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Celine & Elvis' "Idol" Duet from the Grave

4/23/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion and Elvis Presley"American Idol" will raise the dead on Wednesday and feature a performance with Celine Dion and ... Elvis Presley?!

While "A.I." teased their "Idol Gives Back" charity benefit by revealing that "two of the biggest stars in musical history come together," sources at last week's taping tell TMZ that Celine sang Elvis Presley's hit, "If I Can Dream" -- with an Elvis impersonator! Ugh! But we're told the impersonator was just used as a stand-in, and what you will actually see when the show airs is Celine singing with a virtual Elvis -- in the vein of Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable." Unbelievable!

At the taping, the remaining "Idol" wannabes also sang with Celine and Elvis, but as backup in the choir. Hallelujah! Elvis died nearly thirty years ago, while Celine has been singing at Caesars Palace in Vegas for the last four.

"Idol Gives Back" will help raise money to fight extreme poverty in the U.S. and Africa, and feature artists like Gwen Stefani, P!nk and Josh Groban.

A rep for "American Idol" could not be reached.


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There was no footage ofElvis in the taping of American Idol. All the body language movements and jestures are those of Ryan Pelton. The best Elvis TBA in the business. Of courese that is only my opinion , and everyone is free to agree or disagree. What is a shame is the fact that American Idol did not mention his name at all. For those who were under the impression that they used a video of Elvis they did not. This however is not only my opinion. I have pictures of Ryan on stage with Celine and the Idol contestants. Shame on American Idol for being so shallow as to think people would believe it was Elvis.

2736 days ago

Thomas Van ../ American    

Well well,there seems to be some people DON'T GET any mention for a job well done! The producers used a Elvis stand in for the show (some shots) Then forgot to mention him by name BEFORE DURING OR AFTER THE SHOW. HIS NAME IS RYAN PELTON He plays to sold out shows in Myrtle Beach S.C. He does a wonderful job honoring the memory of ELVIS. The people involved with BLUNDER at very least should have mentioned Ryan Pelton. It makes you think how much more of American Idol is Smoke and Mirrors??? that gets brushed under the rug? Shame on them....But it is Fox!!!!!
Thomas Van...../ AMERICAN

2736 days ago

Pam Taylor    

I was truely disappointed to find when I watched the American Idol segment with Celine and Elvis that they did not give credit where credit was do. The image of Elvis from the front was that of Elvis,but the back and side view,which if you watched very closely, were that of a great Elvis Entertainer, Ryan Pelton!! In my opinion the BEST!!!! Ryan performs in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on a regular basis. I think this was very unfair to Ryan and I can't believe American Idol would stoop so low to not even give recoginition to Ryan, since he was nice enough to help them. SHAME ON IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has ever seen Ryan perform I think they will agree he is one of the BEST!!!!!! Again his name is RYAN PELTON and if you get to Myrtle Beach, S.C. look for his picture and name on the billboards. Go see him perform and I know you will agree with me, RYAN PELTON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2736 days ago

Barbara Murray    

I am not a fan of American Idol, but because of the duet with Ryan Pelton (Elvis) and Celine I decided to tape and view it. at the same time. I'm so pleased that I had a chance to see the way that American Idol treats the American public. We are not stupid, we all know that Elvis is know longer with us, and through these fantastic entertainers like Ryan Pelton we are able to go back in time and remember the king. Ryan and I have done shows together here in Michigan and he is an honorable man and very talented individual. Respecting a person such as him comes so easy, it's to bad that American Idol couldn't have shown the respect that he so justly deserves and gave him the credit for being there on stage not Elvis and computer technology. Please take the time to see one of his dynamic shows at Mrytle Beach Legends and you will know what I know that he is so very talented and also a great person to have as a friend.

2735 days ago


It is Elvis not Ryan. Are you people nuts? It was Elvis voice and Elvis face that we see on the TV/Video of the duet with Celine. The body image might be Ryan from behind and the sides, but it is all Elvis where it counts. Voice and Face. Maybe Ryan is a fantastic ETA, but no need to make a big deal over this because it was Elvis all the way.

2732 days ago

gary star    

I've been reveiwing what people have been saying about the Idol/Ryan Pelton fiasco. I normally woudn't watch Idol. but I heard they where going to have some real singers
on the show! So I took a peak, I thought Idol did such a poor job of superimposing Elvis's face on Ryan and the Elvis voice track they used was so scratchy and streched it only made Celine's poor performance seem all the much better. (CHEEZY) Vegas style.
Idol Is so bad it's going to last forever, just like the cocroach! (Remember you cant fool all the people all the time, but do to massmarketing you don't even need people who can sing!) ? Is Randy Jackson the poster child for The Revenge of the NERDS.
Someone who cares!

2731 days ago


I think the video was fab! Great job, would like to see it again! Would like to download for keepsake!

