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Depp's Daughter Laughs in the Face of Harmful Infection

4/18/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, looks well as she takes a stroll along the Thames with dad.

Lily was originally thought to have had blood poisoning, but was later diagnosed as having an E. coli infection, which affected her kidneys. Johnny kept vigil at her bedside in a London hospital until the tot bounced back.

Depp is in England filming Tim Burton's version of Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd," which had halted production during Lily's illness.


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Hey Dark Lady!
My comment about the kid looking like Larry B was in regards to the boy, for that was the picture that was up a few days. The girl looks like her mother NOT Larry.

So let me get this straight, Free speech only applies to Depp loving psychos like yourself, Vermont, MadMom, Spoons and others who worship the ground the idiot walks on? But me and Sharp Eye can't express our opinions because the little man's minions may come and get us? Bull! You flatter yourself if you think he or any of his people read this crap. You and your friends think he's a wonderful guy? How wonderful is a man who won't marry the girl he knocked up and make his children legit! Waht a man! I'm sure his legions of attorneys can come up with an irion clad pre-nump so he won't loose one red cent to her in case she runs. That jerk comes over here to make his money and takes it back to France to spend it. What a Man!

Go find another mentor Dark Lady!

2675 days ago


Hey there Sharp Eye,
I re-posted but lets see how long our posts stay up! You know there are way nastier posts about others on this site. Someone doesn't like us messing with the Pirate!
Hey Harvey, You got a Depp follower on your staff?

2675 days ago


I can see from the paparazzi pic that JD's daughter is doing much better. Good to know.

But I wasn't too crazy about the way he went about it. Parading his non-too-happy-looking family (including him!) out in London on a "planned paparazzi" photo op was a bit tacky, I think. Wouldn't be too hard to miss with that 10-person entourage! Not to mention he hasn't been seen doing this ANY other time. Besides, I thought he didn't want his kids photographed!! I hope he didn't force the poor kid to do something she wasn't up to yet just for the sake of publicity and to quell bad rumours. Naw. The-greatest-father-on-earth couldn't be that mean...could he? Sheesh, I didn't need to know the kid was doing better THAT bad.

C'mon Johnny! You coulda come up with somethin better than that.

2673 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Hey lexie, they edited your post and deletd mine, Again.

What's wrong TMZ, does someone suffer fron thin skinned syndrome, when it comes to the butt pirate?
Let people have their opinions.
With all the trash you allow Harvey, your staffs stories should be deleted.
Depp exploited his childs illness!

2672 days ago

Sharp Eye    

lexie, It was deleted the day after you reposted. They got rid of it really fast, ha.
TMZ has really thin skin.
Let's see what lies he creates in his book? It will have to be a work of fiction.
I think that's that witch of a sister too. She has no life without him.
And helps him perpetuate his lies.
He'll use anything as a publicity moment.
I love when he says "france has been good to him".
Did france line his pockets with the millions he runs around with? No, the American public did by watching and buying his movies.
The guys an ingrate who insults the hands that feed him.

2671 days ago


These "lexie/Sharp Eye" comments are really creepy. I guess that's why stars have a lot of security. Don't blame them. I wonder how much longer TMZ is gonna give a forum to creepy stuff like this.

2671 days ago


Creepy? Come on Vermont, Your long dissertations about how much you love and respect this small person is what's creepy! You are probably on all the johnny websites spouting your love for a guy you don't know and only see in movies. I agree he needs security from YOU and all the kooks who follow him wherever he is filming. He is just an ACTOR! Most of them are not decent people. We all have a right to exspess our opinions, So you can keep pledging your love for him and I can set the record straight..

Vermont, I've delt with you before and I've got to say Johnny is getting a little boring now, so unless he sticks his foot in it again, I really have nothing much to say.

2671 days ago

Sharp Eye    

You're the one with the problem, vermontfudge.
Act like an adult and realize that not everyone shares your unnatural attraction to this man,
Depp's been exposed as a fake on several occasions.
He'll do anything to plug a picture, accept it!
Even if it means exploiting his child illness!

2671 days ago


I think you will find the child in the photo is Lily-Rose. She is too tall, and her hair is too long to be a 4 year old boy. Open your eyes people.

2670 days ago


Oh Liz..... The girl has the long hair, the boy usually has a pacifier in his mouth and he's FIVE!

Well, Sharp Eye we have a few months of movie promotion to go through so I'm sure the jerk will come up with other things to keep himself in the news, other than the usual interview stuff.

Vermont knows she's gone around the bend!

2670 days ago


Ha ha ha ha!

2669 days ago


Um, perhaps I should make it clear that I'm laughing AT Lexie, and Sharp eye. Not with them. Their ideas about Johnny Depp are so off, they're funny. I Just wanted to clear that up.

I'm just glad his lovely little girl is better.

Thank you, and good night.

2669 days ago


Thank god shes ok.

2669 days ago


^ Yeah, that's all that really matters.

2669 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Tell me about it lexie. Depp is sure to play up to the press about his kids when his slew of crappy movies come out.
I didn't know the 5 yr old still used a pacifier, that proves these kids are neglected, big time.
lasson, you sound very familiar? hmmm please keep your comments to yourself.
No one is interested in your personal opinions.
The bottom line in this story is his daughter was not given proper medical care in france, Depp should be ashamed of himself!

2666 days ago
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