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This Week's Biggest Losers 04/15/07

4/14/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don ImusIn a perfect Zone, the forthcoming sex tape from Season Two "American Idol" contestant Olivia Mojica would play out to the sounds of William Hung's "She Bangs," but for this sorry lot, a simple funeral march will suffice.

Don Imus: We had Don on last week's list, but since then, events have conspired to put him in the running for This Year's Biggest Loser. Stripped of his MSNBC simulcast and WFAN-AM syndicated morning radio show, he's now pushing the control buttons of "Imus in the Mourning." Would producer Bernie McGurk's ill-fated comments have sparked as big a furor had they been exchanged with a top-selling rap artist? You know, the kind that keeps radio parent company Viacom in the green via MTV and BET? Hard to say, but with the loss of Howard Stern and now the 66-year-old Imus, CBS Radio is suffering a serious case of jock shock.

Tom DelayTom DeLay: For the love of a combover, do we really need another he-said-she-said feud pitting a male authority figure against "The View's" Rosie O'Donnell? Apparently, indicted former Congressman DeLay thinks so. Jumping into the fray of the get-Imus bandwagon, DeLay aired out his grievances on CNN and website, dredging up comments from La Rosie that are ancient history. She replied with a blog item entitled "Tommy D," but we think DeLay should take his cue from perennial funny guest Bruce Willis as to what people need right now. On "The Late Show with David Letterman," while perusing a gag list of alleged female conquests handed to him by Dave, the pranking "maxi-super-megastar" confirmed he'd slept with all members of "The View," including Rosie.

Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein: The PR campaign for Miramax's "Grindhouse" started way back at the 2006 Scream Awards, with co-stars Marley Shelton, Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan prancing lasciviously around the Pantages Theater stage. Despite months of exploitation incantation, the highly touted Miramax flick was trumped on opening weekend by... the Ice Cube family sequel "Are We Done Yet?" Is Weinstein done yet? Not quite. Although he is threatening to break up and re-release the Rodriguez and Tarantino halves as two stand-alone movies, take a hint, Harvey. The stars of today's exploitation industry are folks with names like Anna Nicole, Brad and Angelina.

Joe FrancisJoe Francis: There is no man boob flashing going on in this extended edition of "Multi-Millionaires Gone Wild." At least not yet. Based on court documents filed this week, what we do have is a Mardi Gras of anti-anxiety pills, sleep medication, alleged jail guard bribery, alleged tax evasion and teary-eyed exiting of a Florida courtroom. Francis once bellowed that U.S. District Court Judge Richard Smoak was a "judge gone wild." Thanks to perhaps as much as $20 million in alleged bogus 2002 and 2003 business expense deductions, Francis may well turn out to have been done in by "Tax Accountants Gone Wild." In the blink of a spring break girl's inebriated eye, this say-it-ain't-so-Joe has gone from pondering the menu of a planned chain of themed GGG restaurants ... to possibly sampling the taste of prison food.

David E. KelleyDavid E. Kelley: We'll admit that any guy who is married to Michelle Pfeiffer wakes up every morning a personal winner. Still, the final episode of his canned, mid-season Fox show, "The Wedding Bells," drew just 3.8 million viewers last Friday, Kelley is now struggling with the casting of the planned ABC remake of the BBC-TV series "Life on Mars." What gets us is that Kelley has had to glance across the pond for inspiration, rather than relying on a craggy corner of his prolific writer brain. It's no accident that the only show flying these days for Kelley, "Boston Legal," has one foot firmly planted in the procedural world. Maybe instead of putting Pfeiffer in his 2008 flick "Chasing Montana," Kelley should turn to a Calista Flockhart/Harrison Ford reality TV series called "Chasing Wyoming."

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#61 you are as ignorant as they come. like whites don't do crime, have illegitimate children, so on an so forth!!! last statistics i read you guy's were highest on the list for welfare. also why is it when you steal from your job it's called embezzelment, but when blacks tke something it's stealing? you are right the door's are open let's get it on!!

2687 days ago


The way to get rid of the ones who sponser bet and mtv is lobby your congressmen to pass the a la carte bill.Then you can pick and choose what you want to watch! The GANSTERS can thank al sharpton and jesse jackson for bringing their asses in to it!

