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Kim's Lawyer -- Alec Doesn't Have a Clue

4/20/2007 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Basinger's lawyer says Alec Baldwin's response to the shocking message he left on Ireland's voice mail proves the actor is "out of touch" with reality.
Neal Hersh and Kim Basinger
After TMZ posted the voice mail, Baldwin's reps released a statement alleging Basinger and her lawyer leaked the material.

Basinger's high-powered celebrity attorney Neal Hersh has just responded, telling TMZ: "There is much I can say and have said in the past regarding Mr. Baldwin's responsibility for the relationship between him and his daughter Ireland." Hersh continues, "I am concerned that Mr. Baldwin's recent statement, wherein he attempts to shift responsibility to Kim and her lawyers for his issues with Ireland, shows just how out of touch he is with the reality and gravity of the situation."


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Alec seems like a desperate and heartbroken father.

What a shame!

See, money does not buy happiness.

2746 days ago


I have cussed out my kids way worse than this, who hasn't? But what I think is worse is that Mommy Dearest put it out there for the world to hear...thats low...he was just dumb for giving her this ammuniton.

2746 days ago


I'm no great fan of either of them but from the time they split it seems that Kim has given him a hard time at every turn. I would imagine that years of this game playing by her, with the girl in the middle - unfortunately - has taken it's toll on him. I've seen some women really ruin relationships between their children and dads and I have seen it the other way around too. It's a shame.
I've always thought that Kim is kind of weird. She can hardly speak in interviews and looks uncomfortable when out in the public promoting the few movies she does. Maybe people shouldn't be too quick to rush to judgement.

2746 days ago

Oh Puhsleazzz!    

He's just mad that he was caught on tape for all the world to hear what he is really like. You don't just wake up one day and behave like that. You need to pray that your daughter one day forgives you for your abusive behavior. Forget your hatred of her mother and quit blaming everyone else for your problems and work on making amends with your child.

2746 days ago


Notice how Basinger's lawyer didn't deny that they leaked the tape? Who else would have done this? Who else would have access?

Basinger is just as guilty as Baldwin in putting their daughter in the middle of things.

These Hollywood types don't know the first thing about living in the real world. In his tirade, Baldwin yells how he is going to "spend a whole day straightening her out," like a whole day spent with your daughter makes you a father.

2746 days ago


Abusers often cast themselves in the role of victim. I have a relative who would curse and threaten Aides who were assigned to help her with personal care, household chores and cooking (free of charge, mind you). In one instance, she would refuse to bathe for weeks at a time because she didn't like the aide. Yet, she expected the woman who remain in her presence in a cramped apartment for four hours a day.

After numerous complaints from the aides, social workers paid an unannouced visit. At first, she was charming and all smiles. When they mentioned the fact that she desperately needed a bath, she flew into a rage and started cursing. The end result - termination of services.

2746 days ago


Just another case of a silly liberal with his "do as I say, not as I do" attitude. Make nice for the public, but be a brutish pig for the family. Hang in there Kim, I have family who have been through the same thing. Hang on to your support system with both hands. They will support you through this. As for Alec -- when was that you were leaving the country? Can I help you pack your bags?

2746 days ago


Kim is a malicious witch who obviously only has her own best interest at heart.She has done so much damage to her daughter it is unbelievable. Ireland will realize her mother for what she is one day, and then Kim will be the one alone out in the cold of which she fully deserves.

2746 days ago


Alec..stop blaming everyone else...the is NO excuse for the way you spoke to that poor 11 year old should be ashamed...humble..and on your knees begging for forgiveness....but blame the court....your up Alec.....admit you were a big PIG for what you said!!!!!

2746 days ago


There should both be ashamed ...

2746 days ago


What a shame!

See, money does not buy happiness.

Posted at 3:17PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Jenny Justice

So true...but it can sure take the "edge" off...Yes these rich celebrities have heartache, family woes, death of a loved one...but with 9 to 5 and then some "working people" even with the death of an immediate family member, we get the traditioanl 3 days...after that...your boss may be understanding of your loss but he's not paying you to grieve, he's paying you to work, so suck it up no matter how long you need to recover or you'll be looking for another job....the rich and famous? They fly to Fiji and take however much time they need no matter what it is that they're going far as the whole world watching? Small price to pay for the above mentioned freedoms....I feel for this child but as far as adults go? "Tell your troubles to Jesus...because I don't give a shit!"

2746 days ago


We are not hearing much coverage of the other less PC side of the situation. The Mom issues. Yes that was an inapproriate call, but if you have not been in such a situation you don't know what it is like. Divorced Dads are practically driven away from their kids will all of the restrictions placed on them.

Baldwin cannot just see or pickup the phone to call his daughter. It all has to happen in a rigid manner. You can hear the anguish in his voice (not acting) and you can tell that many, many other calls did not occur yet he tried to reach the child.

2746 days ago


Kim should not have released this tape. She not only embarrases her ex, but her daughter too, and she makes herself look like a damn fool because WE ALL KNOW SHE DID IT.

Assholes the lot of them!

2746 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

This is a huge story because this tirade against his daughter endangers her mental health. Over three thousand comments have been posted to TMZ, mostly negative. Mr. Baldwin is a charming lout who called his own daughter a "pig." How does a child process that? Can she rationalize that his anger against Ms. Basinger simply came out sideways at her? Is this the first time he has used such language in berating her? Does he think he can browbeat her into acquiesing by this increadibly callous "my-way-or-the-highway" insult? Is he ashamed of himself? Is he capable of feeling shame? Certainly Mr. Baldwin, as a thespian, knows the power of words. With his publicist, I look forward to him trying to spin his way out of this one, so that all the other louts like Mr. Baldwin out there can toast him and smoke a big fat cigar at his acquittal. Look man, calling your own daughter a "pig," with such venom in your voice surely scared the shit out of her. Most likely this is not the first time or a one-off. I would like to read what a mental health expert makes of this diatribe against a pre-teen offspring.

2746 days ago


I am not suprised that everyone is ready to hang Alec Baldwin and I do not excuse the tone or the language he used, but I can empathize with him. It seems that years of custody battles and Kim Basinger brainwashing her child has pushed him to break...I am married to a man that has a child with another woman and she does everything she can to say that the child can not come to the phone or she just does not want to speak to you...when he does speak to her, she asks how come you havent called, when he does, the mother just will not get over the hurt and anger so to punish him she uses the happens all to often, I feel sorry for me who just want to try to be good dads and attempt to have a relationship with their child. The is no excusing his behavior, but you sometimes have to look at the extenuating circumstances and I believe Kim Basinger has pushed him to the limit...

2746 days ago
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