Air Guitar Champ Spoofs YouTube Axe Legend

4/15/2007 4:00 AM PDT
One of YouTube's holiest grails, the Pachelbel Canon-slaying axeman known as Funtwo, has gotten a mock-tacular makeover from none other than a Hello Kitty-chest-plated world air guitar champ known as C-Diddy. And the irreverent results are parod-iculously funny.

It's the twisted brainchild of C-Diddy (David Jung) and director Chandler Evans (nom de YouTube: Vayabobo), who decided that the shadowy, fast-fingered guitarist Funtwo (whose video quickly became one of YouTube's top ten most-viewed in record time) was ripe for the air treatment.

C-Diddy's credentials are solid -- he was the first American to win the World Air Guitar Championships back in 2003 and was the star of the recent documentary "Air Guitar Nation."