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Depp's Daughter Laughs in the Face of Harmful Infection

4/18/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, looks well as she takes a stroll along the Thames with dad.

Lily was originally thought to have had blood poisoning, but was later diagnosed as having an E. coli infection, which affected her kidneys. Johnny kept vigil at her bedside in a London hospital until the tot bounced back.

Depp is in England filming Tim Burton's version of Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd," which had halted production during Lily's illness.


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cathi smith    

Mr. Depp and beautiful partner,
I am so happy for both of you that Lily-Rose is ok, i know the scare very well, i have 2 special needs angels who have been in and out of hospitals many times, and there were those times when the doctors didnt think they would make it. My prayers were with you. What a wonderful happy ending for all of you. Take care, and have much love of your work Mr Depp.
Warm Regards,

2714 days ago


Comments about Johnny and Vanessa's parenting abilities are TOTALLY off-base. E. Coli bacterial infection has a rapid and severe onset. There was little delay in getting Lily-Rose to the hospital. They missed nothing, and did nothing wrong. The way the article is written "first thought to be a blood infection" was referring to a rumor run rampant that had NOTHING to do with the truth. She never had a blood infection. The E. Coli caused sudden and severe dehydration that caused her kidneys to stop functioning.

These two are doting, involved and very loving parents. They take turns with their career events so that the children are not alone with others. The fact that Johnny is in London filming Sweeney Todd and the whole family has moved there shows just how dedicated to family he is. A sweeter, more attentive father never has walked the earth.

If you're going to slam someone, lexie, you should get your research done first.

2714 days ago


2714 days ago


Lexie- piss off. You have no idea what you're talking about, and you obviuosly have some kind of wierd vendetta against Johnny and Vanessa. Either that, or you're nothing but a troll.

2713 days ago


Is TMZ a troll magnet or what? All the family did was take a walk and he's accused of exploiting his child??? How is that exploiting his child? He's never even spoken about her illness, this has all been tabloid reporting and paparazzi pictures. If anything his kid's privacy has been totally invaded. He couldn't have been more low key about it, and yet people still rant. sheesh. People will say the most horrible things from the safety of internet anonymity, its like road rage or something and its getting worse and worse. This is why quit allowing comments on news articles.
Here's an article about the (Lexie/Sharp Eye) problem:

2712 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Funny, are you his press agent. People have opinions and are expressing them. Yes he's a publicity whore. Usually they scream about how much they hate ,that their privacy is being infringe upon, but lo and behold, right before their movie comes out, they're out and about being snapped left and right.

Just because I'm not cooing over him and I'm pointing out ,his less than savory appearance doesn't make me a troll. Live with it. TMZ wants to know what people really feel. Hey I'm real and that's how I feel!!

2712 days ago


You are a real troll Sharp Eye, making outrageous comments in an attempt o provoke crap, and I'm sure his real press agents have better things to do than respond to people like you. He's walking down the street, he's not at a trendy restaurant, he's not trying to be photographed. Newsweek said he's the second biggest movie star right now. I'm sure if one of Will's Smith's kids (he's the biggest movie star per Newsweek) were in the hospital with a serious illness the tabloids would be all over that too. Tabloids seem to try to turn everything into a soap opera anyway, so if something really bad comes along they are all over it. I'm sure they think its more newsworthy when the star is about to come out with a movie, but that's not his fault. Read some of the comments from real people whose kids have had e. coli, if that's what she had, it can apparently be devastating. (And he doesn't have to tell us, but everything now says that's what it was) Look it up on Wikipedia, when little kids get it they can get so sick, they can have terrible complications, they can die. It's horrible that people troll about the serious illness of a young child. Its' just inhumane. Even if we're anonymous on a stupid gossip site, we are still people, we can still behave with some compassion.

2711 days ago


Sharp Eye, can you actually hear yourself? He's taking a walk with his family, and some arsehole photog, no doubt hiding in a bush, is taking pictures. Would you prefer it if he raised his children like hermits, just so that he can't be accused of being a publicity whore?

Johnny Depp DOES NOT need to exploit his kids to promote one of his films, anyway.

2711 days ago


Hey Larry, He does look like Larry B. If I were Johnny I would take that paternity test ASAP! Maybe Larry was in France about 5 years 9 months ago? You know how it goes, when the Pirate is away the French whore can play!

2711 days ago


Piss off yourself Spoons! I have no personal vendetta agaist ether one of these pathetic two, But if the gay Pirate puts it out there, then he's asking for it! Sharp Eye is the only one of you that can see through his shit!

2711 days ago


This seems like a good time to express how glad I am that Johnny Depp is in the world. His movies make me laugh, cry and give pause to consider different ideas. Physically, he's a work of beauty. From the interviews he's given over the years and what others have said about him, he appears to be a cool person to call your friend - sensitive and generous with a terrific sense of humor. No one's perfect (especially not me), but it seems we're hearing a lot lately about his taking the extra effort to express kindness and appreciation to people he comes in contact with and he's generally trying to be a good person. That inspires me to do the same, considering that I'm not under half the pressure he is these days. I wish his beautiful family well and hope that he doesn't pay attention to the mean-spirited people who are obviously harboring a grudge against him (maybe they were fired for being so mean-spirited or for being ignorant, considering they can't spell and can't figure out that an almost 8-year-old girl wouldn't have been conceived 5 years and 9 months ago - that's the little boy; who would want someone like around this children or in the confines of his home?). Johnny's unfortunately heard nastier things than this over the years and, other than someone calling his girlfriend a whore, probably could care less. But his people do keep their eyes open for psychos, and you can be certain that action will be taken if someone crosses the line from free speech to something else.

2710 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Thanks lexie! Those two morons went and had my comments removed.
spoon and vermon are obviously stalker trolls who Can't stand an opinion that doesn't reflect theirs.
And I noticed they've been stalking most of your posts.
Depp is exploiting this situation with his daughter and it's giving him a lot of positive press. These actors Know there are photogs every where, and they know where to go to get snapped.
And yes he needs to clean up his act, he's not pleasent to look at.

Low blow TMZ
You want honest opinions, then let us have them.
Don't let a few crybabies, ruin it.

2710 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Boy lexi, you hit the nail on the head with #34!!!

And let's also mention how this wonderful guy has found a way to avoid paying any or practically no American taxes!
His sycophants won't hear any of it. All they're concerned about is, keeping their idols image untarnished by the truth.

When the truth hurts they go crying to TMZ!

2710 days ago


Now my comment was taken off..

The anti American idiot who thinks the French are so wonderful, well they almost killed his child because they took days to figure out what she had. They missed it! He ends uip taking het to the UK to get treatment. Wonder if he still thinks the French are better than Americans?

Harvey QUIT deleating my posts!!!!!!!!! Who's the troll here? I know YOU aren't afraid of his minions are yoiu?

And don't say it's not on topic! Most of these posts including Dark Lady are NOT on topic!

2709 days ago

Sharp Eye    

That's ridiculous, another low blow by TMZ!!!

Again you nailed it lexie! I think this is how these freaks get their kicks.

Depp is a hypocrite he did seek treatment for his daughter in the UK, because French doctors are incompetent. He jepodized his own childs health because of his anti-American stance and his lust for france.

2709 days ago
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