2687 days ago


I put out the Chum and you fools Sucked it up...
You made my day..
Thank you VERY much...

2687 days ago

He's Boring now    

Everything I need to learn about Black People and Sharpton and Jackson I learned from the following:

*The book "Enough" by Juan Williams--about Black Leadership, Cosby's commentary, and why Sharpton and Jackson have not moved the situation forward. The author is Black and his insights are ground breaking.

*The HBO Series, The Wire---about Drugs and the very poor Blacks.

*2 Years in the Army ---living with and among Blacks of all walks of life

*10 years in Corporate Management---learning that Blacks who do educate themselves are in fact no different than Whites and Hispanics do

*Learning that Blacks are as prejudiced as Whites have been. Especially when it involves Asians or East Indians. Blacks show disrespect in a way to these people as if they are superior to them, so I have learned prejudice is not immune to the Black Community.

From all this I have chosen to live in a place where there are only middle class Blacks, in a setting and envivorment where we all want the same thing and everyone gets along just fine.

If I had to live among or near uneducated Blacks I would be armed and ready as it just is the reality of what is more likely to happen based on reality. I'd rather be an alive closed minded thinker than a dead open minded liberal.

2687 days ago


(Sebatian) I bet if you had to meet me or my family along with many other black families you would rethink your angry thoughts.all blacks are definitely not the same .Because of the few rabble hustlers you see in the media don't think we are all in agreement with the disgusting anti social behavior . sometimes I dislike some of my own people.Why you be wondering?For one, they do not want to accept responsibility , they think that everything should be given to them because the two hustlers who are mis educating the few you cannot think for themselves. I have a wonderful educated family , 2doctors1teacher 1 engineer who are productive citizens. All males

2687 days ago


(Teresa you just spoke for me

2687 days ago


Only a FOOL would try to DISTORT the truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2687 days ago


Some people just don't get it. It kills me that there are people out there who think that Don Imus is a victim in this thing. This has been a long time coming. The litany of gross and obnoxious racist, sexist, hateful comments he's made over the years is too long to list. The fact that he's gotten this far without being checked is amazing. And re. the rapper thing - yes, the ones who degrade women need to be criticized, I'm not buying their albums. But no hard core angster rapper has a nationally syndicated daily show on MSNBC or CBS Radio, Don Imus did. CBS and NBC we're right to disassociate themselves from this low brow crap. Imus should take his bile to another venue or even better, he should find a way to be funny without spewing hatred.

2687 days ago


First I would like to correct a mistake I made earlier. The man's name is Jason Whitlock. I am sorry to say that it has been my misfortune not to have heard him speak before this incident. The man deserves to have his name spelled right, and I stand corrected. Sarah, the only thing that makes Don Imus look like a victim is the complete double standard. It isn't just Hip Hop, there are black dj's that spew racism. It is not right on either side, and if you are going to go after one, go after the other side too. Only Al and Jesse could make Don Imus look like a victim, that took some doing. And Sebastian if we could so easily make your day, I believe you are as simple minded as you sound. Run along now, I think your mother is calling you.

2687 days ago



79. Some people just don't get it. It kills me that there are people out there who think that Don Imus is a victim in this thing. This has been a long time coming. The litany of gross and obnoxious racist, sexist, hateful comments he's made over the years is too long to list. The fact that he's gotten this far without being checked is amazing. And re. the rapper thing - yes, the ones who degrade women need to be criticized, I'm not buying their albums. But no hard core angster rapper has a nationally syndicated daily show on MSNBC or CBS Radio, Don Imus did. CBS and NBC we're right to disassociate themselves from this low brow crap. Imus should take his bile to another venue or even better, he should find a way to be funny without spewing hatred.

