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Under the Big Tent at the CMT Awards

4/17/2007 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While award show red carpets are typically a media circus, celebs like Bon Jovi made last night's Country Music Television awards look more like ... a sideshow. Two-step right up!
CMT Awards
Check out the best of the worst in TMZ's CMT awards fashion gallery, y'all!


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She was no different than any other former stripper still trying to make money off her body at almost 40    

PRESENT DAY COUNTRY SUCKS!!! At least Country Music used to have some real cowboys associated with it, now its just all wanna-be's with BAD HATS, UGLY CLOTHES, and/or has-been rock-n-rollers that definitely don't fit in anymore. The women all dress like/look like $20 hookers.

2716 days ago

malinda jackson    

lol your giving them to much credit try $5.00

2716 days ago

Big League Girlfriend    

I seem to remember Taylor Swift's dress on Carrie Underwood (at least I think it was her) several months ago and TMZ praising her for how good she looked (double standard?). Yes country music has some really bad fashion, but so does the rest of the showbiz industry. TMZ seems to be playing favorites to their favorites when it comes to criticism.

2716 days ago


One of my last wishes....being sandwiched between Jon and Richie!

2716 days ago


I love Bon Jovi, they put on one of the best shows out there, I have been to many of thier concerts.

2716 days ago


Slow news day, huh guys????

2716 days ago

She was no different than any other former stripper still trying to make money off her body at almost 40    

No #6, BITE ME! I used to be a big country fan (George Strait, Vince Gill --- remember them? It wasn't that long ago). All this NEW country is TRASH. Washed up has-been OLD rock-n-rollers that can't hack it anymore in rock. Oh yeah, then you have your newbie "don't know a horse's head from its ass, 'cause they have never been on one" --- GAG!!!
REGARDLESS, 90% of country singers, no matter what their "ilk" dress like trash, act like trash, and sound like trash! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, THEN IT MUST BE A _____? Fill in the blank, DUMMY!

2716 days ago

She was no different than any other former stripper still trying to make money off her body at almost 40    

#2 -- Good one! You are right, I really thought too highly of them. $5 is more like it.

2716 days ago


Wow, these guys have really aged badly. I thought they looked ridiculous back in the 80's--I can't stop laughing now! I dub them the Four Stooges!

2716 days ago


BON JOVI ROCKS!!! I agree with the poster who said they put on the best concerts!!

They look fine to me!! Although David should probably lose the hat...and those curls!!!

2716 days ago


I agree with so many of you Country is not Country anymore. I have listened to Country all my life and I am not young so if any of you think this is country, Go listen to Hank Williams Sr., Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, George Strait, then come back and call this trash Country.

2716 days ago


Amazing Kate that you're such a D/A! What fly by the seat of their pants DJ told you Vince & Strait were ever gone? People move on, you should try it. And for the rest of you, band wagon jumpers, go back to your "Hip Hop" lifestyle, if you don't like it - - - "Don't Listen & Change The Channel", if you don't like what ur hearing or seeing! Oh, and Elvis was so bland in his performance and attire. Not to mention Buddy Holley, Mick Jagger or Dolley! Some of us see a lot of talent out there.

2716 days ago


Love Country Music!! They Support Our Troops By Going To Iraq To do Concerts. Can any other music (rock, rap, alternative,etc) say the same. I think not.

2716 days ago


Bon Jovi = the ugliest bunch of old men I have ever seen.........just let it die already.

2716 days ago


For all of you Bon Jovi haters........YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many bands out there are still selling out stadiums after all these years like Bon Jovi is? They will always be the best band to me!! I can't wait till they come back to philly for another concert...I will be there screaming for them along with tens of thousands of others................Oh, yeah......HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!

2716 days ago
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