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Kim's Lawyer -- Alec Doesn't Have a Clue

4/20/2007 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Basinger's lawyer says Alec Baldwin's response to the shocking message he left on Ireland's voice mail proves the actor is "out of touch" with reality.
Neal Hersh and Kim Basinger
After TMZ posted the voice mail, Baldwin's reps released a statement alleging Basinger and her lawyer leaked the material.

Basinger's high-powered celebrity attorney Neal Hersh has just responded, telling TMZ: "There is much I can say and have said in the past regarding Mr. Baldwin's responsibility for the relationship between him and his daughter Ireland." Hersh continues, "I am concerned that Mr. Baldwin's recent statement, wherein he attempts to shift responsibility to Kim and her lawyers for his issues with Ireland, shows just how out of touch he is with the reality and gravity of the situation."


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Alec....there is no excuse what you said to ANY 11 yr old let alone your own up and admit you are a BIG PIG what you said and stop blaming everyone court....this one is on you buddy!!!!

2709 days ago


it is so obvious tmz is on Kim's side... Alec made a big mistake but he has been goaded by this dumb bitch for so long he snapped, he let the anger out on his kid instead of on Kim.. would be funny if she dropped dead and he and Ireland could finally be together.. he barely see's his kid... he has so little contact with her and because why??? KIM... he would love to see her more and has stated as much.. it is Kim who has done all of this and it is Kim who made sure that their child did not answer that phone that day, she was hoping like crazy this would happen and now she is dancing like the dumb bitch she is with delight.. hey Kim.. what goes around comes around.. someday your little girl will be so f-d up and you will only have yourself to blame. Alec.. make it right with your kid and don't ever do it again but don't ever stop fighting for her that is what Kim wants.. she wants you to walk away so she can get her greedy filthy hands on your kid.. sick bitch!

2709 days ago


Now can Neal Hersh address the shifting of Ms. Basinger's and his responsibility in releasing a tape to the media for their own grandstanding and custody purposes?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

2709 days ago


Can you say father of the year. What a dumb as*.

2709 days ago


kim and her lawyer are caused equal damage to the poor kid by releasing that audiotape to the media. shame on kim as much as shame on alec! ireland should be removed from both of them and placed in foster care until they can stop playing her as a card in their horrible divorce.

2709 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a scary, scary alcoholic man who is on the verge of really hurting someone physically if not already, mentally. This may get real ugly in the next couple years. I pray for the safety of Kim and her daughter. LOVING dad's with self control never threaten their children like he did. His anger is clearly directed at his ex and he is taking it out on his daughter. My 3 teenaged daughters, husband of 20 years and I are going to boycott all his movies and I hope others do to.

2709 days ago


I think it's going to be hilarious when it turns out that it wasn't Kim Basinger who leaked the message but Ireland herself. If my father left me a message like that I'd be scared. Maybe she's afraid of him and leaked it to protect herself when her mother was unable to do so. She's a kid, probably online and knows about TMZ. She never thought leaking it could get her mother into trouble with the courts.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. I detest Alec Baldwin and I'm not a fan of Kim Basinger, but it does seem to me that Basinger tries to protect her daughter from the apparently unstable Baldwin clan.

2709 days ago


From my own personal experience this PARENTAL ALIENATION by Kim B.

2709 days ago


Once again in this new article's comment section it is apparent that folks are only looking at a tiny piece of the puzzle. The Dad is hugely blocked here. Last I heard he has spent around $1.5 million trying to see his child. Most divorced noncustodial Dad's wind up with hardly any time with their child. And when visitation and contact is blocked there is no consequence for the custodial parent.

You can hear in the man's voice that he's like to help and see and contact his child and be a parent. You know that he has the means to hire top lawyers and has. You know that past visitations and phone contact has been blocked. Yet the judge does not seem to penalize her. Or if the judge has done so it is not published.

Note that her broadcasting the phone message like that it against the law. There should be a penalty for that. I am nearly 100% sure that the child did not post this phone message.


2709 days ago


He is crazy just as most father are with mother's who are competent. Wish I was famous so that you can hear some of my exhusbands voicemail messages and read his emails!

2709 days ago


Alec isn't blaming anyone for his problems with his daughter, he is blaming Kim for releasing this to the meida, and he should. KIM WAS WRONG TO RELEASE THIS. SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED! How sad for that little girl to have to go to school and have everyone know about this.

2709 days ago


I would not attempt to judge someone in this kind of situation. People involved in domestic disputes, especially custody disputes, can be the most cruel human beings on earth. It doesn't make it okay for him to speak to his daughter that way, but sometimes a human being can only take so much. I think if people could get an inkling about real forgiveness and then practice it, then we would see some well adjusted folks in this world.

2709 days ago

Shame Shame Shame    

Shame on both of them!!! He should have NEVER talked to his daughter like that and she should have NEVER made it public that he spoke to his daughter like that. Think of the child's feelings you inconsiderate fools. Neither one of you win any parent awards and should be ordered to attend parenting classes TOGETHER!!!! And to number 9, "Alex is twisted"....Don't feel sorry for Kim. She should have never put those vile words out there for the world to hear. She didn't think of her daughter any more than he did. Shame on you too.

2709 days ago


Message to Alec. Do woman kind a favor. Stay single. I was married to your type for along time after awhile you don't fool anybody but yourself. Your public image is one thing but the private misery you inflict and cause to others is another matter. Just another weak man. Doesn't take much to push your out of control buttons does it?

2709 days ago


He's abusive . End of story. He's just angry that his PR folks can't put a postive spin on it. Verbal abuse is just as bad physical. Good for her for leaking it and showing just what he's capable of . Or maybe he's capable of worse. "I don't care that you're an 11 yr old " sounds like daddy dearest wouldn't much care if she could take a punch either.
That kid will have a bestseller in her gut to spew as an adult.

2709 days ago
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