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Lohan -- Call Me Irresponsible

4/21/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Party-hopping, rehabbing, boy-crazy Lindsay Lohan admits that she was "a bit irresponsible" while filming "Georgia Rule."

Lilo, you'll remember, was publicly dissed by the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions James G. Robinson, in a harsh letter that called her behavior "discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional" and likened Lindsay to a spoiled child. She received the dismissive missive after a series of sick days and late arrivals on set, and was threatened with legal action if she continued to disrupt filming.

Lohan is now owning up to her bad behavior and blaming it on --what else –- relationship problems with then-boyfriend Harry Morton. She tells Allure magazine this month, "It upset me because I was ... a bit irresponsible. I didn't think about the consequences, but I was also going through something in my life."

Sanjaya, Political Advisor?

Perhaps Washington wants to know how someone with so little talent can make it so far, but tonight, "Idol" loser and one-man media circus Sanjaya will attend the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner as a celeb guest, reports Page Six. Sanjaya joins stars Jane Fonda, Teri Hatcher, John Cusack and Sheryl Crow, and political heavyweights Robert Kennedy Jr., Henry Kissinger and Condoleeza Rice. The correspondents' dinner is an annual event where media types mingle with celebs and politicos, so we're not sure what Sanjaya's doing there. Maybe Condi's a Fanjaya?

No Emmy for Isaiah

After a very public battle with homophobia (he allegedly called castmate T.R. Knight a homophobic term, and then used an anti-gay epithet during an interview at the Golden Globes in January), "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington won't be submitting his name for an Emmy this year, according to the Daily News. In order to be considered for an award, names had to be submitted by Friday, but, says Washington's publicist Howard Bragman –- whose job must have been particularly challenging this past year –- Washington's interested in "the acting, not the awards." Washington recently attended counseling for his insensitive slurs, and issued an apology.

Party Favors...Timberlake and Alba Bring Sexy Back...Tobey Spidey Once More... Enrique: Anna Ideal Mama

No surprise here: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba were named the sexiest stars in a new poll from Victoria's Secret. Jay-Z and Beyonce were anointed Sexiest Couple. ...Tobey Maguire has signed on to play Spiderman in a fourth installment of the series. The third film in the series is out this May. ... Enrique Iglesias told People en Espanol he thinks longtime tennis star girlfriend Anna Kournikova would make an "ideal mother." "I say it regardless of whether I'd be with her or not," he added.


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Funny Answers    

I would like to know why Mr. Washington was not fired for what he said, and just like Imus it was not his first time saying these things. Oh, yes, the magic of Rehab, and the comment was not against blacks. Michael Richards is persona non grati, but his word were against blacks, much worst in my opinion than Imus. Mel rant against Jewish people, all these people said horrible things, but Mr. Washington got away with it. Why? Is it because he is black or because Greys anatomy has that much power? All should have lost their jobs too. Mr. Richards was angery, so was Mel, Imus, well he is not nice, so I don't listen to him. But Mr. Washington got off too easy. He should have lost his job. No questions.

2713 days ago

carol ard    

What the hell is Hanoi Jayne doing there? Maybe they can finally serve her with that arrest warrent for treason!

2713 days ago

Kim Capulong    

It seems like the only time a person is held responcible for making politically incorrect statements is when it is a white person doing so, take the Imus incident, the Kramer incidents ,the Mel Gibson rant. All of these individuals were vilified in the media, and there was some backlash in their given careers. But when "black" man makes politically incorrect remarks not once but several times all he needs to do is check into rehab and it all goes away? If that was the case why couldn't Imus , who has made a career out of his political increct statements on his radio show for decades just say sorry and spend a week in one of those spa like Rehab centers and come back after his suspension and resume his job? It seems like if your "black" and you say something offensive it is a blip on the entertainment medias radar but if a white man does the same then the so called "activists" like Al Sharpton who call for their heads! Let us not forget that Al Sharpton is no saint, if I recall corectly didn't he begin a campaine against the NYPD in the 80's or 90's saying that a black girl was attacked by white cops, and it turned out to be not only untrue, but a planned attack on the NYPD. It shouldn't matter what race the person saying the comment is, let the punishment fit the crime. Why sould white celebrities be vilified when there are black celebrities that have done the same thing and its just forgotten? If its good for the goose it should be good for the gander!!

