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Alec Baldwin -- REDIRECT

4/19/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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It's sad that this little girl has been a victims to a bad parents issues and I am a strong believer that there is two sides to every story, parents need to keep their issues to them self, think about what you are doing to a child's mind. And how she will turn out in the end, with her own issue that mom and dad has taught her. Ireland you need to let your parents handle their own problems, and let them know you don't want to hear it. So take it out side, she is your responsibility to see her have a childhood and not be pulled into your messes.

2713 days ago


This sounds just like my controlling ex-wife who best friend is the daughter and how no real adult friends only business acquaintances. My ex's behavior and how she acts and feels is picked up by my child and my child ends up acting the same way towards me and if I asked what is wrong doesnt know what is wrong. Shes 15. Ive been dealing with this kind of behavior for a long long time also just like alec and kim. When I heard about this on the news way back I just said Yep I know I understand the frustration.

2712 days ago


the way the media made such a thing out of this i expected it to be way worse. he wasn't screaming and he didn't say anything that was actually insane or wierd... i am totally anti-child abuse but this to me just seemed like an exasperated dad being firm with his kid.

in all honesty people should stop blowing celebrity gossip like this out of proportion and maybe do something to help a kid you know who's dad is actually abusive. then maybe you would be people.

2712 days ago

elusive lowercase e.j.    

the circumstances don't matter. the fact that his ex-wife is in on this whole publicity stunt doesn't matter. the courts, the arguing, Kim's bad parenting, the "stress" of the last six years... none of that matters. you don't talk to a child that way. EVER. send the man to anger management and parenting skills classes, and get that poor kid some therapy - she probably thinks EVERYBODY'S parents talk like that.

i wish someone had stopped MY father from saying things like that to ME.

and Mr. Baldwin? your ex-wife doesn't need to make you look bad - you do a damn fine job of it all by your threatening, insecure, abusive little self.

2712 days ago


elusive lowercase e.j:

I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

Sounds like the majority of posters are pro-child abuse.

2712 days ago


"The voice-mail speaks for itself"

2710 days ago


Father knows best...apparently the kid needed a wake-up call

2710 days ago


I just saw Alec in Pacific Palisades I won't say where. As a Mom and caring person I thought he looked sad and I felt sorry for him eating alone. Then I realized what Kim said about him and how he speaks to his daughter. In my opinion he needs counseling and he needs to get a new cell phone and wait 1 hour after he cools down not to react to his daughters"inability to anwser his phone call." He feels hurt rejected and acts out violently in words and who knows what else. Thus, he is out of control and saying "I am sorry" does not help, children don't forget. AHe needs to deal with his anger now and stop blaming others then he we be a better father. It doesn't matter what Kim says or does, he can stay incontrol if he chooses. Abusers don't change unless they get help.
Single Mother of twins.

2709 days ago


Yea - I learned the world is a terrible place and that the people who supposedly "love" you sure as hell don't act like it - from my parents. Home is supposed to be a safe haven from the cruel cold world, not the place where you learn all about abuse.

2704 days ago


Welcome to the real world, where good mothers are screaming shrews and good fathers are raging alcoholic lunatics!!

2697 days ago


Even if what he says is true in regards to Kim ( the mother of ) their daughter Ireland...
that does not at all constitute anything he said to his daughter. This is his daughter
for God sakes, not a whore. To think that Alec would speak to his daughter in this frightening manner is unforgiveable. NO child should have to endure this. If he is capable of saying such hurtful, hateful, and unloving comments to her, what else is she capable of doing to her. Projecting his anger onto his daughter is disturbing. He out and out threatened this child, and the SAD part of all of this is THERE IS MORE LAWS TO

I can assure you if my daughter's father threatened our daughter in this manner I would
go to any length to prevent any further visitation indefinitely. It is obvious by listening
to Alec he has some serious issues which need psychriatic evaluating. And, I pray to God for the childs' saftey and emotional welfare that the Judge and our law protect her and have Mr. Baldwin take a pyschological evaluation.

I ask everyone reading this site to look back at the little girls picture and deep in her eyes.
I think this tells it all. And, I say to Alec Baldwin...whether you were fustrated or not you
need to be more in control of what you say and what you do. You are the parent.
I do not think it is Kim alienating you from your daughter, but you yourself. You obviously have alot of hatred in you that you need to let go.

