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Simon Says "I Wasn't Listening. I'm Horrified!"

4/18/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon CowellTMZ spoke with Simon Cowell this morning about last night's incident on "A.I.," in which Cowell sarcastically rolled his eyes after contestant Chris Richardson offered condolences to the families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

Cowell told TMZ, "I couldn't hear what Chris had said. I was talking to Paula. My reaction (rolling my eyes) was to what he had said previously, that singing nasally is a form of singing."

It's true, when the judges are off camera they frequently jab at each other as the singers do their thing.

Simon told TMZ he was shocked when he saw what went down: "When I watched the show back, I was horrified."


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Linda Mary    

Simon was rolling his eyes at Chris' comments about his nasal singing.

2747 days ago

who cares?    


2747 days ago


How ironic that Simon did not give Chris the benefit of the doubt that his comments about the VT connection were sincere, and now many Americans will not grant Simon that same benefit. What comes around goes around, Simon. Pony up. You rolled your eyes because you assumed Chris was working the sympathy votes. Possible, but I doubt it. The kid looked devastated and near tears. We would have thought this Virginian was a jerk if he hadn't mentioned the tragedy. In the face of such horror, it is human, not opportunistic, to care. Now if Chris had said, "I know you're all grieving, but don't forget to pick up the phone and vote." That would be different.

2747 days ago


simon just apoligize. its the right thing to do right now, to chris and vt. i saw it too . normally i wouldn't say anything but at this time with so much going on in the media and not just the ai show thing ,it needs attention now .so just do it.

2747 days ago

B like D    

Im glad nobody can read my mind when I roll my eyes.I'd be in big trouble. Oh, and I'm sure Simon is crying all the way to the bank about these remarks. I wish I could have his 15mn of fame.

2747 days ago


Go watch the video again. Simon clearly heard what Chris said about VT, then rolled his eyes and tapped his hand. Simon EFFED UP! Chris is from VA ,and more than likely, knows a few people involved in the horrid incident. I'm glad he said something. I think after the banter between Simon and Chris about his performance Chris got flustered, and the VT comment seemed misplaced, but heart-felt. I not only felt bad for the judges critiques of Chris, but also for Simon's heartless display. God, I hate this show and yet I can't turn away.

2747 days ago

Dirty Whore    

who cares.....seriously....leave the man alone. Afterall, he's a judge on a joke of a music show!!!

2747 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

I just read the news on the David Spade thread,OMG,OMG,OMG...


2747 days ago


If you have not attended the show, then you have no idea what happened. The audience was boooing and Simon DID roll his eyes to Chris's remark about the nasal singing. I too would have rolled my eyes. Simon's remarks on the singers is usually 99% correct most of the time. I think everyone likes to have that one person to point their finger at, and Poor Simon, being on THE MOST popular show on t.v., is getting the brunt of it.
Tonight, Sanjaya has got to go!!!!!!!!

2747 days ago

My View    

I thought Simon rolled his eyes because the timing of Chris's comments were inappropriate. It was almost as if ,after being criticized by Simon, he was asking for the audience's votes because he was so sympathetic to the VT tragedy. Thus, when Simon rolled his eyes, it was not because of the content of the remarks but at the timing of them. If you remember, Simon did the same thing when someone said happy birthday to their father right after being criticized by the judges. Let's face it, with Sanjaya, this season would be a total bust were it not for Simon.

2747 days ago


For crying out loud people are we becoming so anal retentive about everything.Everyone should get laid and relax a bit.

2747 days ago


Simon's roll on the show may be to play devils advocate and the evil judge, but I doubt he's a monster. It's easy to be distracted for many reasons, and considering that AI is his job, I doubt anyone in his position would intentionally jeopardize their job over something as serious as the Virginia tragedy. The situation that occurred in Virginia is a very serious matter, and respect should be paid to the situation by not using their dislike of Simon to take advantage of his slip up in order to criticize his error. Pay attention to whats more important, and let this insignificant issue pass for the sake of those lost.

2747 days ago

Pam Brown    

I think it was unfourtunate the timming and sorry but it was Chris I thought was putting in a shameless plug for votes after a crappy preformance. That comment came after Simon told the truth about his song and singing. He could have said what he wanted about what he what he was thinking right from the get go and not as anafter thought. And no teacher of vocals has Nasal Tone 101

2747 days ago


Simon usually speaks honestly and people seldom want to hear honesty if it doesn't agree with their thoughts. He was reacting to the comment about nasal singing, which I agree is not a good technique for most. He has more insite than the other two put together.

2747 days ago


Simon is no better than Imus.....Fire him too!!!

2747 days ago
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