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It All Looks So Ordinary -- But It Isn't

4/19/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at these pictures of Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland, just two days after Alec Baldwin went ballistic on Ireland's voicemail.

The photos were taken on April 13th in Malibu. Kim seemed protective, putting her arm around her daughter, as they shopped for clothes.

TMZ obtained the incendiary voicemail message that triggered a courtroom battle. On Wednesday, after hearing the tape, a Los Angeles County court commissioner temporarily ordered that Baldwin have no contact with his daughter.


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Alec Baldwin is no more at fault than Kim Bassinger. She has taught the daughter to disrespect her father by ignoring his phone calls. What a BRAT! I can see how he would be incensed with the child. I would be too! If Basssinger was really THAT worried about it, she would have sheltered her from it and made SURE it NEVER hit the air waves or print so that her daughter would NEVER EVER gain knowledge of it. She's more concerned about the publicity of it all and how it makes her look like the better parent. It shows a side of her I never saw before. I respect her less now.

2739 days ago


Like no parent ever lashed out and left their kids a message like like? Come on, pleaseeeeeeeee. Me a single parent of two kids I may have said worse! let me tell you if you tell me that you never have or you think this is terrible you are all lying your ass off....... As a matter of fact my mother called me an asshole should we air that on tv and let the world know that I can be a jerk at times.? Kim is a manipulating bitch yup that is right she is a bitch. She allowed this tape to go public what a disgrace of a parent she is. She is nothing of a parent. All she does is push Alec's button. This time so what he went overboard, like Alec is some really bad person to heart I am sure he pays BIG child support for his daughter. Ireland should be lucky that her dad wants to see her and spend time. Most dads don't give a flying hoot. I am on the Alec Team. He's got my vote on this one.

2739 days ago


Has it occured to anyone that the mother (Kim Basinger) is not the one who leaked the voice message to, and that perhaps it was the 11 yr.old daughter that leaked the horrible, disgusting message left to her from her sick father, Alec Baldwin??? Most kids are better at this stuff than adults, aren't they?

2739 days ago


Kim Basinger should be whipped for this. How could she do this to a child of 10 years old. For MONEY? There are ways to deal with this, but this is not for the public to know. This child will be called names and laughed at for years..Kim you are a bimbo, bimbo. Marianna

2739 days ago

Barbara G    

EXCUSE ME !!!!! But, one night just a few days before the phone call, Alec Baldwin was on Letterman and was making fun of his daughter. Maybe HE didn't think it was a big deal, but to an 11-year-old girl, it was a major event for her father to be on national television making fun of the way she dances and saying that "she could be out stealing cars !!"

You would have to be raised in an abusive home, and I was, to really take a bunch of words seriously like this. He can say he's sorry all he wants to, but the SOUND of his voice, and the WAY he said these things will be very hard for me to forget, and I would think impossible for Ireland. The very fact that her mother wants to protect her speaks volumes to me also. You can only know someone if you live with them day in and day out. To me, Ireland is old enough to choose (herself) whether or not she wants to see her father at this particular time in her life.

We all have to take the consequences for our actions, no matter how much we try to explain them away. You can ask for forgiveness, but you still have to face the consequences and you have to live with them, unless you're really crazy.

2738 days ago


NOBODY knows where the tape came from or who released it. It could have been released by the cell phone people, or a court worker , or somebody in the attorney's office. It has not been proven that the mother released it. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt until she has been proven to be the scoundrel. The father, however, HAS proven to all the world that he has an anger manangement problem AT BEST, and should be forced to get therapy for it if he wants to continue to have anything to do with his only child.

2738 days ago


Your comments: Alex sounds like a parent who is extremely frustrated at
attempting to have a relationship with his daughter. If this isn't
the first time he's promised to call at a specific time and then
found that she didn't care enough to be there to take the call I
can't fault him for being so angry. He could have handled it better
but he sounds like a typical frustrated parent. Has he abused
her mentally or physically? Has she otherwise shown that she values
her relationship with him? If not then leave him alone.

2737 days ago
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