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Under the Big Tent at the CMT Awards

4/17/2007 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While award show red carpets are typically a media circus, celebs like Bon Jovi made last night's Country Music Television awards look more like ... a sideshow. Two-step right up!
CMT Awards
Check out the best of the worst in TMZ's CMT awards fashion gallery, y'all!


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John Holmes    

David Allen Coe and Charlie Daniels are country; most of the stuff today is just pop music in the key of G.

2743 days ago


Is that Wierd Al in the hat? Since when did he become a member of Bon Jovi?

2743 days ago

GOD 1    

17. For all of you Bon Jovi haters........YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many bands out there are still selling out stadiums after all these years like Bon Jovi is? They will always be the best band to me!! I can't wait till they come back to philly for another concert...I will be there screaming for them along with tens of thousands of others................Oh, yeah......HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 4:04PM on Apr 17th 2007 by Bon Jovi Lover

bon jovi is is latin ,translation is i'm queer..

2743 days ago

Mary Worth    

Sorry about the word in the second paragraph. Meant to write "country". My apologies to everyone!

2743 days ago


What has happened to Kellie Pickler??? She was so cute on American Idol!!! She looks like she's aged 15 years!!!! Her hair, dress, everything was just so so wrong last night!! Whoever advised her to do "the dumb blonde airhead" act should be shot!!! She made herself look like an idiot on the CMT awards. Poor Thing!!

2743 days ago


When do people start telling Jon enough of the botox your looking silly

2743 days ago

Attention Ho    

I see all the jealous guys are bashing Jon Bon Jovi again! lmao
It's hilarious! You should go to one of their concerts...might change your mind. They have an awesome live show! Have a Nice Day! =)

2743 days ago


Just so everyone knows TMZ are pulling down ppls negative blogs about paris Hilton, now I don’t know WTF is going on here weather Hilton has them by the legal balls or they are just pathetic parasite huggers, anyway they have pulled off several of my comments and I’m getting pretty pissed off about it. I noticed that they aren’t doing this for Britney or Lindsay (surprise surprise!) and I call for everyone to post their most horrible hate blogs about parasite that they can muster, TMZ are protecting this worthless bitch and I for one am sick of it. GO GET ‘EM GUYS!

2743 days ago


Please don't go out of your way to say something--ANYTHING--nice about country musicians--I'd hate for ya'll to have to work that hard...and it could give someone a heart attack...


2743 days ago


Their performance was so moving, what an awesome song. They're not claiming to be all country, but they've always had a tadbit of country influence in each of their albums. Bon Jovi can fill stadiums worldwide, they're hot.

Country veterans, don't get stuck in your old ways. Embrace change.

2743 days ago


Jon is the sexiest man alive!

2743 days ago


omg.... the Bon Jovi, looking pickled lately... time to grow old graciously... I'm not knocking them as a talent, butt man there is a time to let it go and accept your aging... They're looking like a bunch of scary wax dummies, not attractive.

Country music has some great artists, but unfortunately they don't get the attention they deserve from radio... and the music companies like their inane cookie cutter formula types, cus they think they're the ones that will make all the moola. Very unfortunate.

2743 days ago


I love Bon Jovie! Their concerts are some of the best I have ever seen!!!

2743 days ago


i have heard the most recent style of country music called "money music".
the main if not the only reason for it's existence is to rake in large amounts of money.
as well the women and men in country music who may profess to be "christians" while flaunting leg, cleavage and tight jeans, with that CFM look in their eyes seem to want the best of both worlds.
sell the image, sex, music and the cross. no wonder muslims call us infidels.
you be the judge, but you don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
real country music is and always will be the best dang stuff out there.
that's why vince gill is today's leading personality and a dang good ambassador for the beautiful hurtin' music.

2743 days ago


Uh, my first thought after seeing this photo was that the last three look like a group of old ladies, very femme and poodled is the only word I can come up with. The first guy just looks plain rediculous, grow old with grace guys.

2742 days ago
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