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NBC -- Oh, the Humanity. Oh, the Ratings!

4/19/2007 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after the vile press kit sent from the Virginia Tech killer arrived at NBC studios in New York yesterday, one sound clearly resonated through Rockefeller Center -- cha-ching!

While the network did a great job quickly putting together riveting news packages in a short time, and making sure the tapes were rushed to the FBI rather quickly -- they also did a swell job of first making copies of all the horrific contents for themselves. Then, on the same day that it was announced that NBC was getting whooped in the ratings, the blitzkrieg promotion campaign began.

After spreading the haunting, pathetic video of the killer over the course of last night's 30-minute NBC Nightly News broadcast -- and masterfully teasing even more disgusting clips every step of the way -- Brian Williams warned a shell-shocked nation that his network would do everything in its power to "prevent any more martyrs or heroes from emerging from the tragedy" -- then, in the same breath, he teased more scumbag TV on this morning's "Today Show." Dude, we get the game -- don't try to hide it.


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NBC was in a nasty paradox; damned if they didn't show some of it and damned if they did not. I watched the broadcast last night and was disgusted more by psyCho Seung-Hui's delusional self-pity and hatred, but I'm not upset with NBC.

This is all I will say on this horrible news story, and may God bless the victims of this tragedy.

2713 days ago

Mary Toothman    

The news media is giving this murderer just want he wanted by airing over and over again the crap he sent to NBC. Ignore the SOB and for God's sake cover the victims and their families. Enough already.

2713 days ago

in the know    

There is nothing more to analyze. How much longer do we have to hear about this. It is apparent the man was mentally ill for some time. You can call him any name in the book, but the only thing that would be correct is he is seriously mentally ill. The medical system failed him. Where was his family? Were they aware of this ? Maybe that is why they did not visit him? No one in their right mind does something like this. Something tragic happened to him, and he went nuts. His roomates tried to reach out to him but it was clear he needed professional help. How did he get to be a senior? However tragic, I can't find hate for a man who was so desperately in need of help and in pain, and never was properly diagnosed. Again, he was seriously mentally ill, and was not even capable of realizing the circumstances of what he did. He didn't care. Something went wrong.

2713 days ago


why should anyone be surprised by this of course they were going to exploit this to the max ,money talks b**ls**t walks in the land of corporate america they knew they hade a rating bonanza on their hands , no matter how sick it was everyone watch the guy's psychotic ramblings, it's eerie if you have a psychology degree it's very interesting read to watch and read what this obviuosly very mentally ill person had to say scary part is a lot of this stuff was known before he did what he did ,but because mental health and the bottom line meaning if you don't have the cash we don't have the time seems to have let this one through those wide open cracks and i'm sure willl open a big dialogue about our health care system in america ,so maybe somethig will come from learning what the tragic consequences of not putting these psychotic diagnosed people in to mental health care facilities and treating them with the proper medications

2713 days ago

Mary T. are no better than NBC..showing the pictures on you were written e-mails to take them off and you did nothing............

2713 days ago


I find it amusing that everyone is so disgusted and wants to boycott NBC. Just like read for stories just like this...we are perpetuating this type of reporting by visiting these sites and commenting on things good or bad. Until people stop watching or logging into sites it will continue.

2713 days ago


So everyone is fine with the Anna Nicole thing being plastered all over the news! Yet when something comes up that is really important even if it is giving this mad man a little press everyone wants to get all defensive! Get real people! Do you think that if we had gotten something from the men who hit the world trade centers or the Oklahoma city bomber and put it on the news it would be viewed as bad?? No! I for one support NBC in what they did and hope that this makes the psychologist and authorities that repeatedly had warning signs that this young man was very troubled and yet did nothing to try and make sure he was fully helped. A bit more forceful with making sure that kids like this are helped! Even if it does take some more pressuring and time on there superiors! News is not about ratings! It is about letting people know what is really going on in our society in hopes that we can change it!

To all the victims family members and the community in VA you are all in my prayers.

2713 days ago

MS. M    

41 deejay...good pt. but NOW the corporate HO's got someone eyeballing these blog sites full time guaranted after their "intelligent" handling & assessment of the Don Imus "racial slurs"....this story does kind of put things in prespective though about what is really wrong with this country....continue to blog & spread the message, gotting to be giving MSNBC/CBS more than a headache....sweeps are coming in May & I PRAY they TANK (more so than usual LOL) .....BOYCOTT MSNBC/CBS.....I wonder how feel about the handling of this story......WHO's NEXT

2713 days ago

Mary T.    

What is the address for NBC

2713 days ago

Only in    

I watch Fox News, Fair and Balanced. The only station that reports the truth.

2713 days ago

who cares?    

what happened to inocent untl proven guilty?

2713 days ago


That's why I switched to ABC Evening News some time ago. I got sick and tired of NBC pulling the crap they do and getting away with it. They are shameful. I hope that ABC continues to beat them in the ratings to be number 1. Brian WIlliams, wake up, this network is taking you down.....

2713 days ago


Oh what humilty! TMZ are you crazy. You do the same thing? Why condem NBC. You are all the same.

2713 days ago


Shame on all media outlets airing this 'media manifesto' hot off the press (with NBC logo stamped on everything - in record time for Prime Time). This feeds into the 'Americanized' strain of murderers our culture is producing more and more of. This along with the daily 12 or so first minutes of (sensationalized) 'news' that should be police work and not ratings material; is it is a wonder that our society produces these types of serial killers? This has become a SERIOUS AMERICAN PROBLEM. Cho must be salivating in the glory of the airing his writings, videos and photos shown over and over and over and over again! Just as he carefully planned! Shame on all media channels who continually air this. It is pitiful that we don't take into consideration the children who turn on TV and watch – what might they be thinking? It's the REAL thing, so like the cool video games received for entertainment, with real cool and realistic graphics; or, this ‘media manifesto’ puts a real image to the cool hard core music that has a catchy tune. Hey, I am all for freedom of speech, etc, but how far will we go? I did watch some of the video - the part about 'your' hands being stained with blood or whatever (not a quote, but if you saw some too, you know what I speak of). You know who I think 'you' is that that Virginia murderer spoke of? I think he refers to the media, and that is who I blame for future cultivation of this particular strain of Americans. I am disappointed in NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN (Celebrity, Non-new-worthy News?); Anderson Cooper, why are you feeding into this? And all you 'anchors' and news makers, have shame and be humbled, some things should not be about money and ratings. Does no one think of the families of the victims, the family of the perpetrator? How about the families of this nation who turn on the news and get caught up? Shame, shame, SHAME! What would you have your children watch? We need to remember that we lead our future generations by example, and this is what we provide, and by ‘we’ I mean the makers and shakers of what gets put on TV. So I guess Cho did good by you, because all we had was a few grainy pictures before receiving the golden nugget of a manifesto. SHAME!

2713 days ago


The fact of the matter is that NBC received the information and NBC presented the information. Within minutes it was all over the main stream and local media.....everyone from FOXNEWS to HEADLINE NEWS had the footage. If you want to boycott about it then you will need to boycott all media!!!!!!!! NBC did what they did because ethical or not it would get out there!!!! Period! If they decided not to show it....someone else would have PAID for the right. Let's talk about disgust....I opened the CNN website last night and the first thing I saw was a gun pointed at my face. Very 3-d and realistic......that is the PHOTO they decided to put at the top of their site. I found that MUCH MORE disturbing. You had no choice whether you saw it or not. NBC gives us a choice....we can change the channel or turn off the TV.

2713 days ago
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