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Will Virgie Get in Larry's Way? Today's Custody Fight Looms

4/13/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead and Arthur tussle.We know that Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's biological dad, but does that mean he'll get to take her home to L.A.? A hearing is scheduled for 2:30 PM EDT in the Bahamas, to determine who will get custody of the little girl -- we're an hour away from the start of the hearing.

Howard K. Stern has already told Birkhead he won't fight for custody now that Birkhead's been named as the father, but one wild card remains in the large form of Virgie Arthur.

Anna Nicole's mom has stated that she wants to be more than just the child's grandma.

TMZ will have all the custody-day action as it happens!


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I am really disappointed in Vergie! I think she is couple beers short of a six pack. Visiting -but all the other things makes no sense.I am a Grandma -Larry is the father she acts as if she is his wife.Suppose what money does to folks.She sure never went nuts like this when she knew drugs were around her Grandson Daniel.

2709 days ago


Lawyers are a trip! They are after the dollars as well.

2709 days ago


what a stupid bitch virgie ,she just wants to make money off that baby!!I hope larry keeps the baby away from her....and yea she wants face all over tv....wat a sick person....I hope anna comes back to haunt her ass!!!!!!!

2709 days ago


I cant believe you cant see the changing of the stripes on Howard and Larry;, at least Virgie is not a phony, she is holding on like she should. After all Anna Nicole was her daughter and still is even though the poor girl was snuffed out, also Virgie's grandson. Do you think for one moment Virgie is going to give up now and let the wolves have her granddaughter without having some say?? She does not want full custody, she just wants to be there in the event something should happen to Larry, (Hopefully not) and definately don't want Howard Stern to try his stunts again. She is definitely trying to protect that poor child. SHE IS NOT AFTER THE MONEY, YOU ARE ALL SO WRONG. SHE NEVER TRIED TO GET MONEY OFF ANNA OR GOSSIP MAGAZINES BEFORE. This poor woman has gone through allot in her life, please give her a break. She also wants to have a relationship with her granddaughter; She was denied that relationship with Anna & her grandson Danny and don't want that to happen again and it can only happen if the "ENABLER IS ELIMINATED" OUT OF Dannielynn's life. Dannielynn should be kept away from people doing (and pushing) drugs and partying all the time. The little girl should have a normal life and I believe through trials and tribulations Virgie could be a great influence in her life. Sure Virgie made mistakes in her life (haven't we all??) but should she be punished for the rest of her life?? I don't think so. If I was Larry I would watch my back and keep a good eye on Dannielynn, do not trust people that has betrayed you before. Virgie was not the one that had Anna go to the Bahamas to get away from Larry and to keep her away from her son, family and friends. Have a good look Larry who did it and watch out, you will be betrayed again. Look at the hell you have had to go through to get your child - it was not Virgie.(and Virgie stood by your side) And I truly believe Anna loved her mother and it was just drugs talking and S$$$$$$$n. Please folks have a heart, this poor woman had a terrible loss; nothing due to her. She is suffering right now. Wishing things could have been different if Anna had not been pumped up with drugs. All her mother wanted from her (not money) was for her to straighten out her life and have a mother and daughter relationship. Virgie I wish you the best in life from here on and hopefully Larry will be kind to you and allow you to have interaction with your granddaughter and not deny you those rights. Larry, please watch out for Howard Stern, he played you before, do not take chances as you may regret it later on, your little girl's life is also at stake. Protect her all you can and let no one near her that is involved in any drugs and that includes these doctors and psychiatrists etc. Start a new life with her and make new friends that can have a good influence on your little girl.God Bless you Virgie and keep you under His Protection and Loving care and that goes for you also Dannielynn and your daddy.

2708 days ago
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