I say let Paris out, and put Alec in her cell. What Paris did does not even compare to
this Alec's outradious assault against his own child. And, then to have a friend call and
say he is distrault...Well how does he think his little girl feels. He is using his daughter to hurt his X-wife. He should want to protect his daughter, and listening to this tape I do not see a father wanting to protect his daughter. He needs to stay away from her until he is able to deal with all his anger for her protection...that's real love. I do not even call this a
mistake. What Paris did is a mistake. This is a father threatening his daughter.

And, to read the statement released by him concerns me even more. He needs to
stop thinking of himself and think of his daughter. He appears to think he can say and do what he wants. He says that Kim is unable to keep her mouth shut, well he needs to take his own advice and put the needs of his child before his own. And after listening to
the tape and reading what he has written to the world, I would say he is a threat to his daughter verbally, physically, emotionally, and psycholgically. And I hate to say it, but
he even sounds as though he has sexual tendencies related to his daughter. Listen to the tape again. I find all of this disturbing ans scarey.

One of the emailers states he was upset and hurt, and that is what forgiveness is for...
Well once again he should have forgiven his daughter first. Love is a lesson learned.
Does not sound like Mr. Baldwin was ever taught to love. But did learn to hate.

It is obvious he is jealous of his wife and the relationship the daughter has with her.
Children are going to love their parents no matter what, and they seek out for their love.
Even when parents are divorced the children should still feel love. As a parent, he should put aside his anger towards his X-wife out of love for his daughter. I could never speak to my daughter this way, no matter what she did.

I do not know why Alec and KIm divorced and do not care, this does not justify destroying
a little girl. There are always two sides to a story, but now there are three.

I feel there is no question that Mr. Alec Baldwin should have all parental rights taken away. And, to say Kim was wrong to make this public....NO Alec was wrong to even leave such a message. He did not have any problem leaving this message for his daughter
to hear, so why would it be an different for the world to hear. He needs to made accountable for his statements. What mother ( rather she is Kim or not ) would not
make this public to assure her daughter's safety. I would, and I be if it was anyone of you would too. I can damn sight guarantee I would have and will always do what any parent needs to do to protect my child.

A child is a gift from God.

2690 days ago


Hey Number 20

She needs to learn respect. What about Alec learning Respect . And to say she is a rude little girl...maybe she was not home. We do not know the reason, nor did he as to why
she didn't anwser the phone. And, even so this does not excuse Alec's threats to his daughter. What if she had been in an accident or in the hospital.

Parents are to set an example for their children.
Would you speak to your child in this manner ? If so, then you too need to
have your parental rights taken away.

Children are children, and think as children. But Mr. Baldwin and yourself are men.
No man, if a man speaks to his little girl as he did.

And if it went down as it sounds. What in the hell kind of comment is that ?
Sounds like a comment from a child molestor. You make it sound as though
she deserved it and asked for it. Is that how you feel when you beat up your wfe and
molest your daughter.

You are one sick SOB to blame a child. REAL men don't do this to women, and most of all their daughters.

2690 days ago





2690 days ago


Oh Ava!! And I thought my father was bad. All he did was touch our nose with his and scream at us at the top of his lungs over the slightest little infraction, refused to buy us clothes so we had to wear the same 2 outfits over and over and over again, poured the garbage all over my brother's bed because he forgot to take it out, molested my twin sister (luckily not me, probably because she had boobs and I didn't), verbally and emotionally abused us (4 kids) and my schizophrenic mother, and treated strangers and neighbors like gold. But my God, what you went through!

I am sending you a cyber-hug.

2690 days ago


I believe he is truly sorry. My son, who is also divorced, is having the same problem. She has turned the child against him! She has him in Court all the time...even the Judge is tiring of it and he has won custody of him 50% of the time. The child tells all. I can see why Alec got so angry..It happens over and over... I think it's time the Judge 's take a long look at what both parties do when using the child as a wedge between them. I wish him all the luck in the world!! 2 Thumbs up for him. His ex needs a good kick in the rear for doing this!

2689 days ago
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