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Pete Wentz Has a Sugar Mama

4/17/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dating Ashlee Simpson has its perks. People sing to you at gas pumps. For real, not pre-recorded.

Ash and Fall Out Boyfriend Pete Wentz hit up Parc last night, and while Petey drove them around in a dirty Land Rover, Ashlee paid the bills.

After leaving the club, Simpson went through her Prada purse to pay the valet, and later scraped the bag for cash to give to a homeless man -- who serenaded Wentz at a gas station pump.


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I am very surprised that people want Ashlee and Pete to go away. Why? Why do people think Pete is mildly retarded? Answer me. This is confusing. I like Pete Wentz. Why do you people hate him and Ashlee so much? If you hate them then you hate me. You do not know them and you do not know me. Confusing really. Why say they are both ugly and untalented? That is so mean. You really need to leave this all alone.

2668 days ago


Well I want to note that I have somewhat what Pete has. I guess. Well back to the main reason I am posting here. People should not be so jugmental. If you want the details on me go to My Space. So that is all about me. Now the spotlight is back on Pete and Ashlee. Sometimes I wish I was her. I am so jealous.

2668 days ago


Geez guys i mean there both talented and there happy lay off of them and for all those ppl who hate ash only because shes going out wit Pete common for all FOB fans just be happy hes happy talk about jelous! ROCK ON PETER PAN+ ASHLEE!

2659 days ago


HAHAHAHA! This was funny. :)

2688 days ago


Stupid people.
Pete Wentz has plenty of talent.
Ashley, i'm not sure, but from what ive heard she doesnt have that much.
I'm not a hater though.
I support Ashley and Pete.
If he's happy good for him, it doesn't really matter who makes him happy as long as he is.

2688 days ago


She might be holding his money too because besides his sidekick he may not want anything else bulging out his jeans like a wallet. You know what they say when you assume people.

2680 days ago

Crystal Marina    

there so cute!!! =)

2744 days ago


That homeless guy sings better than both of them!

2744 days ago


Must be another slow news day...Waste of your camera film, TMZ.

2744 days ago


That's actual pretty sad.....that she thinks she needs to pay for him, aahh...I mean everything.

2744 days ago

Barbie Loves Ken    

What's wrong with couples 'going Dutch' and taking turns to pay for things? Why should the guy always have to pay? It's not as if Ashlee can't afford it now and then!
I wish she would change her look and get rid of those fug hair extensions!!

2744 days ago

no fan    

Pete and Ashley go away. You're both untalented and waste of precious space. Why is so much attention given to these two.

2744 days ago


hey assholes pete wentz is amazing....oh wait im sorry how many albums have you put out? thats what i thought....and why are ppl always putin ashlee down...jealous much?

2744 days ago


Just so everyone knows TMZ are pulling down ppls negative blogs about paris Hilton, now I don’t know WTF is going on here weather Hilton has them by the legal balls or they are just pathetic parasite huggers, anyway they have pulled off several of my comments and I’m getting pretty pissed off about it. I noticed that they aren’t doing this for Britney or Lindsay (surprise surprise!) and I call for everyone to post their most horrible hate blogs about parasite that they can muster, TMZ are protecting this worthless bitch and I for one am sick of it. GO GET ‘EM GUYS!

2744 days ago


Ahhh yes, the "you're just jealous" play. For some reason, the Ashlee fans use that excuse a lot. I'm starting to think those who post in favor of them are relatives(Papa Joe, is that you!?), or someone who doesn't listen much to a thing called "real music". These two are nothing, never have been, never will be celebrities. Why TMZ wastes their time reporting on people whom no one cares for is a mystery. Only 8(now 9) comments all day?? Shows how popular they really are...5 years from now, no one will know who Fall Out Boy or Ashlee Simpson are, guaranteed.

2744 days ago
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