any more children. She is trying to fill a void within herself by collecting kids. Do charity work.

2716 days ago


regards to Brad, He is getting his dues. Angelina did not want a bio child, admitted she got knocked up, and here they are. I hope for the childrens sake that they can work things out. Broken homes are difficult for the children.

Regarding Imus, he was doing his job, his job was to say crazy things. A suspension I can understand, firing, no way. That is too far. As to the basketball team, the high road should have been for them to say "no comment" thereby ruling his comments to be irrelevant. But, they have responded and sucked all the fame, and TV time they can out of it, showing his comments to be factual. Why if you are in favor of moderation in this story is it assumed that you are white? or if you are white then your feelings don't count on this story? Most of us have never shared what our race is on these blogs. Don't assume.

2716 days ago


Harvey Levin are you that desperate for hits that you sink to this level? Hollywood hills home happen to be the same as the Los Felize home, go figure. So he took Shiloh from one room to the other, and the morons that feed of women being weak and victims eat all these up.

Some idiot is saying they have never seen a picture of Angie carrying Shiloh, I hope you never see one. That is what makess you people foam at the mouth, like other celebs, she hasn't been seen toting Shiloh around saying , see I love my daughter. That is the action of a woman secured in herself who could care less about what brainless, bitchy and ignorant women are posting. These tabloids wonder why only People get the windfall from Brangelina gold, 26million hits for Shiloh birth, 22million hits for pregnancy announcement.

If you all hated Jolie like you claim, you will not be commenting on her life as indifference will be understable, kind of like how people are indifferent to Jennifer Anniston's antics lately.

2716 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

#31 Stef, There are pictures of Angelina holding Shiloh, but it's easier to dislike someone if you deny the truth. Until the pixs last month in NOLA of Brad holding Shiloh popped up, he had been seen holding her only once, but there were a number of pixtures of Angelina holding Shiloh that had been on the internet for all to see. They have tried to shield Shiloh from the glare of paps cameras as any loving parents will do. Why do some naive people so readily believe that Angelina does not love all four of her children? Why is it always Shiloh who is said to be unloved? Angelina has said that she loves Brad, and that when she looks at Shiloh she sees Brad, whom she loves. Why not believe those words in an interview conducted entirely in english, rather than garbled quotes from an interview conducted in another language and then translated loosely into english? Why?

This is 2007, this homewrecker crap about Angelina needs to stop. Brad was married, if anyone is a homewrecker, WHICH BY THE WAY IS THE MOST STUPID TERM AND BELIEF HELD BY SOME,
Brad and his X "wrecked" their home. Strong viable marriages survive and thrive. They were incompatible, did not love each other as people must for their marriage to prosper, THEY DIVORCED. THEY HAVE MOVED ON PEOPLE AND SO MUST THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WAY TOO INVESTED AND INVOLVED IN A FAILED MARRIAGE WHICH WAS NOT YOURS.

2716 days ago


I don't feel sorry for Brad at all. You made your bed when you hooked up with this wack job!! You wanted children, well you got them. So make it work!!

2716 days ago

Funny Answers    

don't believe anything you read in the trash magazines about Brad Pitt and Angelina. About two weeks ago, the Star, In touch and a couple other magazines were in the news upset that this couple gave interviews to People and not them, so the vowed to make things happen and make up things to make these two look as bad as possible. Now I read all the trash magazines, and TMZ, and if you look it up you will see what I am talking about. Shame on them, but karma will get them. It is a fact that only 15% of anygiven article is truth, the rest if filler, i.e. make up to sell magazines, or get you to tmz them. So do as I do, enjoy it, read it, then laugh and wonder how they could turn your own life into headlines with half truths and lies....see, it is a business after all, and people are in business only to make money. That is why I work for a living. Enjoy and have a good day.

2716 days ago


What can you say when she called Shiloh a blob. I also think there's something really wrong with this wrong. Adopting one kid after another is ridiculous. How can she bond with them?

2716 days ago


to the anonymous person who responded to stef (me)....where are there pictures of Angelina holding Shiloh?
Also, I never said she didn't love her daughter. How would I know that, I've never met the woman. But I really want to see a picture of her holding Shiloh. I've never seen one.
And home-wrecker is not a stupid word, it's an accurate description.

2716 days ago



2716 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

Well Enough Already! this Oprah FAN will BOYCOTT That Rutgers Show! along with GM P&G Staples, MSNBC, al Sharpton, J Jackson and all others that jump on for a ride on this Racisit Card! Next thing we know someone will by lynching Don Imus. He apologized, however, so much worse has taken place on the airwaves!

2716 days ago


I agree with those comments that mention of all the never ending pictures we see of Angelina carrying her children, I have yet to see one of her carrying Shiloh. And she seems emotionally distant from this beautiful baby. It's wonderful if she wants to adopt children and give them a home, but what good is it if she ignores her own biological child? I am glad Shiloh has Brad. I think a shrink would have a good time figuring this one out!

2716 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

GO BRAD! get your child away from that blood sucker! Good luck though you've made a pretty bad name for yourself!

2716 days ago


Also, anonymous, I don't dislike Angelina and ignore the truth. I'm not vested in other peoples lives, I just read magazines because they have some great stories sometimes. I prefer People magazine to all others. With any magazine story, you have to take it with a grain of salt. You don't know these people, therefore you don't know how much of the article (if any) is true. But, I have not seen her holding her daughter. I'd love to see those pictures.

2716 days ago

Laurie R    

-i'm glad to read that JT called britney. for a while there i was thinking he was a real jerk! you can't ever have been in love w/someone and not hurt when you see them being their own worst enemy. my opinion of him just went up. you can love someone and not be IN love w/'em.
-i wish people would lay of AJ. she's a beautiful, gorgeous woman w/a heart of gold. she gave BP the one thing he always wanted and was unable to find before her, A FAMILY of his own. whatever happens, happens. they're only human.
-good for john travolta. you should stick by your people...even if they are loopy.
-as for imus, isn't it enough already??? come on, the man has apologized....move on!

2716 days ago


I don't understand what any woman sees in Justin Timberlake.
Angelina is a psycho. Brad you're an ass for hooking up with her.
Take your daughter and get the hell out before your child suffers irrepairable
damage to her mental well being. I have never seen a family that
NEVER smiles. I have never seen Zahara WALK. It's just SICK.
WTF are you thinking Brad? I'm sure the sex is great (ask her brother) but
come on, take your beautiful child and get the hell out.

2716 days ago
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