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Virginia Tech Maniac Speaks From Grave

4/18/2007 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the creepiest turn yet in the Virginia Tech slaughter. In between murders, the killer took the time to loop-in NBC news by sending an insane press kit through the mail.

"NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" has just broadcast a chilling video shot by shooter Cho Seung-Hui.

The package included photos -- but no images of the shootings. The items were delivered to NBC this morning and were immediately turned over to FBI agents in New York.

In a manifesto, included in the package, Cho refers to the two killers behind the shootings at Columbine High School as "martyrs."

The package was postmarked at 9:01 AM ET Monday -- about an hour and 45 minutes after police say Cho shot two people at a residence hall, and shortly before he entered another campus building and killed 30 more, before turning the gun on himself.


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AgentM---YOU need psychological help! You obviously have your own anger issues. I am sure are the aggressor in lots of road rage ---among other issues! I hope I don't live anywhere near you!!!

2742 days ago


no disrespect to the victims or theier families but all this
attention is just causing panic and hysteria i think the media should
now let the families grievein piece and stop to dissect the situation
on a daily basis they had plenty of time in years past to try to
figure out ehy this happens and its tthe same story a lonelyperson a
quiet person and so forth and so forth and then after the tragedy
happens everyone reflects the shocker THERE WERE OBVIOUS SIGNS but no
one did more to try to help these people and try to understand there
is always more they could of done but did not yes i have read all the
stories and yeas my heart goes out to the victims and there families
but enough already why is the media still trying to analys the story.
and if you read all the stories they are basically all the same i want
to read something different the fact i have seen 4 different news
channels report the same story is getting boring and reading the same
story is the same. And last if the media keeps airing the story maybe
one person who is suffering because of teasing from there peers or
wants some sort of attention and sees all the teh coverage and
attention the school shooters in the past are receiving the one
individual will probably will try to out do and when will it all end.
and obviously this person did it for attention or else he would not
have sent the tape to nbcPlease don't be upset this is how i feel and
i maybe wrong but thats my opinion Please stop the attention and media
circus before we have another person try to out do the last one and
the cycle will continue

2742 days ago


Don't watch the video if you don't want to. I'm sure some do and some don't...for those that don't, skip over it.

2742 days ago

who cares?    

i KNOW that Koreans are not moslems!!!WTF

2742 days ago

Mary T.    


2742 days ago


Post #10 You're reading it, so that makes you just as low.

2742 days ago


His parents KNEW he would kill.

2742 days ago


60. looks like a gangsta rapper--HUH?

Posted at 7:22PM on Apr 18th 2007 by f

Uh no....looks Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris. The murderers of Columbine. Remember they were white.

2742 days ago

Mary T.    

HE HAS A SISTER AT PRINCETON......................................OR I GUESS NOW SHE IS SO DISGRACED IT'S "had"

2742 days ago


This is a really sad story. By NO means did this person have the right to do what he did. By watching the video and to listen to what he said this guy was bullied, made fun of and probaly was the brunt of many jokes. People NEED to realize what effects they have on a person, their actions and their words. Words and actions can cut like a knife, can stab you in the heart like a knife and this guy sounds like he had been cut one to many times. IN NO WAY AM I SIDING WITH HIM, NOT AT ALL. !!!!! He was so very wrong and so very MENTALLY sick. It is so sad to see that so many lost their lives, because he got "overlooked" and didn't get the help he obviously needed. My prayers are with all of the families including the shooters family. I cannot imagine their pain. PEOPLE BE AWARE OF HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE !!!!! TREAT THEM THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED !!!!!

2742 days ago


"what a self - important coward"- AMEN!! there are so many psychos like this out there in the world! i have encountred some myself. there were people who saw warning signs with this guy, too. he stalked women, scared professors. i hope this is a lesson that we all need to watch out for people like this and report them to law enforcement, file restraining orders, etc. they need to be locked up or committed before they actually do harm. the law needs to do everything it can to prevent tragic events like the virgina tech shooting!

God bless all of the victims and their families! we are all praying!

2742 days ago


Yes this guy is sick and obviously had some serious issues that were not addressed.
To 'a mother of six' thats a bit harsh blaming the parents, how would you feel if one of you children had mental problems and no matter what u did you couldnt get help for them and he did something horrible. Im sure the parents of this crazy guy are grieving for everyone elses children that were lost as much as there own parents. and to 'me' posted on the 18th april, how do you expect the media not to cover this story? its not about the fame but informing the public as to what is going on... imagine if this story wasnt covered in the news, could you imagine the uproar....

2742 days ago



Are you for real?

Can you imagine what they are going through. the pain, the agony they must feel for not only losing their son, but the loss of all those other students and the agony of their r families, knowing it was their own son. Oh my God, how could you be such a vicious... Mother!?

2742 days ago


He should be buried in the septic system or a sewer with no headstone.

2742 days ago


64. i KNOW that Koreans are not moslems!!!WTF

Posted at 7:23PM on Apr 18th 2007 by j

Well why did you bring moslems into it. He said in the tape that he liked Kliebold and Harris. Those were his models. Why did you bring religion into it.

2742 days ago
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