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Gwen Stefani's

Healthy Demands

4/21/2007 4:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Gwen Stefani's tour rider -- the list of "artist demands" for their backstage dressing room -- and it reveals what a health-conscious diva she really is! Wind it up!

Besides having her room bathed in bright white light (to match her weave!), Stefani asks for 30 bottles of water and a cornucopia of organic items for her Sweet Escape Tour, which kicks off Saturday in Las Vegas. The pesticide-free buffet includes an assortment of teas, fruit, cashews, almonds, vegetables and ranch dressing. Some non-edible needs include ten white towels and four aromatherapy candles, all of which MUST be the same scent. Her Harajuku girls are very sensitive!

Based on her backstage grocery list, it appears our little Gwen is a real natural girl. Well, besides her hair color!


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free at last    

i meant to type that the negative comments were jealous, not all of you.

2740 days ago


I am so with you, #2.

2740 days ago


if she doesn't request anything she will get to a show and find nothing(not even basics of water) and i dont think she is asking for much unlike some i've seen, it doesn't say she won't preform if she doesn't get everything on the list and i'm sure if some stuff is unavailable she'd be content having a equally as healthy replacement

as for leaving her band in the dust i dont think so.. she started a new phase in her life.. the band had taken a break she released a solo album.. it took off so she released another one.. she is still part of no doubt and i've heard that they do plan at some point(even said from her) to go back and make another album

2740 days ago


Come on, people. A typo is a typo. It's an error. It's incorrect. It's wrong. If a physician did something wrong, they'd be in big trouble, most likely.

Why not take some pride in our language and get it right? Doesn't take much effort, especially with spell checkers. What's the big deal?

It's pretty bad when a star has a document created that has an error in her own name. Up toward the top of the document it says "Gwen Stefai."

2740 days ago


How real can this be? Her name isn't even spelled right where it reads "Dressing Rooms: Gwen Stefai Star..." Nice one...

2740 days ago


This shows what a genuine person she is. I don't think she's asking for much at all, given her level of celebrity, especially compared to what other stars demand.

2740 days ago


Hey, I got no problem with her back stage rider. It's pretty tame compared to a lot of stars. Can't even think of too many that were tamer.

I never said a thing about her talent and took my two nieces to see the Long Beach show with No Doubt. I thought at the time, that she came across as real and when she used to constantly say that No Doubt was a band that she would never quit I actually believed her. I thought the band was really talented and liked quite a few of their songs.

SHE didn't do all the writing and if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

BUT as soon as the suck ups started telling her she was a star and didn't need those losers, she bailed on them so fast it would make your head swim.

Stay in touch daily? And what? Tell them how many millions she's making while they wonder what the hell happened to all that loyalty? All those years on the road supporting each other? It's been years since she did a thing with them. They made her a star and she just kicked them to the curb.

And for those who seem to think criticism of Gwen makes one poor, a minority or jealous?

I am not black, nor poor nor talentless. I do quite well in life having worked the music and video business for almost three decades and doubt most of you could afford to buy the house I own in the Santa Ynez Valley. However I value loyalty more than anything and Gwen has shown none.

No Respect for her, NOT that she gives a damn what I think, but it is my opinion.

2739 days ago


Still pretty demanding and in my opinion totally unreasonable given the salary Stefani draws. She can afford to go to the store and buy health food on her own time. Man, I wish Johnny Cash was still alive. Other than an American flag on stage, his rider for his hotel accomodations was simple: A grooming kit with razor, shaving cream, comb, clippers. Period. His wife, June, was also very modest in her requests when she performed with him.

2739 days ago


This is nothing. They all ask for this and it has to be done. It's part of her business and if most of you weren't so stupid, you would realize this.

2739 days ago


What's with all the typos. Her name isn't even spelled correctly.
Pretty sad.

2739 days ago


Is it even real? Her name isn't spelled right..."Gwen Stefai Star Dressing Room"

2739 days ago


Man, does anyone know how hard it is to find decent food on the road? When you're schedule's packed with press conferences, phone interviews, in-store and radio appearances and then sound check, all of which may or may not run on time, you may not get to eat. The rider's about the only thing the artist has any control over. And you can never have too much bottled water if you sing. That's not Diva, that's general maintenence. White light, by the way, is for seeing acurately what you look like. It is a dressing room, after all.

2739 days ago


Please, I'm not a fan of Gwen's but really her demands are nothing compared to Brittney Spears' list from 2000 (5 pages long) or Jennifer Lopez's List or really any other popular artists list. To those who call Gwen a diva or think she's wasting money, check out the rider lists for your favorite stars on the smoking gun backstage pass site.

2739 days ago


By the way, her music sucks, her diet has no protein in it, and she looks like ass. She's too skinny and she looks disgusting.

2739 days ago

Get over it    

Seriously people- real or not this is a minor list. What is there..maybe $200 worth of stuff on there? She is there all day rehearsing before the show. She will need to snack as well as anyone who comes in her room. When you dance around and sing you need to stay hydrated.

I guess when a group asks for expensive liquor and big macs for their whole tour group and other excess items that is ok. I like that she asks for minor items. Basic food and some water.

2739 days ago
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