2713 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

Jesse and Al where are your BIG MOUTHS on this rights..human rights the same thing...!!!!Come out from your corners...that are filled with HATE...hate intended "just for White Folk"........I think it's very clear to me now.!!!!!!! I stopped watching Oprah when she made remarks to her FRIEND about us "white folk" giving really good clothes to their cleaning people..which I do but my cleaning lady is a red head from Scotland...lily pure a breed as they white folk I'm sure an African is considered as pure a black breed to you as they come....the rest of us are a mix...there cannot be two sets of social/moral rules ...come on out and fight for everyone!!!! Ha never never going to happen!!!!!

2713 days ago

Brian Llewellyn™ Please wear more yellow ladies!!!!!!!    

No it's just reverse racism. And it's happenin' everywhere. It's not right for white people to look out for white people. And it's not right for black people to look out for black people. Everyone needs to be treated the same. If you notice. There were like 6 million Jewish people killed by the germans in world war two. Just for no damn reason. Killed mind you. Not enslaved. But you don't see jewish people telling everybody that the Germans owe them everything sometimes for nothing like a lot of black people do. I mean. Imus was wrong. Yeah. And so was slavery. But I'm a white person. And I don't owe anybody anything. I don't care what anyone says. Everybody has to treat everybody equal. Everybody keeps pullin' this race card crap for nothing. Some of these people are just kind of weak in my opinion. They don't want to put the effort into there life to gain their experiences and material things. They just want to say. "That's racism." But if there is a real reason for doing so. Then so be it. Pull the race card. But to me. It's old already. I'm sick of hearing about racism. Especially from African-American people. I've worked with many people. And one of the worst guys I ever worked with as far as disaggreeing on things, and having arguements was a black man. But I tell you what. He wasn't racist. And he treated me the same as I treated him. I never ever looked at that man as far as his race. Never. And that man was very respected by me. And I never looked at that man like he's black, because he never looked at me like I was white. And that is the way it should be with everybody. As long as you treat people fair and descent. Anyone like that is fine in my opinion. Anyone. So everybody treat everybody with the same respect as long as they are descent.
And also. Lindsay is a good person. I like some Lindsay. She's alright.

Brian Llewellyn

2713 days ago


Why should he be fired for those comments? He's an actor. Unlike Don Imus, he's not paid for his opinions, he's paid to play a role. Don Imus was speaking for himself and has the potential to influence thousands of listeners with his views. Isaiah Washington's comments, while perhaps a homophobic jerk, were said to a small group of people with the intent of perhaps hurting one. While I don't support his views or opinions, I do support his right to freedom of speech. If he is to be fired, it should be for what he said, but for greating dissention among a group of people who must work together effectively for the sake and success of their show.

2713 days ago


while perhaps a homophobic jerk,

If he is to be fired, it should be for what he said, but for greating dissention among a group of people...

2713 days ago


Washington is old news no one cares what he does or where he goes we just hope he stays there with Baldwin who does't even know how old his daughter. Run Irlend Eun!!!!!!!

2713 days ago


I am sooooo-sick of seeing Lohan everywhere. This girl is last years news!

Please T.M.Z, no more, please.

2712 days ago

Dean Martin    

Possibly it's because Washington isn't important enough.Surely ,Grey's Anatomy would be a hit without him.Besides,no Christian clergyman is going to come forward and condemn a person for blasting homosexuality.There's a difference between being gay and being of a certain race or religion.Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle like pedophilia.It involves commiting unnatural sex acts.I think he would be just as out of line if he called a pedophile a Chickenhawk.God created Adam and Eve,not Adam and Steve.

2712 days ago


maybe George Bush can fill Sanjaya in on how it works

2712 days ago


Johnny it's morons like you that make a good reason for him being fired and made an example of. Homosexuality is a normal variation of sexuality. Try not to go through life stupid.

2712 days ago


So what if Isaiah Washington said a "homophobic slur"? Doesn't he have the right to say what he wants? Too much political correctness will be the downfall of this country. If the man is uncomfortable with gays, then he has a right to it. I am sick to death of the fact that every time someone speaks their mind they immediately have to go to rehab and apologize profusely for just speaking their mind. Yes, it was not the right forum to say what he did, but this is going beyond stupid to keep grilling the man over this. Just like Imus, he said he was sorry and that should be that. The media just won't let it go. Enough is enough.

2712 days ago


Sanjaya's smile gives me nightmares.

2712 days ago


I think that Sanjaya is cool, I just do not know why people are so nasty to him, I mean was there not a time when any of you were full of hope and promise? I mean give the kid a break, I myself once had dreams that did not come true but I am not bitter about it!! Just give Sanjaya a chance and stop the hating, you all saw the tragic events that took place last week ,the world would be a much better place if we could be more kind in general you know!!!!

2711 days ago

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