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Bizarro Couple Alert!

4/16/2007 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virtually unseen since her John Edwards backlash began, gay-bashing blonde beyotch Ann Coulter arrived to the 5th Annual TV Land Awards with "Good Times" star Jimmie "JJ" Walker. Dyn-O-WHAT?!!!
Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter
The odd couple walked the red carpet on Saturday and proved that there hasn't been a stranger pairing at an awards show since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley kissed like two dead fish at the MTV VMAs in 1994. Mwah!

While Coulter and Walker are not romantically involved, their diabolical press plan worked -- they were definitely noticed! Immediately following the show, Ann was helicoptered out of the venue and placed back under her rock.


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Josh Fan in Franklin, TN    

She needs an astringent and some face blotter papers. That is one shiny chick. Proactive calling!

2747 days ago

Funny Girl    

#4 & #8 - You are both totally right on! She is so full of hate and it shows. Not pretty on the inside or the outside. Nasty b....t....h!

2747 days ago

Only in    

Ann you are the best,keep after those demogods.

2747 days ago


You are just jealous because she is rich, pretty smart, correct, witty, moral and really kind to us to let us know about what the 'YOU KNOW WHO's that are Sleazeballs and Commies are up to.: Yeah. Rock on Ann.

2747 days ago


#9 what do you know about Ann? Have you read any of her books, have you heard her speak? Why do you hate her so much? Oh, you might simply hate what she stands for. Oh well, get over it. She is not going anywhere and if I am reduntant so be it-I do want to be reduntant in my values

2747 days ago

London not England    

GAD ZOOKS!!!!!!! JIMMY IS BLAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!! (and this is coming from an African American....)
That's what happens when you become a star in the 70's and your manager steals all your money $$$, and you have to hang out with the likes of Bitches like Ann C.
Jimmy, get some Ambi skin tone cream!

2747 days ago

philly fan    

This is the best he can do?

2747 days ago


To #15 - Golatha

Ann Coulter might be rich (in monetary terms not in spirit) but she is not pretty, smart, correct or witty. She is especially NOT moral or one tiny bit kind. She is a media whore.

I don't care if it comes from the left or the right, ugly talk is not moral and it is destructive to our American society at this time in our history. She does much harm. I am not saying she is the only person doing harm by any means, but she does harm. She is ugly inside and out.

2747 days ago


I love you Ann! Keep giving these nasty foul mouthed liberals a taste of their own medicine. I really love how liberals can never hold an intelligent argument so they resort to personal attacks. The comments left here on TMZ by far lefties just proves the point even further! Once liberals step up to the plate and stop dodging serious questions, and start giving an intelligent debate every once in a while maybe we'll start taking you seriously... Until then... Ta ta.

2747 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

Geez TMZ, could you drip anymore venom in your article? And you are so fair to everyone........................sure you are (wink, wink)

2747 days ago


Ha ha...mAnn's Adam's apple is bigger than JJ's AND Rita Cosby's! She looks like a sun-calloused farmer, with a matching set of man-hands. She could wrestle Kodiak bears with them. And I'd be smiling like that too if I wore my strap-on underneath a ball gown. Man, she is one ballsy dude!

2747 days ago


Thank you #20. Liberals do personal attacks and they are blind to common sense. Instead of waking up to real problems they are bashing the looks, the money,etc. Ann is not nasty -she is honest and direct and not many people like that.

2747 days ago


Ann--quit writing in compliments about yourself!!! Lord knows, no one else would!! I hope she stays under her rock this time. She's a disgrace.

2747 days ago


Why would any event organizer for nostalgia programming invite and wax nostalgic over a Repubuke Fembot like Ann Coulter?

We hope, finally, that with the end of Don Imus, this hate-spewing diablo's head will spin around fast enough to end her reign of stupidity.

2747 days ago


hahahahahahahahahaha .... thanks for that - needed a good laugh this far into a monday!
Seriously -- I dont even know where to start with your post...

I am NOT a liberal - but I am amused at your rantings -- lets break them down shall we?
1) Nasty foul mouthed liberals -- wasnt Ann just in the news for calling a presidential hopeful a f*gg*t? hmmmmmmmm. Wasnt Imus a registered dem?
2) Personal attacks - what do you think the 'nasty foul mouth' comment is? intelligent?
3) Dodging serious questions -- why were the attorneys fired? WMD in Iraq? how did Pat Tillman die? ............really, do I need to go on?

Maybe the Libs want to know where you get these assumptions, as they dont seem to make much sense

2747 days ago
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