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Kim's Lawyer -- Alec Doesn't Have a Clue

4/20/2007 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Basinger's lawyer says Alec Baldwin's response to the shocking message he left on Ireland's voice mail proves the actor is "out of touch" with reality.
Neal Hersh and Kim Basinger
After TMZ posted the voice mail, Baldwin's reps released a statement alleging Basinger and her lawyer leaked the material.

Basinger's high-powered celebrity attorney Neal Hersh has just responded, telling TMZ: "There is much I can say and have said in the past regarding Mr. Baldwin's responsibility for the relationship between him and his daughter Ireland." Hersh continues, "I am concerned that Mr. Baldwin's recent statement, wherein he attempts to shift responsibility to Kim and her lawyers for his issues with Ireland, shows just how out of touch he is with the reality and gravity of the situation."


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Another dysfunctional Hollywood family

2681 days ago


America boycott Alec Baldwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


Maybe Herst needs to tell Kim to abide by the laws. I beleive Alec is pissed off because he is realistic. He is being played as a fool!!

2681 days ago


and it's sad they have the daughter in the middle...playing both of them.

2681 days ago


Alec's temper is no surprise, what else is new? I am all too familiar with the type of man who can be quite charming in public, but to his family in private is a monster. In this case, now everyone knows he's not so charming to his own flesh & blood.

2681 days ago


They both should be ashamed of making their fight public and putting their daughter in the middle of it. Judging by the amount of attention they are putting on her - - it won't be a surprise to see her in rehab at 15.

2681 days ago


Sleaseball lawyer Hersh does not deny leaking the tape tho.

2681 days ago

Funny Answers    

Now I think Alec is a good actor, and that is what he does in public act like a nice person, and yes, all parents can relate to anger at being worried when we cannot reach our children. That being said, calling anyone names especailly your child it too much. Neither Kim nor Alec have acted in this young girls best interest since the beginning of their divorce. But Alec has proven over and over his temper is just too much for adults, just think if he was your father. He needs help, and yes, Kim needs help. They need to go to family counseling for more than a few times. And he needs anger management classes for himself. Look at his history, move out of the country if Bush became president, etc. He is always shooting off his mouth, and he has a right to speak him mind, but not call his kid a pig, she will never forget that, and Kim did not cause that, it came out of his own mouth. Shame on him. I don't watch 30 rock or whatever it is called because he uses his daughter as a pawn, and I don't watch anything with Kim, Neither one of these two should have had kids. God protect the child.

2681 days ago


Whoever actually leaked this to the media does NOT have this child best interest at heart......big deal they embarrass AB...they have truely embarrassed this little girl....the whole world didn't need to know this!

2681 days ago


It must be a VERY SLOW NEWS day for TMZ....what' going on with Larry Birkhead!

2681 days ago

Uncle Samma    

My ex did the same thing to me. He had a complete inability to accept responsibility for the effect his actions had on the children. The fact that he completely disappeared out of their lives for three years and wasn't welcomed back with open arms was because I implement a program of "parental alienation." I feel horrible for Kim who knows the impact a destructive Father can have on a child's life.

Hang in there Kim!

2681 days ago


No one can know what is behind this. In a bitter and nasty divorce, there ARE mothers who poison their children against their father. Angry parents who get manipulated by their kids can SAY things. Parenthood isn't all unicorns and rainbows- especially for the non-custodial parent. This could be the fault of BOTH parents. If Basinger cannot find a way to work this out for the SAKE of her daughter, then she is at fault. She married Baldwin and she had this child WITH him.She needs to be a lot better at helping her daughter get along with her father- no matter how tempermental they ALL are. To leak this sort of stuff is vindictive and counterproductive- and she should be above that.

2681 days ago


Alec released a comment though his press agent stating that "you don't know what I've been throught the last six years" if that makes his actions justified.

2681 days ago


The kid got yelled at for being a brat. Of course every kid thinks he or she is abused...

2681 days ago


Kim is no better of a mother for leaking this to the press. Does public opinion make things any better for their child? What was she thinking? To me, it's to punish Baldwin. So, if she does stuff like that, I can only imagine what she does with the daughter to turn him against her. It's no different.

2681 days ago
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