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Letterman's Brainday

4/16/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you give the hilarious talk show host who has everything? If you're Nintendo, you give him the mental training he needs to stay at the top of his game.
Letterman Gets Brain Age
For his 60th birthday (!), "The Late Show" star David Letterman got a special present from Nintendo -- a copy of the video game "Brain Age," and a Nintendo DS hand-held console on which to play it.

"Brain Age" works out your gray matter with a variety of brain-stimulating activities specially selected by Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima -- including memorizing words that appear on screen, quickly performing simple math problems, reading classic literature as fast as possible, plus everyone's favorite number game, Sudoku.

Nintendo even sent Dave's mom a version of the game so they can see who's sharpest in the family. Expect a "Top Ten Reasons Why Dave's Mom Beat Him at Brain Age" soon.


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HAPPY 60TH DAVE. YOU'RE STILL THE BEST ! Now, marry Harry's mom and make an honest woman out of her. Also, your kid won't be such a bastard.

2657 days ago

He's Boring now    

This lame brain has been brain dead for years. He isnt funny, edgy, creative, or even polite in the last decade and a half. He's an over the top paid, cue card reading Larry King type, only he's never been married.

With him thinking he is now the political corrective voice for TV Land he should first go learn about politics and rea as a recluse in a CT mansion is not an ideal way to "stay in touch" with the people, so get off the political soap box mr funny man...but than again you havent been funny in what is it you exactly do with that brain of yours?

He's the new Larry King...shows up for 3 days of work, does no homework or preparation, reads what everybody else prepares for him and than is limo;d home to hide out and count his money.

Sad what money and fame and a reclusive life can do to a soul that once was alive, in touch, edgy, creative, and once smiled and laughed out him during an interview sometimes, he's not paying attention to the answer, doesnt make good eye contact, and is thinking only of how he can try and embarrass the interviewee.

Get out of the way mr multi millionaire and let the next Generation take've had your time and at 60 and with nothing new coming from you in years, its time Dave.

2657 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

How about a nice colorectal for Dave's birthday? Anything to take that pained expression off his face. Does anyone remember when he was actually fun to watch? The eighties, maybe? Now he is just sour, predictable, and totally unwatchable.

2656 days ago


Has Been, Letterman was married during his days as a weatherman in Indianapolis. Although I do agree with your assessment that his best days are behind him.

2656 days ago


I used to watch Letterman all the time,but when Imus was fired I quit watching CBS.

2656 days ago

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