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Britney Blows Off Road Rules to Dance

4/18/2007 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sidewalks aren't safe when Britney Spears is around.

TMZ had to get the hell out of the way when a car carrying the Britster sped off the road and up onto the sidewalk in an attempt to drop her off in front of Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood for a workout yesterday. Talk about curbside service!

Britney was just as dangerous on the way out, showing off her revamped bod in a very sexy grey micro-skirt. However, this time she got into her vehicle in the safety of the parking lot.


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david colvert    

I think she is young, and needs another chance , this picture tells me , shes getting there. At one time she was on top of the world. I'm praying for a rebound .

2752 days ago


You look gorgeous Britney - keep your head up hon.

2752 days ago


Has anyone considered the fact maybe those two little guys are in better hands with her not around and possibly having a more stable life without her in the picture..the way she acts I personally would rather those kids are taken care of by someone else..and by the way what's up with LA pd since when did driving on sidewalks become legal..I don't think I read that one in the rules of the road book this a new law or is LAPD giving special priviledges again these days?

2752 days ago


She could very well afford to have a top notch dance studio in her home with the very best top notch dance trainer just for her. Instead, she insists in making every body nuts with the 'appearances' all over town. No kids -- ever. Having the stuidio at home would enable her to have her kids in attendance and keep her recouperation under wraps. Instead she does this ridiculous nonsense every day with the 'training' in the morning, the shopping in the afternoon and the clubbing (what rehab??) at night. When does she ever see the kids?? Why does she always complain about the photogs?? She asks for it and she looks like a train wreck. She makes the late Anna Nicole look normal.

2752 days ago


Considering all she's been through, Britney looks fine. However, I think for her own sake, the lady needs to take some more time off, relax, and focus on how to repair her reputation, both as an artist and as a person. Don't play to the paparazzi, to the media or to your audience's basest instincts. Heck, she's only 25 -- she still has time to rehabilitate herself.

2751 days ago


She's just nasty trailer trash with money. The same trash that will piss me off in traffic when they are smoking in the car with their kids and the windows are rolled up, their kids are not properly buckled up, or not in a car seat at all! She sucks as a mother! Quit making excuses for her. I read about her because it is like a freak is amazing! I don't want to look.....but I can't stop myself.

2750 days ago


Your still fat, untalented and your dads right. Nobody likes you.

2750 days ago

ryan doren    

I mean you people are killing me with the comments about VA TECH. Tragedy yes...but you all are on here reading these articles so it is obvious you are not spending anytime thinking of those in Blacksburg. Ya'll just hatin on Brit. She is doing what she does best.....making idiots comment on her life...just like all of you haters. If you think she just does all of this stuff for attention then why get on a blog and perpetuate the cycle. You're freaking losers thats why. People will do as they wish just as you and I do. Anyways...I am going to get off of my soap box. Point blank the girl looks like she is getting it together, and the body is back to smokin form.

2747 days ago


I still think we should cut her a break and let her do her thing. Mariah Carey, Whitney Housten,and Jennifer McCarthy all had comebacks let her return. She is still hot and I would do her anyday.

2741 days ago


It's not easy to be so detached from reality. I wish her the best

2738 days ago

Your guilty, Doc!    

Who the hell does this saggy, bald, loser think she is?
Why does anyone bother to take photo's of her and chase
her car? Just forget about her. There are far better people
doing the right thing in life to put on the news.
She is a big fat loser. No one cares what Britney Spears
does in life, at least not the normal people. We are sick
of her...She can't make music, or she would have done so by now.
All she is good for is to make us laugh....She is not a Mommy.
She is not a singer or dancer. Why doesn't she work at McDonalds?

2735 days ago


boo hoo on the vts. its over with.Nothing heroic about anyone their they all ran noone tried to save anyone. Funny how you all can judge britney spears yet you still go on her sites!!! jealouse??? or are you just pityful??? Shes a multimillionaire what are you????

2735 days ago


Jealouse Karen??? Britney is not saggy at all or a loser!! But you probably are by the sound of it. Britney is a multimillionaire are you??? She has a great body where you see sagging must be in your mirror, poor thing get a LIFE!!!!!!

2735 days ago


Lynne Spears is a grandmother, not the 40+ year old sex kitten she appears to wannabe. Why isn't Sean Preston and Jayden's grandmother caring for her grandchildren while her daughter is mentally unable? And who was the biggest influence in Britneys' life anyway? Lynne the Pimp Spears. She was the first role model, the greatest influence in her daughter's most formative years, the driving force and the means for Britney's climb to fame and fortune. Where is Lynne? What is she doing? Enjoying a life of ease and plenty with Britney's money!!!

2731 days ago


to #43 angel: All you said about karen might be true, might be true about you too. But whether you love or hate Skankny, her figure is better than it was, but she is still flabby and sagging - got a pot belly and her arms are too heavy to look as great as she once did a few years ago. A person doesn't have to be jealous of Skankny because of her money or fame or anything else in order to criticize her. She is out there acting like a fool and begging for negative criticism. It's obvious she reads all of this. Maybe if enough criticism is printed, she will finally get it through her dimwitted brain that she needs to clean up her white trash image if she wants to succeed with a new career.

2730 days ago
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