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Bizarro Couple Alert!

4/16/2007 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virtually unseen since her John Edwards backlash began, gay-bashing blonde beyotch Ann Coulter arrived to the 5th Annual TV Land Awards with "Good Times" star Jimmie "JJ" Walker. Dyn-O-WHAT?!!!
Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter
The odd couple walked the red carpet on Saturday and proved that there hasn't been a stranger pairing at an awards show since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley kissed like two dead fish at the MTV VMAs in 1994. Mwah!

While Coulter and Walker are not romantically involved, their diabolical press plan worked -- they were definitely noticed! Immediately following the show, Ann was helicoptered out of the venue and placed back under her rock.


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Caribbean Goddess    


2713 days ago

U Know Who    

LIBERAL = Someone so open minded their brain has fallen out.
All of TMZ Staff and 99% of it's readers, you should be proud.

You hateful hateful people, hiding behind tolerance practicing PURE HATRED. What a joke...


2713 days ago


ann coulter is a media whore alright. i am right in the middle and i can not stand her. i watch hannity and o'reilley, as well as bill maher. everytime that women opens her mouth i feel sorry for her. she is disgusting!!

2713 days ago


immixed - why are you yelling? I dont disagree with cha

2713 days ago


The only time I have ever seen Ann is on Hannity and Colmes
I never did like her I simply watch something else until she id done
It isnt even her views that bug me it is her non stop never ending babbling thats just too much

2713 days ago


#1, 3, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 22,33--especially 33--WRITTEN BY ANN COULTER OR HER IMMEDIATELY FAMILY!!!!

2713 days ago


Ann, get a clue. If your insides are ROTTEN, it doesn't matter how many times you brush your teeth because your breath will still stink. Remember that next time you open your mouth to spew insluts that should be directed at some of your own close family members (and SHE KNOWS ABOUT WHOM I'M SPEAKING, ha ha ha...)!

Like Dorothy Parker once said "You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think"!! Dottie was talking to your grandma and mom, mAnn!! Filthy, greasy, anorexic BEYOTCH!! Hell, under those circumstances, I'd probably come across as nasty and foul too!! Poor guy!!

2713 days ago


#5 , oh i know!!! i said the same thing!

2713 days ago


Coulter's first national media appearance came after she was hired in 1996 by MSNBC as a legal correspondent. Time magazine said this about her tenure there:

The network dismissed her at least twice: first in February 1997, after she insulted the late Pamela Harriman, the U.S. Ambassador to France, even as the network was covering her somber memorial service.... Even so, the network missed Coulter's jousting and quickly rehired her.

Eight months later, Coulter's relationship with MSNBC ended permanently after she tangled with a disabled Vietnam veteran on the air. Robert Muller, co-founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, asserted that "in 90% of the cases that U.S. soldiers got blown up [in Vietnam]—Ann, are you listening?—they were our own mines." Coulter, who found Muller's statement laughable, averted her eyes and responded sarcastically: "No wonder you guys lost." It became an infamous—and oft-misreported—Coulter moment. But her troubles with MSNBC only freed her to appear on CNN and Fox News Channel, whose producers were often calling.[6

2713 days ago


April -- where did you find that article?

2713 days ago

Jason Elias    

Jimmie's a Republican so they're probably friends.

2713 days ago

Funny Girl    

I am surpised that she is anti-gay because I would swear I saw a set of you know what on her. I really don't think she likes men so what does that leave?

Also, all you people who rant about "liberals" - yes, it must be a terrrible thing to try to put yourself in the other person's place and let them live their life however they want! Yeah, that really makes us the bad guys. (Oh and by the way - those terrorists are NOT liberals, are they? They think YOU ALL should live how they do.) When will you lame-brained people get it?

2713 days ago


Linnette -

2713 days ago

Jen F    


2713 days ago


TMZ and all you libs are hypocrits. Why don't you all come down on all these other rappers and libs who have said much worse the way you do Ann , Imus, and Richards? Because you only go after the ones who are against what you believe. It is OK for some to do the same or worse, but then real racists like Sharpton, Jackson, etc... get a free pass. I have heard a lot of other celebs and poloticians say many things that never get any print. TMZ shows it's lib colors so much it's not even funny. They talk about Fox not being fair to dems, well look at TMZ comments.

2713 days ago
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