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This Week's Biggest Losers 04/15/07

4/14/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don ImusIn a perfect Zone, the forthcoming sex tape from Season Two "American Idol" contestant Olivia Mojica would play out to the sounds of William Hung's "She Bangs," but for this sorry lot, a simple funeral march will suffice.

Don Imus: We had Don on last week's list, but since then, events have conspired to put him in the running for This Year's Biggest Loser. Stripped of his MSNBC simulcast and WFAN-AM syndicated morning radio show, he's now pushing the control buttons of "Imus in the Mourning." Would producer Bernie McGurk's ill-fated comments have sparked as big a furor had they been exchanged with a top-selling rap artist? You know, the kind that keeps radio parent company Viacom in the green via MTV and BET? Hard to say, but with the loss of Howard Stern and now the 66-year-old Imus, CBS Radio is suffering a serious case of jock shock.

Tom DelayTom DeLay: For the love of a combover, do we really need another he-said-she-said feud pitting a male authority figure against "The View's" Rosie O'Donnell? Apparently, indicted former Congressman DeLay thinks so. Jumping into the fray of the get-Imus bandwagon, DeLay aired out his grievances on CNN and website, dredging up comments from La Rosie that are ancient history. She replied with a blog item entitled "Tommy D," but we think DeLay should take his cue from perennial funny guest Bruce Willis as to what people need right now. On "The Late Show with David Letterman," while perusing a gag list of alleged female conquests handed to him by Dave, the pranking "maxi-super-megastar" confirmed he'd slept with all members of "The View," including Rosie.

Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein: The PR campaign for Miramax's "Grindhouse" started way back at the 2006 Scream Awards, with co-stars Marley Shelton, Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan prancing lasciviously around the Pantages Theater stage. Despite months of exploitation incantation, the highly touted Miramax flick was trumped on opening weekend by... the Ice Cube family sequel "Are We Done Yet?" Is Weinstein done yet? Not quite. Although he is threatening to break up and re-release the Rodriguez and Tarantino halves as two stand-alone movies, take a hint, Harvey. The stars of today's exploitation industry are folks with names like Anna Nicole, Brad and Angelina.

Joe FrancisJoe Francis: There is no man boob flashing going on in this extended edition of "Multi-Millionaires Gone Wild." At least not yet. Based on court documents filed this week, what we do have is a Mardi Gras of anti-anxiety pills, sleep medication, alleged jail guard bribery, alleged tax evasion and teary-eyed exiting of a Florida courtroom. Francis once bellowed that U.S. District Court Judge Richard Smoak was a "judge gone wild." Thanks to perhaps as much as $20 million in alleged bogus 2002 and 2003 business expense deductions, Francis may well turn out to have been done in by "Tax Accountants Gone Wild." In the blink of a spring break girl's inebriated eye, this say-it-ain't-so-Joe has gone from pondering the menu of a planned chain of themed GGG restaurants ... to possibly sampling the taste of prison food.

David E. KelleyDavid E. Kelley: We'll admit that any guy who is married to Michelle Pfeiffer wakes up every morning a personal winner. Still, the final episode of his canned, mid-season Fox show, "The Wedding Bells," drew just 3.8 million viewers last Friday, Kelley is now struggling with the casting of the planned ABC remake of the BBC-TV series "Life on Mars." What gets us is that Kelley has had to glance across the pond for inspiration, rather than relying on a craggy corner of his prolific writer brain. It's no accident that the only show flying these days for Kelley, "Boston Legal," has one foot firmly planted in the procedural world. Maybe instead of putting Pfeiffer in his 2008 flick "Chasing Montana," Kelley should turn to a Calista Flockhart/Harrison Ford reality TV series called "Chasing Wyoming."

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Imus was more concerned how his comment affected these girls. He opened his mouth before thinking. How many of us have done this. Once you say something it is too late to change it. As far as his career. he has had a good one. I am sure he will still do more good and positive things . He really doesnt need the money so his charity work i am sure will continue. He will be just as productive off the the air. I am sure he is feeling a little better since the team and coach did accept his apology. People like sharpton and jackson need to take a lesen from these girls. I think sharpton and jackson had other motives and agendas other than this but watch out you guys you maybe exposed from something in your past and we all do have skeltons in our closet and they do have a way of coming out and lot these people are closet racists. These. girls did not go on the airways and bash him like all the others What class they have. Grownups need to be more grownup and take a lessen from these girls on how to say I forgive you. It is amazing how someone can say fire him .If i was asked that I would say . It is not up to me but everyone , you know who you are. I would not want to be responsible for someone losing their job even in a situation like this. One day this might happen to you. Never say never because you never know When god closes one door he opens up another one. I still cant watch some of the networks because of them being so righteous because i am sure they have said things that are just as bad but you dont hear about it. Good luck girls, coach and don Imus and staff

2660 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is not going away and it shouldn't. As I look back around 1985 is when this really start happening blacks make the best music ever, then all of a sudden the total disrepect for women and the killing over rap music began. Jackson and Sharpton never said a word they just kept blaming whites for all the problems in the black community, in which they cause alot themselves. 30 years ago out-of-wedlock births in the black community was around 25% and that was bad no one said a word, whites out-of-wedlock births were around 3%, today blacks are around 75% and whites around 25%. This goes to show as go the black community so goes the whites community which why all the problems are American problems. Jackson and Sharpton divides Americas on race lines. They are the real enemys within!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2660 days ago


(Cleveland1)why are you so backwards in your thinking?Go and reread your history and you will see that some of the slave owners were wealthy blacks that brought some of your ancestors (NOT YOU) here . You dummy. Read more you learn more. by the way I am black.

