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Monster Issues Vile Press Kit to the Media

4/18/2007 7:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a pistol in each hand and a chilling, wicked stare on his face, the ruthless scumbag that unleashed hell on the Virginia Tech campus posed for a sadistic press kit before murdering 32 innocent people.

The vulgar image, obtained by NBC news, was part of a package that included several photographs, a video and a manifesto-like statement. The network immediately called the FBI and turned over the package. NBC plans to run the video on tonight's edition of NBC Nightly News.

The press kit was mailed sometime after he shot two people in a university dorm, but before the massacre in a classroom building.

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2713 days ago


I am appaled that this mongrel was allowed past 8th grade, let alone senior year at a top college. Anyone read his plays? He was an ENGLISH MAJOR and had the writing skills of a retarded 5th grader!!

2713 days ago


WOW! That is so scarey! Makes ya wonder what happened in that kids life??

2713 days ago


I'm so sick of seeing this freaks face. I wonder how he's liking hell? As Paris would say, "That's hot!".

2713 days ago


I hope all you NRA gun loving Republicans are happy with yourselves. How do you sleep at night?

2713 days ago


I suggest the media remove the killer's photo from all reporting. Why should we have to humanize him by looking at his face? How about just a big black box where his photo should be. Then, we can remember him as he died - a black hole of a being.

2713 days ago

Canadian Girl    

This is indeed a tragedy, but did anyone stop to think that this guy was sick?
My prayers go out to the families of the dead - including his...

2713 days ago


I wonder WHO took that picture??????

2713 days ago


Why in the daylight wanst this info released and taken seriously before this man committed the horrific act that he did? I think NBC and others are a little late in releasing this. Why didnt the FVI do more about this before?

2713 days ago


I am betting someone molested him because he was a total mental retard and easy prey.

Too bad he had to take it out on all those fully-functioning, English-speaking kids.

At least he won't get a diploma and go on to be president like some other war-mogering retard I could mention.

2713 days ago


# 6...... THAT IS A GREAT POINT....

2713 days ago


Burn in hell scumbag.
I hope all the NRA peeps are happy with this.

2713 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

The guy was mentally ill - now he's dead. What we should be worrying about is all of the other mentally ill nutjobs in society that have easy access to powerful firearms.

In Australia, firearms were banned after one particular nutcase shot a whole bunch of people. When will the USA learn?

2713 days ago


#6 ... have you ever heard of a "timer" and a "tripod" ... he did not need anyone to take his picture... he was a demented loner.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this senseless tragedy

2713 days ago


The whole thing is so tragic. If he was showing warning signs of being mentally ill, why didn't the school kick him out?? I don't get it. Those poor families of those who they have lost (including the family of the shooter). My heart goes out to you all.

2713 days ago
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