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Heidi Montag: I Didn't Leak LC's Sex Tape!

4/18/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag, "Hills" star and Lauren 'LC' Conrad's former BFF, says she had "nothing to do" with leaking the purported sex tape, which may or may not exist, supposedly starring LC and her troubled ex Jason Wahler.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Montag also says that the reason she never called LC after news broke of the sex tape, which may or may not exist, was because Heidi was in the hospital recovering from her nose and boob jobs! Priorities, people! When asked if the sex tape, which may or may not exist, does in fact exist, Montag said, "No comment."

As far as her relationship with boyfriend/"Hills" resident slimeball Spencer Pratt is concerned, Heidi says, "It's perfect. We have so much fun. I never knew I could love someone like this." While Pratt chimes in saying, "I have never been so madly in love as I am with Heidi. She has the world's greatest boyfriend."

There's no question these two were made for each other.


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angie SUX    

I don't know what happened to my last comment but I think Lauren has more class in her little finger than Heidi and Spencer put together. They are both losers. And if I were Lauren.....when Spencer dumps Heidi (and he will) I hope Lauren NEVER lets Heidi Ho back in her life. Lauren is tooooo good for that.

2711 days ago

Karen Walker    

It amazes me how many people show up on this website, that I have never heard of!

2711 days ago


Heidi's a nasty ho. She's got big buck teeth, she stinks to high heaven and she's NOT nice at all. She's going nowhere in life. Never will. She'll be out of Bolthouse in no time.. Then she'll be back in Colorado trying to get her GED ( she didn't graduate) - hah..that's classy, Heidi - no high school diploma - and you're UGLY. What a combo!

2711 days ago


Umm - Spencer can't get in to CLUBS NOW! So, whos talking now? LC can get in to any club she wants..and those 2 are outcasts...they stand outside of the clubs and Spencer tries to PAY people (YES PAY) a lot of money to get in..HOW SAD! Classless, talentless, UGLY, druggie losers!!!!

2711 days ago


What does this little douche bag do anyway? Does he have famous parents or something or is he just Brody Jenner's loser side kick trying to get in on his 15 min of fame? Seriously I can't believe they let this waste of space into the clubs in L.A. and she is as dumb as they come. Next time someone sees them outside a club please do us all a favor and run them over.

2711 days ago


Heidi is such a ho! She's not a friend to Lauren at all! Lauren is better off without her and ugly ass Spencer around. All he ever did was start trouble. Anyone remember the whole Jen Bunny and Brody thing???? Spencer set that all up!

2711 days ago


Why is everyone ragging on Heidi and Spencer? I think someone needs to look at Jason he is the a bigger creep than Spencer. Lauren acted really stupid about Heidi and Spencer. I didn't see Heidi acting stupid when LC got back with Jason, she supported her. LC should have done the same. I think Jason is the one spreading the rumor of the tape, that is his style. As far as Heidi getting a boob job/nose job for Spencer maybe she did it for her self. She probably realized what she needed.

2711 days ago


You kow the 1st season of The Hills I thought Heidi was just pathetic, now I realize that she's w/ that dumb ass Spencer she's just stupid. He's so full of himself and stupid as well but she has to be worse since she actually falls for all his stupid crap & believes him.

And I can't believe she got a nose & a boob job, hello change much just because your boyfriend wants you to. Learn to exist on your own why don't you.

2711 days ago


To Cane:

Did you watch Laguna Beach? Ok SHUT UP! Heidi finished her last her of high school with Lauren at Laguna Beach. Heidi's mom lives in Colorado, not Heidi.

2711 days ago

Mr. Seaver    

Pardon me while I vomit from these two frauds.

2711 days ago


she should have gotten a chin reduction before a nose job

2711 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Heidi is a complete moron and she has a moron for a boyfriend - the deserve each other. Heidi has proven herself to be a liar to even her best friends and a complete fake opportunist. The good thing is with bad attitudes and personalities Spencer and Heidi will experience a lot of bad things and won't get far in life - karma is a bitch.

2711 days ago


Lauren is gulity it is written all over her face. Why else would she be making such a big deal about it. If it were not true all she had to say was absolutely not and go on but she is speaking to everyone about it and putting the blame on other people when in reality it is herself she needs to blame for making a sex tape with Jason she should have known it would get leaked. I have know sympathy for her she did, she wanted it and she got it. Its her fault not Heidi's or Spencers.

2711 days ago


No people need to shut up and talk about what they know not what they think and was that comment directed to you?

2711 days ago


Why did Heidi need a boob job? She already has Spencer.....he's two boobs rolled into ONE!

2711 days ago
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