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Baldwin -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/20/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after TMZ posted Alec Baldwin's explosive voice mail message to his 11-year-old daughter, we spotted Baldwin in New York -- on his cell phone! It looked like Alec had already flipped into damage control mode.

Baldwin was spotted making a swift exit from a benefit party for The Old Vic Theatre, keeping his face turned away from cameras as he gabbed on his cell.


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That Mother is a Ballbreaker. And when it comes to a "Battle of Wit's" Alex , your unarmed.

2741 days ago


The Wifey is a shrewed BALLBREAKER, and airing the Families dirty laundry out in public is real "White Trash". But it is Hollywood..........................

2741 days ago


Seriously --- #35, I like the way you think. Isn't it funny how the abuser is always the "victim" in their own stories. Victim, victim, victim. They don't ever see what they do to other people, just what they perceive as being "done to them". They are NEVER at fault. I think its called a PSYCHOPATH!!!! Seriously, that's the clinical name for Alec Baldwin's behavior. The man is SICK and NEEDS HELP. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THAT CHILD!!!

2741 days ago


I think what was done was not proper BUT, when dealing with ex's and children and using child as bargaining chip things like this happen. And an ex can take you to the point of no return. Does it make it right NO, is it human nature yes. Children all over the world go thru this and whoever was responsible for airing it all over the internet and news is doing more harm than the message if you ask me.

2741 days ago

Don Wolf    

I quit watching any movies that had Alec Baldwin in them many years ago. It was when I found out that he was an extreme liberal which was about the time he said "If George Bush is elected he was moving out of the country". Well I immediately told anyone that would listen that I would be one of the first to contribute to his exit from this country. He eventually chickened out or I think he said as a number of people do that make such statements that his remarks were taken out of context. Anyway, I do not intend to watch any movie with him in it and I agree with all of the other negative comments made previously.

2741 days ago

Derek Bill    

Wow, a pig, huh? Imagine having your father call you that in a private phone call. Now, imagine having the whole world hear it. And then imagine having all kinds of people who should be spending time with their own kids writing and commenting on it. Think of all those neglected kids wishing they had parents who would spend time with them instead of being glued to their computer all the time, reading and commenting on other people's private lives. America's pretty cool, isn't it?

2741 days ago

Meemaw of 9    

Oh gosh...get real! I raised two great of each...and have 9 grands, of which 3 are teenage girls. You can not tell me that probably 8 out of 10 parents haven't bloody screamed in total frustration at their 11/12 year olds!!! This is a tough age for kids, physically, mentally and emotionally and even tougher on the parents trying to raise them. They are babies one minute and want to be grown ups the next. They are snotty, bratty and indignant half of the time. And if it isn't curbed ("straightened out") fairly quickly (as in treatment/respect toward the parents) it only gets worse as they become teenagers. And it sounds to me as though Mamma Kim is doing a good job of spoiling! And maybe Dad Alec too. Who knows. But don't blame a parent for becoming so frustrated that they scream and rant at their kids and say stupid things they most of us have and that is when a good sit down session with the kid (which I am sure Alec planned on doing today) is due.
Good luck!

2741 days ago



2741 days ago


Good for Alec. I can only imagine how much she as followed in her Moters foot steps in playing games with him. If you really listen to the message you can tell this happens all the time. How would you react?

2741 days ago


It's funny how all the conservatives, who are jumping all over Baldwin, support corporal punishment for their own kids. They even support it at schools. Now they believe in Dr Spock for the first time in their lives.

2741 days ago


Alec has deluded himself into thinking he is Alexander the Great. It's called narcissism, with lots of paranoia thrown into the mix. Kim Bassinger is in receipt of much the same
treatment as did the tragically deceased wife of O.J. Simpson. Not being privy to court records we do not know if his verbal and emotional abuse ever escalated into physical abuse, but I would not be surprised if it had not already occurred. It is a certainty that if Kim had not divorced him, such would eventually have happened.

Mr. Baldwin has shown his irrational behavior and temper in many instances that had nothing to do with his marriage, so his wife cannot be blamed for that.

There is nothing that points to Kim or her agents/attorneys releasing this tape to TMZ.
People that have access to court records often abuse the trust given to them by the court to pass on information like this for the money they can receive.

