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Simon Says "I Wasn't Listening. I'm Horrified!"

4/18/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon CowellTMZ spoke with Simon Cowell this morning about last night's incident on "A.I.," in which Cowell sarcastically rolled his eyes after contestant Chris Richardson offered condolences to the families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

Cowell told TMZ, "I couldn't hear what Chris had said. I was talking to Paula. My reaction (rolling my eyes) was to what he had said previously, that singing nasally is a form of singing."

It's true, when the judges are off camera they frequently jab at each other as the singers do their thing.

Simon told TMZ he was shocked when he saw what went down: "When I watched the show back, I was horrified."


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The camera men and producers do this all the time. Does anyone doubt that Simon wasn't listening to what was going on on-stage... I love Simon, but trust me, he is too busy measuring his own navel to worry about the stage...yes I copied that from Dr. Albert Ellis.

2711 days ago

Sanjaya Must Go Club    

It should be obvious to anyone with a brain (and a heart) that Simon was either rolling his eyes about Chris' comment about "trying to sound nasally"...or, better yet, Chris' attempt at using the Virginia Tech tragedy to add to his own votes! Take your pick people!!!!

P.S I wish the audience would let Simon speak for a change--he may be blunt, but he's usually right on the money!!!!!

2711 days ago

Leslie A Skarbek    

anyone who thinks Simon was rolling his eyes at the VTech comments is totally ignorant. It is completely obvious to all of us who are rational that he was referring to Chris' stupid comment about nasally singing. People and media just LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to make a MOUNTAIN out of a molehill. Same as with Imus. It was important for Simon/AI to clarify what the eye rolling was in reference to, just as it was important for Imus to apologize for his totally inappropriate comments, but c'mon people, get over it and stop obsessing!

2711 days ago


Its was clear that Simon was rolling his eyes at the previouse statement that Chris had made. Typical Simon, why we love him...The camera turned on Simon as he was ending a conversation with Paula, clearly not paying attention to what Chris had said on air with Ryan.

2711 days ago


Keep in mind, Paula is usually half in the bottle when the show airs. She's staring blankly ahead half the time anyway if you ever notice. I always watch the little games going on at the table. They are usually talking while the singing is happening as well.
You're right Hoakie. He does know what he did. He should be ashamed. Off with his head!

2711 days ago

Caroine B    

Look folks, many (I hope most) of us really believe that Simon is just as horrified by the VT events as anyone. I'm sure he is equally horrified to see his eye roll on television and he certainly knows how it was intended better than any of us and may even learn something from it. I respect the good things he has done in the name of charity. I agree that he's a very accurate judge and I allow that that requires honesty and directness, but he's often just plain mean and clearly manipulative with the voters. I don't think he even contests this - he seems to pride himself on it. I watch the show because I appreciate talent and I abhor those who have tried to sabotage the results because while their intent might be to harm Simon or the producers, it's the vulnerable young contestants who suffer. People with talent will seek any reasonable means to get their gift recognized and if someone at AI is less than honorable, it doesn't change that basic fact.

2711 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

Yeah!!!! that was HEART-FELT ..He rolled his eye..better get Jesse and Al to fire him!!!!

2711 days ago


They are going to have to mention last night's fiasco AGAIN on tonights results show if they want to have any credibility. AND APOLOGIZE !!!

2711 days ago

paris rocks    

OMFG the media will try to stir anything up. Besides -- who cares what he thinks, either way, about anything.

2711 days ago


Saw the show - Simon rolled his eyes at the remark Chris made about singing "nasally" .

2711 days ago

shelly smyth    

I can't believe this stuff LEAVE SIMON ALONE< I agree with the other poster he has to sit there through the worst year of want a be singers yet. and someone starts this crap. pick on simon is all they are doing . Every one is devestated by what happen at VT . and BTW Sanjaya is a JOKE beyond words looks like a bobblehead. LEAVE SIMON ALONE!!!!! and start voting for who can sing best. GO DOLITTLE shelly

2711 days ago


PEOPLE!! All you have to do is scroll up this page just a bit, hit the Play Video button and you will see Simon CLEARLY reacting to Chris comment!! You can hear Chris talking, Randy saying 'well said', Paula knodding her head and THEN Simond rolling his eyes!!
I don't think Simon was being insensitive toward VT, but at Chris for trying to use his comments to get votes...

2711 days ago


I do not watch the show American Idol, and I do not care who wins.
But, I saw a posting on an AOL chat urging people who do not like the political position of Fox News to call in and vote for the worst contestant in the hope of destroying the show's ratings and hurting Fox Broadcasting financially.
It seams the Radical Left is behaving like the Nazi’s.
This is why Sanjaya is still around.
This same campaign is after Simon.

2711 days ago


it is fortunate that people don't understand that Simos is the only one with balls enough to tell the truth, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Simons comments are nothing compared to what the public can do to them.

2711 days ago


omggggggggggg......i LOVE simon. he can do NO WRONG in my book

2711 days ago
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