Posted at 1:03PM on Apr 14th 2007 by Sarah


I agree with much of what you say and if you read my previous post here I think it's a shame he didn't give this whole aspect of his show up as I really do believe he is a very talented and funny man and was incredibly good at taking on the political establishment and effecting change. However, while he was making money for these phony, hypocritical execs and advertisers who now have distanced themselves from him like it was the plague itself, this show was exactly what they wanted because it was popular and making money. Had the execs wanted a different direction in that show, they would have gone to him ages ago and told him there would be no show going forward with that content in it if he didn't comply. That was never done. They probably even wanted some of this from him, probably thinking that added to the the popularity of the show. I do think it's a shame he wasn't given a chance in a real way, because I do believe he had much to offer if he stuck to the good part of what he did and no one did it like him. If you didn't watch the show in recent years,you probably haven't seen the evolution into a really great political forum for blunt honesty and cutting through the smokescreen of politics that affects us all. I realize that does not excuse the other part, but as I said, they may have even wanted him doing that and are making him the scapegoat, just as record execs want "gangsta wrap" out there if there is a market for it and people who will buy it. I do think that the racist comments are dangerous as they perpetuate the lingering tendencies toward racism in this country. I never had tolerance for that and find that repulsive, because it does hurt people. Even if not meant and more to be shock in content, there are people out there that run with this stuff, just like homophobic inferences, etc. Look at Matthew Shepherd. This rhetoric feeds into certain people's psyches and can very much affect society at large.

However, don't diminish the effect the garbage in the music industry has had on our kids and society at large toward woman, sexual and permiscuity attitudes, even very young children (ask any teacher in a classroom today), and it has desensitized people to vulgarity and disrespect, especially for women and the awesome responsibility of sexuality and sex. It has infiltrated our society collectively in a way that is bigger than anything Don Imus could ever do, so I call you on this. It is a problem for all of us, because it affects all of us. It is everywhere and cannot be stopped simply by not buying it. It's on MTV, BET, outside the home, downloads, and is very much a part of our culture today. Rethink that. I think the best solutions will come when people are really honest, even when it is within their own races. If we all truly call them like we see them and really step back and thoughtfully assess things as citizens of this country as opposed to simply members of our races, things will be better for all of us. I equate it to the mentality of the cops backing their fellow officers to the hilt right or WRONG, and that's not good. You make your own world better when you back what's good and call what's not good for what it is. People have to have courage of convictions to do so and it's much easier to fall into the my group right or wrong lock step reaction.

My comments are in good spirit, Sara. I like the debate and there's been some thoughtful statements made here and elsewhere on it. I continue to work on a conclusion to this all. As I hear things, it make me rethink things, possibly perspectives I haven't thought of, and that's a good thing to put all those aspects out there for people to see and think about.

2687 days ago


IMUS fired.... but this is ok??

The second video - Shabazz calling Michelle Malkin a prostitute!

2687 days ago

It'll all come OUT in the wash!    

Note to # 16.....YIPPEE! YAHOO!!!!!!!! finally, SOMEONE SAID IT ALL! Hoorah for you! and to "Cleveland 1", you need to do EXACTLY as #16 says, GET THE HELL OVER IT.........or go the hell back if you don't like it here!

2687 days ago


Al Sharpton has been the cause of deaths in New York City (1) a jewish shopkeeper whom he incited a crowd against and a young rabbinacal student after a woman was supposedly(not true)raped. Both of these deaths happened because of Mr. Sharpton's hatred and bigotry. And yet, both Bill & Hillary Clinton will be attending his Naitonal Action Network National Convention next weekend in New York City. And I thought about voting for Hillary? Where was my head? Probably. Check out the website: for the other attendees, some of whom came out so loudly against Don Imus. Oh, yeah, Mr. Obama will be there too. Guess that leaves the cuddly Mr. Edwards, hmmmm. Check out some past online issues of the Village Voice for more of Mr. Sharpton's thug behavior. He's the guy who causes the "accidents" and then drives away. Better yet, he is the guy who wasn't on the bus & shows up for the lawsuit in a wheelchair. Poor little victim. We all have paid him enough. I am from Philadelphia - Mr Sharpton was caught on camera/tape in our City Hall taking money from two (now) convicted felons and asking for more. Hell - one of these felons even questioned the other as to where the money went when Sharpton did not declare the correct amount on his campaign contributions for his Presidental campaign for 2004. What did Sharpton do? He called for a full investigation as to why there was surveillance in the first place. FBI Surveillance for corruption. What did the two guys want from Sharpton - access to money making possibilities within the New York City Pension Fund. I marked for civil rights - and no way did I march for a guy like Sharpton who is taking us all. America - stop bending over for his tactics! If you are not racist - then not even Sharpton can make you look like it.

2687 days ago
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