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'Sluts' OK,

'Hos' Not

4/12/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four years before Neanderthal Don Imus got tossed by MSNBC, an on-air Michael Savage called one of his own colleagues a "slut" who "looks like she went from porno into reporting" -- and nothing happened.

Don Imus, Ashleigh Banfield
Ashleigh Banfield was with MSNBC in 2003 when Savage, whom she never met, ripped her on MSNBC's airwaves. Banfield was watching live at the time and immediately went to her bosses to ask for some kind of response. She got nothing.

"I am not sure if a lot of people understand what it feels like to be publicly besmirched by your own team," Banfield told TMZ. "But then to have nothing happen, to have no consequences because of it, is doubly painful."

Imus was dropped after he referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." Savage was let go from MSNBC later in 2003 when he said a caller should "get AIDS and die."

Banfield, now with Court TV, says that MSNBC should be commended for not ducking the issue and for taking a stand. "I think it's an extraordinarily difficult decision that MSNBC had to make. But I do think that it's a very bold one and I think they should be applauded for not trying to sweep an issue under the carpet ... I wish they'd taken a bold stand when I was getting ripped in two on the air. " Better late than never.


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Imus looks like a zombie.

2647 days ago

laughing so hard    

Ashleigh should be called worse. I cant stand her show on court tv I watch court tv all day except for 1-3 when she is on. She should talk after all she has said about Anna Nicole and Howard K Stern. She SHOULD BE FIRED for the comments she's made lately. Her phony voices makes me SICK. I stopped watching her the day Lily Sanchez was on defending Howard K Stern and said they all should be held liable for their words, and she quotes a case that was wrong. She went on to say "Anna was drugged up all day and didn't know what she had for breakfast" that was it for me. Good Luck L Lin Wood and Howard K Stern, because after Greta I for one would go after Ashleigh. By the way wasn't she FIRED from CNN also. Good reputation Ashleigh.

2647 days ago


Because comments like the one directed at Ashleigh four years ago were ignored, this climate of bigotry and degredation has been allowed to continue. NBC owes Ashleigh an apology. So does Savage, but people that behave the way he does don't apologize. They just fade into the sunset, thank God. But here's hoping that by taking a stand against Imus, this is the beginning of the end of this crap on our televisions and airwaves.

2647 days ago


As we can obviously see banfield has an ax to grind so she does so at imus expense.She is not a good reporter and acts ignorant on the shows.I cannot personally stand her but i do like crier and jean casarez

2647 days ago


to #4. your comm. is simply stupid!

2647 days ago


I dont know maybe she did do porno , you never know these days , maybe theres a Kim kardashian tape floating around with her in it LOL

2647 days ago

who cares?    


2647 days ago


Just another voice added to the self-serving, sanctimonious, ill-spirited gaggle of "adult" media 'hos running to pile on this overhyped, manufactured outrage! The only people in this affair that has shown any class & dignity are the women on the Rider B'ball team.

2647 days ago


#4, "Michelle", you sure didn't mean to sign it "Michael", as in Savage? You sound just like him!!!!

2647 days ago

who cares?    

i didn't know she did porn! Where can i buy a DVD?

2647 days ago

Tammie Vuletich    

Oh Boo Hoo Whiny Ashleigh! You were a full grown woman making the big bucks in the public eye. You weren't a college student like these girls who were totally innocent.
Incidently, they have more class than you ever will. You are the rudest commentators and whinest

2647 days ago


How old is this man.....I 'm suprise he can speak, let alone understand what the fool is muttering.......

2647 days ago


The Imus event and Duke Lie, should be a wake up call to WHITE AMERICA---
By observation it is apparent that these people will never CIVILIZE----
ie: The heathen life style, BASTARD CHILDREN, DRUGS,KILLING,CRIME and
A LAZY WORTHLESS STYLE---No society has been given the opportunities that the black has been given---PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY and if you think you have

2647 days ago


I hate the day coming, and it is, when the liberals who can not compete on talk radio, will have all opposing voices REMOVED, because they don't like them.

Liberals always hide behind VICTIMS, like jesse and sharpton, to do their work for them. This morning, Al said he has just started. He is headed for a meeting with the FCC, and then the government will step in.

After that, the INTERNET, and all this writing we do will be controlled from Washington. Please stand up folks; if you are 'hurt' by words, try to grow up. Let's be free, folks.

2647 days ago

big joe    

i feel so sorry for the black people { stop making joke's of the us white people}

2647 days ago
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