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Little Pax Goes for a Ride

4/17/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pax Jolie, the newest addition to the rainbow Brangelina tribe, was snapped in Los Angeles while being shuttled from day care.

The tot gazes at paparazzi with the same curiousness seen on faces of children at a zoo.

Pax's sister Zahara seems to enjoy the attention a little more than the rest of the family.


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I don't know why but whenever I see one of these kids they are never smiling, ever. I have seen Maddux several times in pictures and not only isn't he smiling he looks nasty, he's just a little boy , he should look happy once in awhile, no? Even Zahara is non smiling and this new one looks stunned all the time and none of them look that thrilled to have Brad or Angie has their parents. You don't see Shiloh as much as the otehrs, where is she when they are out walking their other kids, she never smiles either. I never see Brad smiling anymore either, I see Angelina modling for StJohns Bay in Vanity fair and W magazine, she is making yet another movie after releasing 2 movies this year, is this what she calls a stay at home Mom?

2749 days ago


Angelina Jolie IS taking space up from parents who need that daycare. There is a two year waiting list and yet, somehow, all three of her children waltz right in with no waiting list. I have to agree that the child not only looks scared, but looks like he has been crying. I don't think he is going to adjust as well as the others.

2749 days ago


Also... with all their resources, why can't they adopt some "special needs" children?

2749 days ago


why doesnt she just rent the kids a playmate?

2749 days ago


He looks sad and scared. And NO he shouldn't be in daycare at this time. He was adopted a month ago, right? Good God, what the heck is she thinking. She has 3 other kids he can play with at home and needs to settle in at HOME (if they have one they stay at more than 1 week at a time). The selfish witch (and her dumb ass boyfriend) need to stay home and help him thru this time. Not run off to make a movie. How much money do they need? Are they desperate? NO, they are selfish. Stop having kids if you don't want to sacrifice your every wants and needs. It is immature. I adopted and stayed at home with my child for a year (even took a huge loss in business) just so she could bond and adjust. Any adoption agency or social worker for this agency would have told her (and him if he wants to be the daddy) to do this. She's a joke. Mark my words, these kids are going to pay the price of AJ and BP decisions they are making now.

2749 days ago


UjealousBeechies, pitt is no prize, she is welcome to him. its too bad his acting career is in the toilet. you jolie/pitt fans better go see their movies,not doing well. they were both duds. pitt is starting to look worn out. worn out doesn't sell. Look at billybob, he looks ill. soon pitt will look like that.

2749 days ago

Oh Canada    

I disagree Prnzez.
Ujealous "tirade" is right on the money. I would rather young women look up to Angelina than Brittany, Beyonce, Madonna, or any of the many other female celebrities who lack substance and are slaves to publicity.

Angelina Jolie as she is now, an extraordinary woman/mother/humanitarian. Not the scared, self destructive girl y'all can't forget. Why is that? Is it really because of that girl from friends?

It's jealousy, plain and simple.....ironically that's two words that could not be used to describe Ms.Jolie.

2749 days ago


To Number 27 who thought the kids would not be in daycare.....
Do you believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus?

I have never seen such a group of kids that NEVER seem to be smiling....they look like zombies. I dont know that they look like they are scared, but certainly never happy.

2749 days ago


Prnzez. I agree with you. our daughters don't need to be anorexic ho bags. she at least was sexy at one time, what happened? her weird eye is starting to show up on magazines.

2749 days ago


TMZ: Thank you for removing the offensive posts from this site. Earlier today there was someone posting threatening messages to another blogger. How immature!!! Some people take these celebrity stories too seriously!!

2749 days ago


Want to see pictures of a beautiful happy baby? go to ETonline. Dannilynn is happy and beautiful! Larry is a good babydaddy. jolie dulls in the light of ANS, and she's dead. For all whosay she tookdrugs during birth? look at the pictures. pitt, you can learn from birkhead.

2749 days ago


#1, you are so lame, Asian is not a language you dork. Please go get an education and then post your ocmments!!!!!!!!!!!!

2749 days ago


To #44: If total strangers were shoving a camera up in my face every time I went outside, I'd look unhappy, too. How do you expect a child to react?

2748 days ago


Pax has this same look in some other shots. It looks like a mixture of fear and bewilderment. He is being mainstreamed too soon and it will only result in him acting out in some way.

And to those of you who say, "Well he's only a kid! He'll get over it!" Yes, he WILL get over it but his experiences WILL be INTERNALIZED. Some experiences will result in POSITIVES and others in NEGATIVES. Yes. He's only a kid. But he is human.

2748 days ago
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