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Accused of a

Musical Cover-Up

4/18/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyoncé Knowles is going to war with a pop star from the past who claims the former Destiny's Child star covered her song, but didn't cover her ass.

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According to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court by music administators, Beyoncé allegedly never obtained proper clearance to cover a song called "I'm Kissing You," originally co-written by a singer named Des'ree -- famous for her 1994 smash hit, "You Gotta Be." Des'ree's version was used in Baz Luhrmann's 1996 film "Romeo and Juliet," Beyoncé's version can be found on the re-release of her album, "B'Day."

In the lawsuit, Des'ree and her reps claim that Beyoncé, along with her record company people, originally tried to work out a deal to use the song. When they weren't satisfied with the proposed terms -- which included not being able to change the title or make a music video for the song -- Beyoncé allegedly blew off copyright law completely, and recorded the song and video without permission. The song was eventually released on Beyoncé's album, "B'Day - Deluxe Edition" on April 3, 2007, with the title "Still in Love (Kissing You)."

Des'ree is suing to halt distribution of the song, video and album and seeking at least $150,000 in damages.

Lawyers for Beyoncé and Des'ree couldn't be reached for comment.


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HAHAHAHA that what she gets

2713 days ago


From what I heard, Be'Yonce's version sounds like crap.

2713 days ago


i hate beyonce

2713 days ago

IP Knowledge    

It's a publishing dispute people! If you actually READ the document the suit is between the publishers NOT the artists. GEEZ! Take a moment to learn...

2713 days ago

Virgie GO HOME    

Doesn't surprise me...Beyonce has copied J.Lo and now Shakira...who's next?

2713 days ago

Virgie GO HOME    

Des'ree's version is MUCH better!

2713 days ago


Dear Beyonce,

Why should I call you a writer? When have you every wrote any of your own material. Why do you feel the need to steal other people's music. I know you will not know what this word means, but it called PLAGIARISM. Is it because you can't read or write?..I know you have a hard time speaking, but that does not give you the right to STEAL from people who can read and write. I hear you have a spanish album coming out, but you can not speak spanish..NOW.. THAT WHAT I CALL SCARY!!!.

P.S Please respond to my letter ASAP.

2713 days ago


i remember this song from R&J it's when they first meet. I think that Des'ree should feel honored that somebody like Beyonce wanted to remake her song. But B went about it the wrong way

2713 days ago

Mizz Tig    

it serves beyonce right. the song kissing you was written as a sonnet (a 14-line love poem for those who don't know) and she crucified it with all her runs, additional lyrics and all the foolishness she added to it. her version loses the essence of the original and that line about her man meaning more to her than music is depicted rather clearly on this record. the deterioration of her music is beyond me really. sue her ass. it's about freakin time!

2713 days ago

lawyerguyis dumb    

compulsory license has no bearing on this case you idiot. graduate law school.

2713 days ago


Please, she should be paying a lot more than that! and no one can sing that song better than des'ree. I hate when artists do covers and I hate beyonce too.

2713 days ago


The only song I really liked of Beyonce was Irreplaceable, which she stole from Ne-Yo. I have loved Des'ree's version of this song ever since the movrie came out. There is no comparision, Beyonce totally destroyed the song. I hope Des'ree gets everything she can out of Beyonce. Beyonce needs to go away for a while, alot of people are getting annoyed with her now.

2713 days ago


i think she needs to hit her up for 3 million i guess deseree is jut a nice person well beyonce i guess you learned your lesson. too bad neyo hasnt sued her yet. I thought she wrote that song. yeah well everyone better watch out for beyonces fan club starts terrrioring people! hahahaha i hope derseee wins she straight up jacked this womens song if it is true

2713 days ago

Honee B    

I can see why everyone thinks Beyonce stole the song, and she's wrong for that, but Jewish Princess is dead wrong for callin Jay-z a drug dealer! That is what he USED to do. He is no longer a drug dealer. He is a hip-hop mogul! A very successful black man. Please do not degrade him in that way. Yes, YEARS ago he hustled in the streets to make ends meat, but y must he be judged for that now? Everyone has something in the past that I'm sure they would like to leave in the past. Focus on what he is doing now. Positive things.

2713 days ago


Just unbeweavable!! Ms. Beweavce at it again!!

2712 days ago
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