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McConaughey's Wet Suit Workout

4/19/2007 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs a $68K personal trainer when you've got a stationary bike and a wet suit?

It appears that muscle man Matthew McConaughey prefers bare bones fitness routines over exorbitant "Sahara"-sized studio-funded workouts -- when they're on his dime!

Decked out in a stifling wetsuit, the cardio king kept his regime simple as he stretched, did some yoga and rode a stationary bike outside his Airstream compound in Malibu on Wednesday. Afterwards, Matthew slipped into something more comfortable and toasted the sunset with a male buddy. How sweet.

Matthew has been silent on reports of his lavish expenses, which helped drive his big-budget flop "Sahara" into the, er, sand. But by the looks of his rock hard, rippling bod, it was money well spent!


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Get over yourself.

2743 days ago

concerned citizen    

Enough already with this guy and his workouts.
Who really cares? Not me!!!!!!!

2743 days ago


give up a break with this talentless egomaniac!!

2743 days ago


He better start spending more time on his vanishing hairline.

2743 days ago

Cassandra Delicious    

PLEASE, I want to see more of his leg spreading, butt tightening workouts. BRING IT ON!!!!

(pant, pant pant)

2743 days ago


Enough about him. He is just plain GROSS! I can't believe he got sexiest man alive last year. I just don't understand it. He really needs a shower, haircut and shave. GROSSSSSS!

2743 days ago


He used to just annoy me. Like when I heard his voice. Then he was on Oprah and he was just so full of himself that now I really don't like him. The more you show him working out I just sort of hate him. Stop showing him. Who cares we get it he has a great body and he works out 24/7 to get it. Move on to less annoying hotties.

2743 days ago


What the heck is wrong with all of you? Give the guy a break! So he take's good care of himself, he's successful not to mention the good lord blessed him with those good look's, he can't help it he has no privacy and photographers follow him everywhere he goes, is he suppose to let himself go and turn into a couch potatoe just to make all you people feel better about yourself's I think not! If you people are so tired of seeing his hard body that stop looking I'm sure he won't care. Blaze on Matt!!


2743 days ago

pattie in cali    

DADDY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard this on KFMB, THIS MAN IS A TIMEBOMB!!!!!!!!!!

2743 days ago

who cares    

I think he is great--his body is great and more talent then brad spit.SPIT.

2743 days ago


I am a fan, love the accent, love the body, love his (acting) talent, on the real movies at least. But even folks like me don't need to see his daily workouts and when I read about the mega bucks from the movie - first of all, if your company is going to pay for something, of course you're going to milk it! Secondly, haven't seen the film but wasn't it an action flick? So he had reason to get the hardcore body?
Honestly, nobody gives a rats ass, everybody works out, stop showing the pics and stop ranting about the film $$$.

2743 days ago

Not Surprised    

These workout "stories" are boring!!!

2743 days ago

no pervs allowed    

If my gayday goes off one more time having to see this narcissist working out for the papz and then posted , I am going elsewhere for my entertainment. Enough is enough for this d-lister's "workouts."

2743 days ago


Cracks me up. Yall hate him but you still read about him. Hmmmm seems to me if you really disliked him as much as you say, you wouldn't take the time to read about him let alone comment.

2743 days ago


Hanging out with a male friend after a workout ?butt priatetisum ? I wonder ,hmmmm ? , oh BTW did he shower after sweating like a fiend in that wetsuit ? I have heard he dosent like to shower , just a couple of thoughts I had , but you tell me ok ? whatcha think LMAO

2743 days ago
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