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Gwen Stefani's

Healthy Demands

4/21/2007 4:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Gwen Stefani's tour rider -- the list of "artist demands" for their backstage dressing room -- and it reveals what a health-conscious diva she really is! Wind it up!

Besides having her room bathed in bright white light (to match her weave!), Stefani asks for 30 bottles of water and a cornucopia of organic items for her Sweet Escape Tour, which kicks off Saturday in Las Vegas. The pesticide-free buffet includes an assortment of teas, fruit, cashews, almonds, vegetables and ranch dressing. Some non-edible needs include ten white towels and four aromatherapy candles, all of which MUST be the same scent. Her Harajuku girls are very sensitive!

Based on her backstage grocery list, it appears our little Gwen is a real natural girl. Well, besides her hair color!


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Gwen is a walking example of what an organic lifestyle can do for your health and looks. And she's promoting organic by requesting organic. That rocks!

2688 days ago


I like the typo in her last name....after "dressing room".....

2688 days ago

just me    


Look, I have no opinion on her one way or the other, but...

Other then my list would be for deli sandwiches, candy bars and potato chips and triple filtered tap water, I really don't see what the problem is.

Now if she needed 3 eunuchs with palm fronds and some pygmies on a trapeze...yeah that may get a little weird.

If she doesn't specify what she wants, she gets screwed, she specifies what she wants and this is supposed to mean she is a pain in the rear?

No one is forced to hire her. They have a problem with the list? then maybe Sanjaya Malakar's requests might be something they can live with.

Her requests could be way more over the top than this, who wants aromatherapy candles of different scents? Ick!

2688 days ago


#26 Bj-Gwen seems like a nice person and she isn't asking for much, but I agree that we are the reason so many of the stuck up, talentless "stars" have so much. I think if everyone stopped paying attention and found other things to do than go to their half assed movies and concerts, sport games, etc. we'd all have more and there'd be less poor people.

2688 days ago


That's not very demanding at all. Water, fruit, nuts and some candles - that's it? Big deal.

2688 days ago


Notrhing wrong with that. She is smart if she eats orgainc foods like this.

2688 days ago

GOD 1    

2. Soooo Gwen, whatever happened to the band that propelled you to stardom? Leave 'em in the dirt behind? Used 'em don't need 'em no more? Got toooo big for those losers?

I guess you're a STAH now?

Got no respect for you at all and if you were drowing I wouldn't throw you anything but bad looks.

Posted at 3:31AM on Apr 21st 2007 by Buzz

i do'nt guess you could throw food stamps too far..

2688 days ago


I really don't think this list is that bad -- so she doesn't want to eat pesticides and likes clean towels. Candles with the same scent? Makes perfect sense to me. In short, who cares?!

2688 days ago

free at last    

you are all jealous because she looks great. there is nothing wrong with eating healthy and caring about the environment. most stars have worse demands then that. at least she isn't asking for drugs and alcohol.

2688 days ago


For those who don't know, it was Gwens writings and music that propelled the group to the next level, they idled going nowhere for years.

In addition to that, she recently announced a upcoming reunion tour with them.

Have you ever heard a single negative thing come from Gwens lips about her past?

She appears to be a good role model for people, responsible, focused, driven, and respectful. Thats more than I can say for most of Hollywood. She has no scandles thats why tmz is forced to talk about her rider list!

2688 days ago


I have no idea why this talentless bitch is famous. She was good when she was in the band and that was it. Everything of her sucks now.

2688 days ago


you are all a big bunch of babies...she does better without the what..she never says anything negative about them..or them about she wants clean and drinks she likes..reasonable to me...and i also think its fun because most ppl in life do whatever is best for them..whatever makes them a success..say it meant getting promoted at work and being your best friends boss...they may not like it but you will do it bc it is whats best for you...same deal only she is a star and you jealous haters gotta throw cheap shots...get a life

2688 days ago


Gwen actually seems pretty down to earth to me. As far as No Doubt is concerned, she didn't ditch them, she herself said she is most comfortable with them and they will be doing another record together. I believe Tony worked with her on writing her new song "4 in the Morning."

2688 days ago

Mysty Maples    

I always much time backstage do they really spend to justify all this stuff. True, her list is conservative compared to others but c'mon.

2688 days ago


I don't get what the big deal is, at least she isn't asking for anything that's way out there, it's all healthy stuff. Gwen may not be the greatest singer but at least she has her head screwed on properly unlike some others I won't mention.

2688 days ago
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