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NBC -- Oh, the Humanity. Oh, the Ratings!

4/19/2007 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after the vile press kit sent from the Virginia Tech killer arrived at NBC studios in New York yesterday, one sound clearly resonated through Rockefeller Center -- cha-ching!

While the network did a great job quickly putting together riveting news packages in a short time, and making sure the tapes were rushed to the FBI rather quickly -- they also did a swell job of first making copies of all the horrific contents for themselves. Then, on the same day that it was announced that NBC was getting whooped in the ratings, the blitzkrieg promotion campaign began.

After spreading the haunting, pathetic video of the killer over the course of last night's 30-minute NBC Nightly News broadcast -- and masterfully teasing even more disgusting clips every step of the way -- Brian Williams warned a shell-shocked nation that his network would do everything in its power to "prevent any more martyrs or heroes from emerging from the tragedy" -- then, in the same breath, he teased more scumbag TV on this morning's "Today Show." Dude, we get the game -- don't try to hide it.


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TMZ is covering this story and has the nerve to say anything critical about NBC news. Why does this very website exist? Isn't more disgusting to prey on celebrities day in and day out? Where is honor in that? At least NBC news tries to discuss important issues.

You guys can be as cynical as you want, the simple fact is that this site is useless and unimportant. TMZ does whatever it can to maintain its reputation for being first to report things, but what are you guys really reporting about?

2655 days ago

GOD 1    

yes nbc/pmsnbc are chicken s**t networks.they deserve to come in last place behind the
ANS F**K partners network

2655 days ago


Sick! Sick! Sick! NBC for airing all of Cho's rantings. He's become a star now to every wacko out there just waiting for the right push to do what he did. NBC, you should be ashamed - and poor Chris Matthews was drooling over "why did he choose NBC" - maybe it was because he figured they were the only network that would air his junk. We can rest well though, Imus is gone and our children are much, much safer for that. What a bunch of hypocrits!

2655 days ago

GOD 1    

damn .....looks like brian is waiting to suck, someone at fox news di*k...
or the might be going to bite down on a rutger....

2655 days ago


Nothing like validating Cho's actions. Its exactly what he wanted; his little fantasy of making
National news. Wait to see what the magazine covers will look like this week. Insanity sells about as well as sex. Anyone remember Britney? And Anna Nicole and what the media did with them.

2655 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

He said he worked with law enforcement officials in coming to the decision to air, but did Steve Capus (NBC News Prez and Don Johnson wannabe) consult mental health experts about what the possible effect would be upon a shaken public in viewing these images? Airing a Va Tech victim's point-of-view photograph depicting their final earthly moments of horror is UNCONSCIONABLE. Mr. Capus took the high moral road in firing Mr. Imus; now I call on Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal Television Group to now do the right thing by firing Mr. Capus for abusing the public airwaves in such an irresponsible manner. Thanks to Mr. Capus' decision to air, these photographic images are seered into the public's mind for the rest of their lives. The argument that the images would surface on utube etc. if NBC didn't air them is specious and does not absolve Mr. Capus of taking the ultimate responsibility. He fires Mr. Imus because of offense language/imagery; why does he get a pass for scaring the s**t out of every sane man, woman, and child who saw these real life Tarantino-like images? Perhaps Mr. Capus might consider returning to Temple University and retaking (and attending) Ethics and Journalism. Senator Barack Obama has stated there is a general coarsening of society whereby it is considered entertainment to insult people; this incident reveals the corsening extends to the news media, or perhaps even starts with it, given the media's influence upon society.

2655 days ago


Shame on not only NBC but on the rest of the media outlets who took the package handed to them and plastered it all over their stations and websites, too. NBC started it, but everyone else who ran with the story carries just as much blame.

2655 days ago

GOD 1    

66. If you are so offended by NBC's airing of the video, photos, and "manifesto," then why are you exploiting the same information by posting it on your site? The "ca-ching" sound rings loud in your offices, too.

Posted at 12:22PM on Apr 19th 2007 by pbs

to give you(simple minded people) time to watch it..ok ?

2655 days ago

MS. M    

Is TMZ sensational for posting this story YES but that is their place in the media food chain, I for one thank them for offering US a forum to vent our feelings & VOICE our opinions.....MSNBC/CBS should be taken to TASK for their handling of the IMUS situation and BOYCOTTING them speaks VOLUMES regarding their handling of that situation....MSNBC/CBS snuffed a voice for US & sould pay thru loss of revenue due to POOR ratings.....BOYCOTT MNBC/CBS free thinkers want VOICES that attack what's wrong with this country...BRING IMUS BACK, no sanctions to muzzle a politically incorrect VOICE that spoke for US and did so much good in the name of children with diseases resulting in early well, his NOT backing down stance that held all politico hacks accountable & answerable for their actions or in most cases LACK of action....Walter Reed, veterans, pharmacutical companies....his incites & sights on their positions was dead on and we are the loosers for his NOT being able to speak & us not being able to listen...BOYCOTT MSNBC/CBS

2655 days ago

GOD 1    

You guys can be as cynical as you want, the simple fact is that this site is useless and unimportant. TMZ does whatever it can to maintain its reputation for being first to report things, but what are you guys really reporting about?

