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It All Looks So Ordinary -- But It Isn't

4/19/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at these pictures of Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland, just two days after Alec Baldwin went ballistic on Ireland's voicemail.

The photos were taken on April 13th in Malibu. Kim seemed protective, putting her arm around her daughter, as they shopped for clothes.

TMZ obtained the incendiary voicemail message that triggered a courtroom battle. On Wednesday, after hearing the tape, a Los Angeles County court commissioner temporarily ordered that Baldwin have no contact with his daughter.


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I think he's the PIG!!!!!

2721 days ago


You know I have said some mean things to my daughter, but I would never call her a pig, even in tirade. The worst thing I have ever said was that what she did was very stupid. I always try to focus it on the action and not the person. In this case I would say that Alec is stupid.

2721 days ago

give me a break    

Wish I had had a Dad that gave me a phone so that I could talk to him 1-2 times a week when I was a kid...and a Dad that would be so hurt and angry if I didn't pick up the phone..... Nobody pisses a body off more than your own family. good luck Alex and Ireland

2721 days ago


This is just my openion, Kim Bassinger is not a very good mother. I am sure as God made little green apples she made sure that Ireland wasn't there when Alec called his daughter. Now while I believe that Alec should not have left that kind of message. It is not the little girl's fault that her mother is a *****. Kim and her lawyer should be fined for pulling this stunt. Kim knew that Ireland was supposed to there when Alec called, she just took the little girl shopping so that she wouldn't be there. She is not innocent in this.

2721 days ago

Jack Rabbit    

You had no right putting this on your website. You say you obtained this legally but the court had sealed that tape and you knew it, which means that you DID NOT obtain this legally and you know that Harvey. I have lost all respect for you and TMZ. This is between Alex, his daughter and his mother. The mother leaked this so she could use it against him and though his language was a bit harsh, you have no idea what he has been put thru over the last 6 years. Ireland is a little bitch that abuses him at every oppertunity and her mother not only perpetuates it but laughs at it as well.

In my opinion, you are no better then any other tabloid now, sad to see that such a well respected member of the legal and media community has fallen to this disgusting debauchery but that's the American way, dirty laundry sells. You say you did this because you were looking out for the child's welfare, that's total BS. You aired it to get people to log into your website.

Absolutely sickening, I think youowe, Alex Baldwin, Ireland and the rest of the listening public a huge apology. I will never parttake in anything that you have to do with again.

2721 days ago


the only thing alec is right about is that if he and his daughter arranged a time for a phone call, then she should have been there. but the way he spoke to her is not acceptable. no wonder kim is a wreck and an agoraphobic! this man is mentally abusive. this is probably what life was like growing up in the baldwin family and this is the only way he knows how to parent. sometimes the cycle can be broken obviously not in this case!

2721 days ago


Puh-lease. If Basinger wanted a photo op she wouldn't have dressed like a bag lady. I don't care if she leaked the tape or not. He should be outed as the ass he is. HE gets to tell the world lies about Basinger or truths depending on who you believe, but how the hell do you explain that tape? Disgrafceful!

2721 days ago


kimjasonmulderswingerforliffevlthinkalecsucksbaldyisalrightmarcytexastigerdanielduvywackydelithinkalecsucksmaryanngetrealME, I agree

2721 days ago


Look everybody its Ireland and shes a young woman (child) that probly goes on the computer all the time or hears what people are saying about her and her family! I think kim is a vindictive biotch! shame on her shame on Alec!!!! personally as soon as i was of age to emancipate myself i would!! Kick em to the Curb Ireland!
Yeah thats right Kim Take her shopping ......exploit her more.......can't anyone see what Kim really is? take her shopping and make up for what you allowed to be released! this whole thing makes me sick!

2721 days ago

B. Witch    

The tape was probably part of evidence used in the latest custody hearing which means that Kim Basinger might not have released it. The courts could have as a matter of public record. And I think Kim was trying to protect her daughter just as any decent mother would. I certainly wouldn't want my child around Baldwin either. He is violent and unpredictable and clearly unhinged. NO parent should ever talk to their child that way. If he were an animal he'd probably eat his young. What a dispicable excuse for a human being!

2721 days ago


Wow, it's TMZ is part of Kim's publicity team! Great job guys. Nice that you are taking a story that should be left in the courts and milking it for everything you can.

So yes, it looks so ordinary, but it's not, it's sick.

2721 days ago


What Alec did was wrong and he needs to make this up big time to his daughter but... Kim has totally turned that kid against her dad, Kim needs to get help and so does Alec and they both need to put the kid first and stop using her as a pawn in a game, Kim wants Alex to lose all rights to this child so she has full custody, Kim would like Alec to never ever see his own child ever again and Alec knows that his daughter is acting poorly to him because her mother has totally turned her against him and he probably hardly gets to see her and when he does she is difficult, he knows that his ex has done everything to ruin the relationship between father and child and he snapped... was it wrong? Yes, but was in human? Yes.... Kim is a total bitch who is loving this.. this is exactly what she hoped for.. make Alec freak out and make sure everyone knows and she gets total custody of the child.. watch a bitch.. the child should not live with either of them but instead should live with a family member and have visitation with her mom and dad so that she can't be made to choose between them.. Alec just wants to see his kid and not have her turned against him and Kim is living her life to turn that kid against him, very disgusting.

2721 days ago


Wake up America. Alec Baldwin's comments are those of a father whose child's mind has been poisoned against him. You can hear the frustration in his voice. Everyone is making him out as the villan, but Kim Basinger is the one who released this tape to the public, flagrantly using her daughter to punish and embarrass her ex-husband. She should be ashamed of herself. I only hope her daughter will think for herself some day and realize what her mother has done.

2721 days ago

David Schuerman    

No paid blogging here. Just a man who tries to look at the big picture and realizes that this brat of a daughter deserved, hell needed, a nice loud wakeup call. Spoiled little wench doesnt realize how the rest of the world lives, thinks she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Well guess what little princess, the world doesnt work on your time and your OUTSTANDING father just reminded you of that. Your dad, who has worked long and hard to give you the life you have, tells you he is going to call you; pick up the phone damnit.

Oh yea, Kim may have the oscar or whatever, but if you believe that she is more accomplished than Alec your and idiot. What ever Alec has ever done has been successful.

2721 days ago


I grew up with parents who divorced and hated each other and I can vouch for the damage it does to kids. My parents divorced when I was 6, and now 27 yrs later they cannot be in the same room. The only victim in this is the child. As a child you love both your parents but you do not want to disappoint the parent you are with so you adopt their attitudes. If Kim hates Alec then daughter will to. When with dad if dad hates kim daughter will to. You almost develop a split personality to go with each parent. It removes the stress of defying the parent you are with. That said both parents need to be completely ashamed of themselves, they are damaging her in ways they have no understanding of. The need to grow up and put the child ahead of their own feelings and decide what is truly best for her. But in like so many cases the child becomes the weapon to hurt the other parent and both will use her to do that because that is all they have left to use to hurt each other.

2721 days ago
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