2741 days ago


Also.....not saying Mz. Kim is totally innocent either.....there could be issues with both parents. Who leaked the msg to the press? Who knows. And who cares, really. Doesn't change what he did. He's p*ssed because he got exposed. A one time event ? - I think not.

I agree a parent can get at wits end with kids and "lose it" but flipping out and name calling and being downright abusive is totally unacceptable. (Below the belt name calling to your own daughter?) You do not berate children like that. Especially a Dad to a daughter. I don't care what she did, or Kim, for that matter......his actions speaks for themselves.

That poor girl will hear those phrases playing in her head for years. Her own Dad, a man she should look up to, calls her a pig....and then threatens to "straighten her out." Sorry, inexcusable. Totally. Maybe that explains why she doesn't answer her phone. Or.....maybe she left her phone somewhere, who knows. That fact is, he verbally assaulted his daughter, and clearly lets her know its not over....that he'll deal with it in person. (yeah she is really looking FORWARD to thaaat conversation.) What a slimebucket he is.

If he has issues with not being able to get in touch with his daughter at specified phone times he needs to take that up with his ex, not his 11 year old child. And the demeaning name calling......enough to make one gasp.

His apologies are meaningless. The damage is done. And he wants to explain himself in a book? Of course, it "must" be all everybody else's fault. Typical abuser mentality. They "made" me do it. Please, get this on record, and his mental state so this psycho never gets a gun permit.

Who cares who leaked it? Doesn't have a hill of beans to do with or excuse his actions.

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it still make a sound?

Aleic Badboy needs counseling and anger management intervention.

He'll go on with his life......whatever that is.....and this young budding female has to live with the consequences. Way to go dad. May he hang his head in shame.

May it will be a lesson to others (male or female) hearing it, being stunned and appalled by it, and possibly recognizing a piece of themselves in this wake up call. It's easier to see other people's mistakes instead of our own.

Let's take this example and learn from it.

2741 days ago


To #46 Mom of Two --

One does not demand love and earn it.

"He needs to discipine his daughter??" Where does calling your 11 yr old a pig fall under the discipline category??

"Leave the poor guy alone?" Oh puleeze.....cut me a break. HE caused this. HE opened mouth and inserted foot.

"No right to judge him from this once incident" much of a wake up call do you prefer?? (this is only Friday, need you be reminded of what happened on Monday, and the "one incidents" people overlooked) His comments are not a one time event. He is skilled at his abusiveness. Too bad it hasn't been exposed before now. Maybe this child could have been spared earlier by him being exposed (and helped) earlier.

There is NO excuse for his actions. NONE. I repeat. NONE. This is not parenting. This is not discipline. It is abuse. Flat out. Maybe you need to walk to the nearest Women's Center and pick up a brochure on abuse.

2741 days ago


Kim Has been after Alec for many years, He should have not Left a message like that on his daughter;s cell phone, but do we know the WHOLE STORY??? no, just kims verson of it. ANd we ALL know what a wacko she is.. Alec ,, It's just your turn in the media spot light.. Stick it out,, someone else will be next. soon.. Kim Is just twisting that little girl on you,, thats what happens with Divorce, the woman always uses the KIDS...I feel sorry for you Alec..

2741 days ago


• The father should now gain primary custody based on the premeditated actions of the mother. Any parent who has experienced the systematic parental alienation that Baldwin has can easily understand Baldwin's momentary lapse of judgment on an answering machine. The true crime, and it is a crime, was committed by the parent who made this recording public with clear willful intent to harm her own child in order to harm her ex-husband. That kind of cruelty is not understandable. Basinger's behavior is legally actionable. It was intentional child abuse for Basinger to release Baldwin's confidential remarks to the press, fully aware, and intending to damage both her daughter and her ex-husband. Her malicious desire for revenge was unlikely satisfied, despite the pain her leak caused her daughter. No sane court would allow such a parent primary custody of her daughter. Basinger wants a weapon not a child, and her unconscionable actions with this recording demonstrate she is entirely willing to use her daughter as a weapon over and over again. It is both illegal and immoral to use one's one children, as Basinger has, as the mere means to punish the other parent.

2741 days ago
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