2660 days ago


(Cleveland1) why are you so backwards? Go and read you history and you will see that some of the slaves owners were wealthy blacks that brought some of your ancestors here (NOT YOU) We have first have to know the truth and not be so quick to say untruths.

2660 days ago


Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done more damage over the
years, and have said much worse things for which they never
apologized, than anyone I know. Why is this allowed?

These two people live to cause trouble between the races. They
use discord for media coverage for themselves. Do they think
they are famous? They are infamous, notorious for causing trouble,
and they are totally disgusting.

Intelligent whites and blacks know Sharpton and Jackson for what
they are, but still the ridiculous media gives them coverage. They
should be ignored. They are much to be condemned for the fact
that they are self centered and not really interested in justice,
only press coverage for themselves.

2660 days ago


I would be so happy if the media would just ignore sharpton/jerkson. They have been polluting the air so much it is causing global warming to get worst. These two hustlers have been creating to much chaos. Media please don't allow these crooks to keep your airwaves polluted, please.

2660 days ago

White Pam in Tennessee    

Please never show this picture of him again! Ick!

2660 days ago

Alec has no brains    

Over-reaction unless people want to censor all journalitsts, commentators, radio hosts, rappers, etc. who say inappropriate things.

2659 days ago

Lisa Marie Wiliams    

To #11 cleveland1 O.K. Now I have had it! Racism and predjudism of any kind by anyone is just plain wrong. I'm sick to death of people who throw the "it's o.k. for us to do it but not for you". It's just as derogitory for you to do it to yourselves as it is for someone to use against any other person. As a matter of fact, when you do it to each other AND think it's o.k. That makes you the biggest DUMB ASSES on the planet. Believe it or not, if you'd open your eye's your minds, your hearts and your pride, you'd realize that in this century NONE of US dragged you here. We're very sorry, and even ashamed of what SOME of our ancestors did so if you could pull yourself out of the pitty potty long enough to try and deal with that and thank your lucky stars that you're not back in Africa dying of aids or malnutrition and other different diseases brought on by starvation, then maybe you'd see that. Look at all of the other people of different races trying to get INTO this country, so if you think it's o.k. for someone who has used terminology THAT YOU USE ON YOUSELVES should lose both of his jobs , who has appologized over and over and over again, a person who opens his ranch to handicaped and dying children OF ALL RACES and raises millions of dollors to help sick people OF ALL RACES and you think that's justice because you think your race is any more important then anyone elses on this planet, so special that you can make derogitory remarks about yourselves or others without any consequences then maybe you should just DRAG YOUR OWN ASSES out of the land of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and free speech back to where ever land you want to go. At least some of us like to try to make up for our wrongs.

2659 days ago


OK people, the double standard of racism is getting way out of hand,,, Jackson and Sharpton are absolute troublemakers! What would happen if we had a WET Channel? There would be all kinds of hell raised, and yet BET Channel ( where white people are the brunt of jokes all the time), Howard Stern degrades women daily, Gays are continually degraded and stereotyped, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

2659 days ago


Go Bonnie! And cleaveland 1 you are an idiot. I will never understand why African Americans are still blaming white people today for something our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. It is the black population that is keeping this racism thing going - using it for an excuse for everything that happens.
Get over it! It is in the past. How can we all move forward and learn to live together in peace and harmony when blacks won't let it go. As a white person I am being discriminated by black people all the time. Why is it that they can treat me badly just because I am white. I am always pleasant to all people and can't believe I am treated this way. If you ask me, sometimes I think it is the white people that are being discriminated against more than black people. We all need to stop this nit picking and learn to live together in peace. Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson need to stop causing trouble and getting things stirred up over every little thing. What's with the Rev. in front of their names? If they were men of God they would be trying to promote peace instead of constantly looking for something to get people stirred up. Rev. indeed! What a joke those two are! FYI the word "reverend" was only used once in the Bible, and that was in reference to our Lord! These two are a far cry from trying to do the Lord's work.

2659 days ago

Lenn K.    

Pat, let's get one thing straight If your leaders don't lead and conditions never change or get worse you start blaming everyone except yourself. Blacks won't even condemn rap music or the people who start this craziness. What you do is find a victim, then he's say some racist old white fart is destroying us. Never mention the countless problem we all know that happens in the black community. I don't need to mention them because everyone knows, but in the black community they don't talk about these things. Jackson and Sharpton are the terrorist in the black community!!!

2659 days ago


The common thread here is white men with money and power.

Don Imus is such a washed-up old geezer who actually believed people liked him. He and Larry King think they're cool and sexy because they have younger women around them. Hello, you're old.

What happened about people retiring when they turn 65 or even 70?

Joe Francis had a temper-tantrum like a baby in court the first time. The second time, he started crying and telling his parents "I didn't do anything wrong." Part of his problem is going through prescription drug withdrawal.

2659 days ago


What was said was wrong, but hellooooo what happen to freemom of speach, and
what about all the rappers that put down all the black women, and some of the black
comedians that say things about the white people, guess thats all right, i dont think
he should of gotten fired, i mean if they want to clean house, they should start with there own house, and besides a apology was made so that should have been it, but of course
just because he was white they want to start a war, if he was black all would have been done was a slap on the wrist.

2659 days ago


how many of the above writers have ever listened to or watched the imus in the morning show? i'll bet not hardly any, yes, imus is acerbic, but he had a great show and i'll miss him.. how about all the guys that work with they're out of a job too..
all because of those damned two al and jesse the two do-gooders,ha ha

2659 days ago
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