Kelly, Ashlee, Petey and Rumer - The Barneys Bunch

4/12/2007 3:16 PM PDT
A luscious, adorable, knickered, pony-tailed, perky Kelly Osbourne bounced up the steps and into Barneys in Beverly Hills. It's time to shop! Whee!

Just moments later, a pistol packin' Pete Wentz, fresh from the Spike-Me-a-Man-bob Barbershop, exited the store wearing way too much mascara for daytime, while being held onto by a purple fedora-ed Ashlee Simpson. As the two maneuvered into the valet area, who should be spotted but teen gal about-town, the lovely Rumer Willis!

Yes, nothing completes a hard-rocking punk image like a trip to one of the swankiest shops in Beverly Hills! *I love you, you love me ... We're a great big family!*