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Puzzling Elvis Presley

4/13/2007 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elvis led a puzzling life. Now you can spend your life puzzling Elvis.
Elvis puzzles
An eBay seller has listed ten jigsaw puzzles featuring the King; that's nearly 9,000 pieces of Elvis for your assembling pleasure!

The Graceland puzzle is in 3D, with double-sided images featuring the interior and exterior of the famed Memphis digs where Elvis enjoyed his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Bidding starts at $99.99.


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OK, that's nice.

2727 days ago


I think that Elvis and Celine singing together was so beautiful, I can just imagine if Elvis would be alive and have them, the two most popular singers in the world, sing together
it would be the bigest seller ever seen. I am from Montreal, Canada and I am working with the biggest recording company in Montreal. Of course Celine is our artist and I can tell you that nobody and I mean nobody can imitate her. She is the best.

I hope that Rene will release this song and put it on DVD for the people who missed it, it would be so easy to get the rights from RCA records.

2714 days ago


That was one fabulous presentation last night on Idol...Celine an Elvis together...unbelievable...If only Elvis was still alive, they would make a great duo together..If this comes available to view again, please contact me...

2714 days ago

Dawn Seier    

I only saw a very small portion of the performance of Celine Dion/Elvis on the American Idol - Idol Gives Back. I was so disappointed that I missed it. It sounded so wonderful as much as I heard of it. I want so much to see this performance again. Please let me know if there is any way I would be able to view this performance. I would greatly appreciate it.

2713 days ago

Pretty girl    

That was a great performance ! Celine is incredible !

2713 days ago

Frankie Toh    

I have always been a great fan of Elvis. In fact I have never given up on Elvis. Apart from having been to Graceland and walking along Beale Street, seeing Elvis on TV singing one of his great hits with Celine Dion is the ultimate treat to all Elvis's fans around the world. There is no-one like Elvis. TCB!! Elvis Lives.

2713 days ago


It was nice what tried to do. Why can't they give credit wher credit is due? Let people know Celine wasn't looking at nobody, she was looking at Ryan Pelton the "body double". Some of the pictures I have and have seen of Ryan he is as good looking as Elvis. Why not show him?

2711 days ago

Lola Saffioti    

We all know Elvis is and was the best ever American Idol, no doubt about it and nobody will ever question that fact. I am at any given time thrilled when I can see Elvis in any mediam and for his name to be kept alive. I do think however credit should be given where credit is due and Ryan Pelton's name should have at least been mentioned for his help in creating this televised event. He is an awesome performer and I really think American Idol dropped the ball in not giving him due credit, it would not have lessened the wow factor in any way. They are underestimating the television public if they think it would have. I see no point in keeping the secret of 'who was behind that masked man' shall we say. I for one give Ryan two thumbs up for his performance, he is truly a class act in all ways.

2709 days ago


Celine and Elvis' performance was so very amazing and wonderful....I have fallen in love with the song "If I can dream" since then. Anyone knows if there are websites out there that I can see their performance again??

2707 days ago


The Elvis/Celine show was so incredible. I watched it twice with goose bumps both times. I believe that if Elvis was alive, him and Celine would suit each other (voices) to perfection. They are both so powerful and so natural. It goes to show that to create an unreal event they had to bring back the one and only king. There never will be anyone who could match Elvis's voice, charisma and sex appeal. If anyone know where to get that piece from please let me know.

2703 days ago

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