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Hey Barack, Whadja Get for Number Eight?

4/15/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who would you rather cram for finals with -- a populist candidate or a popular comedian? Your gum maker wants to know!
Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert
As part of their 2007 College Tour, Wrigley (the gum folks) surveyed college students across the country and asked them to pick their favorite celebrity study partner from a list of choices. Chew on this: Senator Barack Obama took first place with 17% of the vote, while his Democratic primary opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton, finished fourth. Call off the election, we have a winner!

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," came in second with 15%, while talkanthropist Oprah Winfrey finished third with 11%. Scarlett Johansson was next with 10% -- though it's safe to say that some college students weren't thinking with their big heads when they made that choice. And who can blame them?


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Britney Spears Photos    

I'm waiting to hear more about that one

2757 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Colbert Report wins hands down pluS Stephen cared enough about us to invent a yummy BEN and JErRY Ice Cream -- TRY IT --

2757 days ago

some dude    

barrack is certainly a better man for the job than bush jr. but i think most of the support he's getting is do to the fact that white liberals finally have a balck candidate that isn't a total embarrasment.

2757 days ago


tmz needs to stop the liberal b.s. news reporting.

2757 days ago


#4: Agreed!

2757 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......................................Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........................................

2757 days ago


what's with obamamania? just because he hasn't screwed you yet doesn't mean he's any better than other politicians.

colbert would be my 1st choice and hilary would be my 2nd. she's a good politician. people say she takes advantage of people. whatever. doesn't that mean she's good at her job?

oprah is too rich to be relateable. i'd like to be her godchild though. scarlett johannsen is a pompous faux-intellectual. i still like her because she's essentially one of three actresses in her age bracket who act like decent, self-respecting human being.

2757 days ago

love life....i do :-)    

Barack Obama #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2757 days ago


I would not vote for Obama!! Sides with jackson and sharpton too much If you remember the comment Joe Biden made, a statement was issued in which he was okay with it and then behold jackson and sharpton were offended and then another statement was issued. So i have my concerns as to whom he will be dedicated to if and when others dont like his response to a situation.

2757 days ago


It,s not about color, it,s about your Heathen Lifestyle...
Bastard Children, Crime, Killing, Drugs,and a Sick Worthless Existence...
We will Not allow you to turn this Country into a ZIMBABWE !!!!!!!!!!!!

2757 days ago


I agree with post #7 . . . Stephen Colbert would be my first choice, and I'd choose Hillary over Barack any day.

2757 days ago

Laura Priest    

I"d never vote for someone that was formally a muslim no matter what the other choices are.

2757 days ago

Rational thinker    

What I find stunning is the notion that a person has only ONE set of grandparents. It makes sense that with Senator Obama's father being from Kenya, his father's parents might possibly be black. He is also a devout Christian.

Hillary is frightening. As a single female, I don't like the fact that my vote for her is guaranteed. I wouldn't vote rather than vote for her.

2757 days ago


Want to see all the political comedians run -- tie their pay raises to what they authorize for the military. Stop their ability to vote on their own "rediculous" pay raises and unbelievable compensation packages. The FIRST presidential candidate that supports this "change" I will vote for. Otherwise, I'm for another Boston Tea Party -- I've had it with both major political parties. The divide and conquor philosophy they have used for decades has to stop -- Americans let's take back our country!!!! If our politicians pay had to decrease and their benefits reduced, we'd see them running like ants sprayed with Raid!!! Then and only then would we have individuals serving who truly care about this country instead of their on greed. The Congress and the Senate have truly stopped humoring me!

2757 days ago


Before you guys judge him, you should try reading one of his books (if you even read?!). There's hardly any person person on earth that could be as bad as Bush for this country! Obama would be a great choice, as he is articulate and seems to be honest and down to earth. The "muslim" stuff is just made up by the media! Do your research, before you vote!!!

2757 days ago
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