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Phil Stacey -- The New Sanjaya?

4/22/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Stacey: Click to watchNow that Sanjaya Malakar has been given the boot -- pasty Phil Stacey now has a web site's dubious honor as the "worst" on "American Idol.", a web site which asks for visitors to intentionally vote for a bad "Idol" contestant, has named the bald soprano its new poster boy. The site has been credited for keeping vocal weakling Sanjaya on the show long enough to make the top seven, but Sanjy says that "creative haters" had nothing to do with his semi-success.

The web site's special message to Phil: "We love you even if you can't be exposed to direct light."


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what the hell, I always thought Phil had the best voice....hmm

2708 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

The only thing worse than his "chemo-dome", is that totally retarded hat he wears.

2708 days ago


I don't think Phil is the worst left..... I think that title goes to Chris Richardson.... good lord he sucks ass. I mean come on.. nasally singing is intentional? Now that's just pathetic if anyone thinks singing nasally sounds good.

2708 days ago


"3.I think that title goes to Chris Richardson.... good lord he sucks ass. I mean come on.. nasally singing is intentional? Now that's just pathetic if anyone thinks singing nasally sounds good."

i totally agree.i cant believe he tried to convince Simon and the world(american idol is shown across the globe) that singing through your nose is a form of singing.does he think we are that stupid?! singing through your nose just sounds like you have a cold.its disgusting!

2708 days ago


Personally I think they all suck. There are 2 or 3 great singers on the show but they are either weird shaped, boring and lack charisma. Phil Stacey has amazed me with his staying power, he looks like he just rose from the dead, those hats are sickening and he is hardly what I would call the whole package. Melinda is a scrunched up little munchkin, she looks like some one tried to condense her, she can sing really well though, La Kiesha is a good singer too but she is inconsistant, she never smiles either, Chris Richardson has a bad attitude and he sings worse than Sanjaya, at least Sanjaya was sweet , Blake is OK, but he isn't going to move mountains either, Jordin seems to be the only one that comes close to an American Idol, she is pretty but if I never dsaw her again I wouldn't think about t, they are devoid of personality as far as I'm concerned. This is the worst season I have ever seen and I think you're going to be seeing more of Sanjaya than the winner. He is already doing the TV circuit and tonight he is at the white house press dinner compliments of people magazine. I watched 4 TV shows tonight and all four of them mentioned Sanjaya or showed clips and Saturday night live spoofed him, so he will be around awhile in spite of losing. I have no desire to even watch AI anymore, I'll probably watch the last one where they announce the winner and frankly I don't care who wins Yep, this is a boring bunch. I havve 3 daughters, one is like the eyes and ears of the world, she feels the same way and so does my other daughters, one doesn't watch AI but she saw Sanjaya and couldn't believe he went before Phil Stacey. Poor Phil, I knew the minute I saw him that he wouldn't win, he looks like Nosfaratu. Vote for the worst .com likes to think they control the voting, they don't, I think either Phil or Chris will go next week.

2708 days ago

hello, it    

I would love to see Blake go next, he's way over-rated.

2708 days ago


why do people still watch this retarded show?

2708 days ago


He looks like Nosferatu...I've come to drink your blood!

2708 days ago


They messed themselves up on this because Phil has the only good male voice left on the show. He is no more weird looking than Daniel Powter (the guy who sang "Bad Day"), but if that's what they are basing it on. The funny thing about this is that if Phil looked like Chris or Blake he'd probably win this show. I'm a Jordin fan. I think they can turn this kid into a superstar - "Carrie McPhee" her down to 100 lbs, sexy her up a bit, and away we go! But that being said I think Phil is the only one who made a studio recording that could go on radio. His studio recording of "Maria, Maria" that I purchased at the AI website... is just AMAZING! So, I'm glad he's getting extra votes... he needs to stay around longer.

2708 days ago


Does anyone else think he looks like the Mask from Jim Carrey's movie?

2708 days ago


He was given his ears at birth...simply had no to lose American Idol like some say about his ears.....get real.
I feel his has the best male voice.....I hope he is one of the final contestants left.
Phil and Jordan......all the way!!!!!!

2708 days ago

Mrs. Lindo    

Melinda outshines everyone else in the singing department!!

2708 days ago

james carafano    

Phil should go no question, then Chris. Then what you have left are some folks with real talent...then it can be a popularity contest.

2708 days ago


I have a deep rooted hate for Phil, nice hat. He is so fake with his 'I'm just so happy to be here. He doesn't even deserve VFTW's efforts. I think we need to put Shrek/ Melinda up as the VFTW posterchild. "I didn't know I was that good" Give me a break, how long has she been a back up singer??????

2708 days ago


Phil's not got a chance; the most INTERESTING male vocalist left is Blake, and I don't think he cuts it vocally. If this is a SINGING competition, the winner, hands down, is Melinda, if it's a PERSONALITY competition, Melinda; if it's about a balance between looks, personality and vocals, Jordin (based on her last performance) and Melinda. LeKisha has GREAT pipes but she somehow "reads" as angry when she sings, at least to me. She's not completely out of the running but she has to find more facets than she has so far.

2708 days ago
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