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Larry Birkhead Arrives to Custody Hearing

4/13/2007 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a crowd of photographers snapping away, a smiling Larry Birkhead arrived to a Bahamian court just moments ago to fight for custody of his daughter Dannielynn.

Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, is also expected to arrive shortly. It is unknown if Howard K. Stern will attend.

The hearing is set to begin at 2:30 PM EDT.


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Doesnt matter!!!

Once larry takes his foot off Bahamian soil, he never has to let virgie see his baby.
He is a U.S. citizen and Danielynn has dual citizenship.

Let Virgies hick-lawyer make an ass out of himself.

2752 days ago


There are some real idiots posting here. LOL!LOL! Whe LB gets back to the states, Virgie's wants go down the toliet.
NO US court is going to give Virgie any rights over that baby,and certainly not custody!!!!!

2752 days ago

glitzy dame    

Hey Roger #25,

You are so right on all counts...... You should apply for a job at Letterman's..... LOL

2752 days ago



2752 days ago


And another thing: the reason Larry is entitled to sell his story to whoever the hell he wants is because WE WANT TO SEE IT. No one who visits this website is above all of that. If you're here and you're reading this, you WANT to see pictures, you WANT to hear the story. And after what the guy's been through, he has every right to make some money off of it, so shut up.


Thank you!!!! Every time I read "so-and-so is making money off of such-and-such" I always think ... "not if the public doesn't buy it". You have so hit the nail right on the head!

2752 days ago


so what if larry makes a 6 figure deal with nbc! after taxes that won't even pay opri's bill--he's still got the florida and bahamian legal bill. he needs to clear this quickly so he can get on with supporting his child. if it weren't for howard, and anna of course, none of this would be necessary.

virgie, the grandma from hell, needs to go back to the trailer park and write her book--i absolutely shudder at the idea she will touch that innocent child!!

2752 days ago


Post 66 - you are a sick person. Larry is the only decent person in this whole fiasco!!!!

2752 days ago


63, You are correct. HKS is also has to deal with the IRS on back taxes with "Hot Smoochie Lips". Oh, lets not forget the transportation of and allowing narcotics to be Rx to him while knowing they were for Nicole. I want to see him come back to the US, particularly California.

2752 days ago


If HKS comes back to the states I think he's in for a rude awakening! There is going to be a lot of questions about his behavior in reference to him having a Lawyer/Client relationship with ANS. Maybe that's why that old boy is talking about not leaving the Bahamas. Who knows....who cares? As long as they get the baby away from him and surely Larry Birkhead will not fall under his spell???? I hope Larry stays close to his family so they can keep him grounded. Anna was isolated and I'm a firm believer that was her downfall.

2752 days ago

ms. shay    

why should larry make a deal with virgie anyway concerning his daughter, she's his daughter, not hers'.she didn't make a deal with her other granchildrens parents to visit.why didn't she take anna nicole to court to protect daniel from the life he was living, if she was so concerned about him.i just read on another blog that a talk show tried to arrange a meeting between virgie and daniel.virgie refused to meet daniel on the show because she wasn't getting for it. $$$$$$$$$$$

2752 days ago


Does Larry have another daughter? Where can I read about it? How come that baby's mother is silent and not giving us his renome? Oh, brother. I personally think #25 is quite right.

2752 days ago


Poor HKS, he's staying in the Bahamas to be near Anna and Daniel. What is he going to do when Larry is finally awarded custody, brings DL back to the USA, then petitions the courts as DL's legal guardian to have Anna and Daniel exhumed and transported back to the USA to be buried in California? Since DL is Anna's only living heir, it would be well within the rights of the guardian to do just that!

2752 days ago


TMZ you piss me off.....We all know who Virgie Arthur need not call her
"Anna Nicoles estranged mother"..Sheesh, you are as bad as Entertainment Tonight.

2752 days ago


Everyone seems to be forgetting this is a FRAUD case. the court still has to rule on whether HKS committed a fraud by putting his name on the birth certificate. did he KNOWINGLY state he was the father when he was not. I hope that LB can prove that he did & HKS has to pay the penalty which is a fine and/or a year in jail.

I think it is very likely that LB & Vergie have entered into an agreement. If Vergie is still fighting for a guardianship, I would say that proves she wants some control over the money. that will cost her with LB, although I can't say I would mind seeing John O'quinn raking HKS over the coals about what he did with ANS's money.

I agree that LB should take the baby today if that's possible. He can stay in the Bahamas for a few days and let HKS visit him & the baby.

2752 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

GO LARRY!! It's been a long year...uphill all the way... you didn't cave in with all the dishonest obstacles that monster thru at you...All the lies... All the distortion of truth...

God loves you and Dannielynn!!

2752 days ago
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