Posted at 12:51PM on Apr 19th 2007 by RLP

why do you keep reading it ? 3rd generation LOSER ? i bet you are..

2655 days ago


SCUMBAG TV?..Dont you TMZ people ever look in a mirror?

2655 days ago


I just handed my letter of utter disgust, addressed to Steve Capus, President, NBC News, to my mail carrier. NBC showed it's true color: dark, greedy green, when they aired Cho's vile and haunting Bob DeNiro-like poses. Here's the address: may volumes of snail mail be dumped on Capus' desk. 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112. Pelt the Peacock!

2655 days ago

Disgusted from NYC    

Finally. Someone has called it like it is.

I have to ask, is it just me, or has the entire coverage of this tragedy by the US media been nothing short of vile? The cheap sensationalist way this has been covered has turned my stomach, each channel being as reprehensible as the next. I have to ask, what half-witted, insensitive, amoral morons do they put in charge of news broadcasting?

The gratuitous schmaltz that has been heaped on at every god-given opportunity has only served to cheapen and sensationalize the untold pain and suffering endured by so many as a result of this inexplicable and brutal act. The words 'dignity' and 'sensitivity' have just gone completely out the window.

Its reduced the whole thing to the level of nothing more than a third rate episode of CSI. Lingering shots of sobbing students and parents and then, 'oh excuse us while we just cut to some poxy infomercial for a bed or an erectile dysfunction drug.'

None of these stations had the wherewithal or integrity to stop running those mind numbing, soul destroying, puerile commercials through any of this. The whole thing just stinks of Hollywood. The melancholic, tinkling 'Liberace' piano playing at every moment as we cut from one distraught parent to the next; was I watching a tragedy of devastating proportions unfold or a poxy life insurance Ad??

The inane and idiotic comments and questions served up by the 'talking head nobodies' and people like that clapped-out senile old fossil Larry King last were just was the last straw. To a student who'd lost her best friend; "How you feeling right now, pretty upset i guess?" "Nobody ever gets over anything like this". Those were two of his more insightful and comforting ones.

CNN's really 'great idea' the other night, to get that A-one nobody, Dr Sanjay Guptar, to tell us all what the typical results are from gunshot wounds in their five descending orders of severity. I'm sure the parents of the deceased and wounded REALLY found that one fascinating. What utter boneheads. I was speechless.

This was also coupled with the gratuitously obvious and transparent motives of NBC, who, live on air, gave utter nonsensical and meaningless reasons for airing this garbage.

Not one person from the CEO down ever stopped to think "You know what, there are 32 devastated and grieving mothers and fathers out there, and countless hundreds of friends and relatives who maybe watching, hmmm, maybe this isn't such a hot idea to air this". They just couldn't believe that for once, they'd actually managed to scoop CNN.

The whole thing has left me incredulous and bewildered as to the depths the US media will sink.

As I switched off the TV last night in uncontrollable fit of disgust and anger, I had an unnerving moment where I wondered, who really was the more reprehensible; the shooter? or the media? They seem as equally cynical and calculating if you ask me.

I think they should all just pack up and go back to reporting on cats stuck up trees. It's all they're fit for.

"CNN: LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE: CAT STUCK UP TREE" PAULA ZAHN REPORTS"... cue heavy pounding 'danger music'.


"FOX FIVE: CAT CLASSIFIED AS DANGER TO ITSELF AND OTHERS OVER AYEAR AGO; HOW DID WE MISS IT? WHO IS TO BLAME????:... cue to concerned 'talking head psychologist nobody' for inane insights and commentary.

...and so on and bloody so on. They make my stomach turn.

2655 days ago


Congratulations NBC, way to make money off of deceased and innocent victims of a vile, sick, sadist, genocidal killer. I hate the media and everything that it stands for. Is there no decency in the world? How can you adhere to this sick killers dying wish to have his face plastered all over the TV and keep throwing gas on the fire? I am calling for an all out boycott on NBC and even all news stations that continue to carry this filth on the air. Think about this folks, how would feel if your mother/father, brother/sister, son/daughter, etc was brutally and needlessley gunned down and you had to see the killers face all over the TV or in the papers everytime you tried to escape the horror? Man, whomever said that money is the root of all evil, sure hit the proverbial nail on the head. God bless the families and the victims and I will be praying for you now and always.

2655 days ago


what are you talking about? he is AN AMERICAN! so he still has the asian citizenship but he came here when he was 8. all the education was done in US. as far as I see, he's a psycho american.

2655 days ago
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