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Little Pax Goes for a Ride

4/17/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pax Jolie, the newest addition to the rainbow Brangelina tribe, was snapped in Los Angeles while being shuttled from day care.

The tot gazes at paparazzi with the same curiousness seen on faces of children at a zoo.

Pax's sister Zahara seems to enjoy the attention a little more than the rest of the family.


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Oh Canada    

Daycare is expensive, not all families can afford it. Daycare is to benefit children. It's where they will learn to share, make friends and interact with people other than their family.
Good move Angie/Brad. You continue to do what's best for your children.

Admit it people. You don't want to believe anything positive about this family. You're jealous. Free speech? Right to your opinion? Are you all in denial? Don't you realize that such mean spiritedness and negativity cannot possibly come out of a person that is happy with their lot in life.

Luckily the children can't read, and don't have to face the fact that there are so many miserable people in the world that don't wish their parents well. I have a feeling when they can read they will find you all sadly amusing....

2713 days ago


Pax was only adopted as a play mate for Mad. That is why she got an older boy instead of an infant this time. Z and Shiloh are girls close in age, Ang wanted Mad to have a companion.

I feel bad for these kids, but mostly for Shiloh. She doesn't have anything to offer Angelina in her celeb sainthood quest. She's just a blob in this family. Excluding her from the photo opt when Pax came home spoke volumes of how Angelina thinks of her. I bet she is excluded at home behind closed doors too.

2712 days ago


Angelina said the reason she had the pics taken so soon after aquiring/buying Pax for Maddox amusement, was so the papz wouldn't be as likely to follow him around, but if you call them everytime you leave your house, what do you expect..duh

2712 days ago


I have a feeling this little guy won't adjust as well as the others..he looks scared to death!!

2712 days ago


Sad... adopt a kid and then put him in daycare, maybe they should have at least waited, oh, I dunno, maybe a month or two?!? Hollywood is a scary place -- I think they are all aliens there. I may be onto something....

2712 days ago


37 Toronto eh; Daycare is for parents who work and don't have anywhere else to put their kids. For the most part, daycares are full of germs and sick kids. If I were a celebrity I think I would organize play dates with other celebrity parents and their kids before I would put my child in a nasty daycare center!

2712 days ago


Daycare=when parents work. If Angelina is going to be a stay-at-home mom, someone needs to explain this concept to her.

2712 days ago


Why is it you irate jealous foam-at-the-mouth wastes of space, are only concerned about Angelina "staying home" and don't mention Brad in the equation at all? They're his kids too dumb asses.

I mean let's pretend they worked REAL JOBS and weren't just actors who get to show up on a set 35 days out of 365.

Let's pretend they put in 70 hour weeks, and NOT 15 hour weeks during the 35 days out of 365 they even deign to 'work.'

Let's pretend after not working on anything for the last 6 months EXCEPT burying her mother, Angelina was instead dropping her kids off to go work a 12 hour shift cleaning bathrooms at Walmart, instead of what she's ACTUALLY doing which is dropping two of her kids off at the Paramount center, while Brad and she attend a two hour meeting there....

Let's say she wasn't going to see the kids ALL DAY, and that she was heading off to her job on the assembly line for a good 12-15 hours of bone breaking manual labor....that said, aren't you concerned about Brad Pitt 'working' too, or is it just Angelina that gets your wrath??

Is Angelina the only Mom who cannot leave the house? Or would that apply to you and your mother, sisters and daughters? Do you have plans to introduce BURKHAS for ALL U.S. women, forthhence, or is it JUST Angelina Jolie???? I think you should attach a bill that says women should be banned from all institutions of higher learning too, since raising children and being inside their home, should be their ONLY career....

Noooo. I know you don't want all women to be so deprived, harrassed and hyper-critiqued.

That's reserved for Angelina Jolie alone.

Brad gets left alone, because most of you jealous lonely bitter old hags are WOMEN, and see HIM as the prize that Angelina TOOK from your fellow homely no-talent do-nothing middle-aged HAG in arms, Jennifer Aniston....I GOTCHA.

THAT, is why you will be hypercritical of her, for all time.

Because at the end of the day, what matters MOST to some females is not that she is a kick ass role model, who wins Oscars, saves lives, is honored by the UN, is recognized as a Global Humanitarian with much influence all over the world, who has funded programs out of her pocket, who is a mother raising children, burying parents, giving birth AND continuing to go to places like Chad and Darfur and Cambodia and India and do good work and HELP those less fortunate -- nevermind that MOST women with a brain in their head would rather their daughters have a woman like her to look up to - a woman who isn't a victim, who does what she says and has accomplished so much at the VERY young age of 30!!!

No, in the eyes of the jealous old hags that spew their bile, they will resent her for all time because of....yes....'a GUY.'

That's right, most women don't ever get passed this super emotional envious jealous mode they occupied in high school.

Yeah - I'm starting to believe women don't deserve to run anything in this country - they really are a LOT more vicious than men.

2712 days ago


well, i sure can't see angelina in the car. the kid is scared stiff. if mommy is shooting a movie, where is daddy??

2712 days ago

voice of reason    

Why is this child not in a child seat?

2712 days ago


i know this is an entertainment site but 33 people were killed yesterday at virgina tech and tmz did not even wirte in one little article of it i think it is sad that u guys would rather write something about some actress son going to day care "omg how impostant is that" instead of something that will go down in history

2712 days ago

Oh Canada    

Daycare does benefit kids, and also parents. I'm sure there are plenty of parents who are top executives that put their children in daycare or have nannies as the children's main caregiver just because they are addicted to earning two seven figure incomes, the big house and a new Lexus every year; these types of people don't "have to put their children in daycare".
I know women who are stay at home moms that put their toddlers in daycare a few days a week. The children love it, and the moms get a few hours to themselves, it's a benefit to both.

I would see a problem if the Jolie-Pitt tikes were taking space from less fortunate children whose parents both "had" to work to make ends meet. I doubt that's the case.
Ms. Jolie is a smart woman, she is doing her best to make sure her children have as normal a life as they possible can....inspite of having superstar parents.
Arrange playdates with other hollywood stars? That would ensure a fishbowl existence.

So many offer their negative opinions while trying to disguise it as concern for the "poor children".
I see absolutely nothing "poor" about either of the jolie-Pitt children; I see four very lucky children, they have two parents with big hearts.

2712 days ago

who cares?    


2712 days ago


Nice little tirade ujealous.
Angie is someone to look up to??? hahahhahahahahaha
WTF are you smoking?

2712 days ago


did they purposely put this child at an opened window to get photographed?????

2712 days ago
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