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Kim's Lawyer -- Alec Doesn't Have a Clue

4/20/2007 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Basinger's lawyer says Alec Baldwin's response to the shocking message he left on Ireland's voice mail proves the actor is "out of touch" with reality.
Neal Hersh and Kim Basinger
After TMZ posted the voice mail, Baldwin's reps released a statement alleging Basinger and her lawyer leaked the material.

Basinger's high-powered celebrity attorney Neal Hersh has just responded, telling TMZ: "There is much I can say and have said in the past regarding Mr. Baldwin's responsibility for the relationship between him and his daughter Ireland." Hersh continues, "I am concerned that Mr. Baldwin's recent statement, wherein he attempts to shift responsibility to Kim and her lawyers for his issues with Ireland, shows just how out of touch he is with the reality and gravity of the situation."


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I personally think the whole episode - stretching back for years - is, at the very least, hurtful to the child. Children often get caught in the middle in horrifice divorces proceedings. But nothing the Bassinger or the daughter did - nor the lawyers - caused, or will erase, the memory from the daughter's memory of just exactly what her father thinks of her. There's only one victim here, and it sure isn't Bassinger, Alec Baldwin, or the court system. Again, shame on Alec Baldwin for another of his senseless and hateful tirades. And may God bless the child.

2743 days ago


I wonder how many times he has done this before without the tape being leaked?

2743 days ago


You people who can justify Alec calling his daughter a pig, under ANY circumstances, are either children of abuse and/or abusers with anger issues yourselves who have no concept of what ABUSE is (the cussing bears witness to your anger issues - you are so frustrated that you can't express yourself in any other way).

I feel sorry for your children if you have them, and if you don't, you shouldn't, at least until you get therapy to sort out your own issues, but then again, like Alex, you probably don't think you have any and it's everyone else's fault

2743 days ago


10. Alec released a comment though his press agent stating that "you don't know what I've been throught the last six years" if that makes his actions justified.

Posted at 3:12PM on Apr 20th 2007 by me

perhaps and perhaps one knows the whole story.....maybe if you heard him out your opinion may change

2743 days ago



2743 days ago


There' are so many fathers that could care less about their child but the stress, strain, and too much love for his child has taken a toll on Alec. Everyone knows he has an anger management problem so he's easy to manipulate. After all these years of fighting you think he would have caught on to Kim's tactics. Yeah, she hates him, she knows how to push his button, but be smart enough not to fall into her trap. Ireland has to live with her mom and probably will catch hell (verbally) if she answers the phone. He should go to Anger Management classes or he's going to end up a stroke victim. Releasing this tape is also child abuse because I think she's going to be teased and verbally abused by kids that don't like her. It's too much negative attention.

2743 days ago


No one knows what's really going on, but I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of men out there who are incredibly charming to the outside world and their image is everything to them. Behind closed doors they are verbally abusive, demean their spouse and their children, belittle them and have huge anger issues. It's all about control. They are bullies, but they are actually scared people who can only survive when they feel as if they are in control and make everyone near and dear to them smaller than them. Alec Baldwin is a classic.

2743 days ago

Jeff Morgan    

I dont know what the big deal is. I treat my kids wose than that. I call my wife all kind of demeaning names also. Its how I let my fustration out. Isn't that what family is for?

2743 days ago


Out of touch is putting it very mildly. Rather than saying he was wrong to talk that way to his daughter, he says something about Kim making everything public. Does he even acknowledge that what he did was very hurtful to her? Does he think that it's ok to behave that way as long as the public doesn't know about it? What an idiot! His response is as bad as the comment itself. He should be putting his energy into getting himself some help rather than going to court to find out who put the tape out. I've absolutely changed my opinion of him.

2743 days ago

Ed Finch    

I think all that I heard from that message was a hurt father. seems Kim is manipulating their child for her own gain. Shame on her. You don't put your kids in the middle of your marital problems.
Sure it was a harsh message. Alec was hurting.Maybe some day that little girl will understand how much her father cares for her and know the hurt she causes him.

2743 days ago


The problem with abusers is that they expect everyone to keep their secret. The only way to control them is to let the truth see the light of day. Sometimes it's necessary even with some cost to children. Otherwise, it never stops.

2743 days ago

helen CAmp    

Poor Poor Alex..... GIVE ME A BREAK. There is only one victim here, and it sure isn't Alec Baldwin. So he's pissed at Kim, Great, call Kim a Pig, threaten Kim. But for God's sake, act like a father not a maniac to this 11 year old caught in the middle.

Alex is delusional to think "what i've been through the last 6 years" gives him a free ride to manipulate and verbally abuse his child.


2743 days ago


An assumption about parenting is that the parents are more mature than the children and that their role is to guide the children toward maturity. We all know that many parents fall short in that role; hence, Alec Baldwin.
He further insulted parents when he said we should understand. I have never called my child names nor will I. Some of us take our parenting roles seriously... more seriously than a movie role where the role is scripted.
My heart goes out to Ireland. And to Kim, because now we all know what she's been dealing with.

2743 days ago

sick of Paris immaturity    

So what if info was 'leaked" ?? It needs to be leaked in order to show what type of person Alec really is!!! Kim has been very private about the breakup and the life that she shared with Alec all this time! (which I applaud Kim for ) Many Kudos for Kim for being such a class act!!!!

2743 days ago


Posts 66 and 67 - right on the money Pat! Thank you.

2743 days ago
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