2729 days ago


I watched the show and I am a huge Elvis fan. I have to say I think footage of Celine and Elvis was disturbing. Come on now, who did EPE or American Idol think they were fooling? I think the performance was disrespectful to Elvis' legacy . If they wanted to show Elvis they should have just played the original video of him alone during his 68' Singer Special...when it was done right! There was no need for what they did.
I will have to say that while the song choice is very beautiful and inspiring their choice in video editing totally destroyed what could have been a wonderful tribute by an amazing Elvis Tribute Artist; Ryan Pelton.
Elvis has been gone for a long time now and showing a video like that was done in very poor taste- I say anyone that isn't the King's daughter (where the tribute like that would be understandable and fitting) shouldn't mess with Elvis' legacy!
What was EPE thinking (or American Idol for that matter)? They (EPE) are holding their own search for the best Elvis Tribute Artist out there this summer and showing and promoting Ryan Pelton on national tv for the wonderful performer he is would have only helped promote their contest and Elvis!
On top of it all American Idol and EPE never once gave Ryan Pelton any credit for his performance. Yes, people I say performance because he did sing on his own and he did his own moves, but all you got to see on tv were parts of Ryan that they needed to fill in to give the "illusion" of Elvis really being there in person with Celine.
I hope EPE thinks real hard the next time the want to incoporate Elvis into modern technology before they destroy Elvis' legacy with disturbing videos like this!
For all of you who don't know who Ryan Pelton is you should visit his website and catch one of his shows to see an amazing tribute to Elvis. Tribute- a word EPE and Idol need to work on!

2729 days ago


I am as well EXTREMELY disappointed on AI's decision to computer "enhance" the Celine/Elvis part of the show. Not ONCE did the show give credit to RYAN PELTON - which he rightly deserves!!!! HE was the one on that stage and HE is the one that sang and gave his best to that show!! Shame on Idol for ignoring that talent!! I have been a long time fan and friend of Ryan's- always will be. Anybody who knows Ryan KNOWS with out a doubt that he is the BEST Elvis Entertainer there is - hands down!! Yes he is talented but more than that he is incredibly respectful to the legacy that Elvis left us. If anybody gets the chance to see his show in Myrtle Beach or elsewhere, you will be TRULY amazed.

2729 days ago


I am absolutely appalled at the way American Idol did this thing with Elvis. There was all this announcement that RYAN PELTON was going to be on American Idol. No mention that they was going to show Elvis and use Ryan's body. Many of his fans and friends was not happy with the fact that RYAN'S voice was not used nor was his face shown nor was he given any credits for even being there. I am a big Elvis fan sand love him dearly but Elvis is gone and his memory is kept alive by Tribute Artist like Ryan Pelton. Mr. Pelton does not lip synch he sings and has a WONDERFUL voice. I watched that show expecting to see RYAN not a old tape of Elvis. I did notice that Ryan Secrest thanked EPE for putting the clip together. WHY WAS RYAN PELTON NOT GIVEN CREDIT FOR ANYTHING? He performs 6 days a week at Legends In Concert in Myrtle Beach, SC and everyday he does Elvis justice in his tribute. I think American Idol owes Mr. Pelton an apology on that show and should give him some type of credit for being there.! He had part in that charity event just as much as all the others did and he was given NO credit what so ever! American Idol you should be ashamed of yourself for not giving credit where credit was due to RYAN PELTON! I will never watch American Idol again! And another thing ~ Ryan sings "If I Can Dream" wonderfully and it is one of his favorite songs as well as mine. . Just a shame no one seen HIS talent on national television!
Thanks to Ryan for paying a wonderful tribute to Elvis Presley everyday for fans to enjoy. American Idol ... I have lost all respect for your show and I will NEVER watch it again because of how you done Ryan Pelton.
~ Tammie

2729 days ago


You teeny Boppers do more harm to Ryan by over-promoting him. He is not Elvis, and never will be. There is only one Elvis. There are many great tribute artists, and much too many that don't do a good job. To your credit, Ryan is a great tribute artist, but remember, he is not Elvis.

2729 days ago


DUH. Everybody knows by now that Elvis is gone, but Idol's video wasn't of very good quality. No, I am not a Celine fan, and I have never been, but that has nothing to do with my opinion. I really thought this could have been much better.
For those who don't seem to know, Ryan has a large following of fans. Yes there are "teeny bobbers". I personally have seen an age range from teens to seniors. People would know that if they knew anything about him. I think Idol should release the original shoot of Ryan and Celine so people could see what an asset he is to the memory of Elvis. I also agree with previous posters that he should have gotten a mention of his participation in the show. He is an excellent performer and a great person.

2727 days ago

gary star    

I think they should have had Ryan hold up one of those A picture of a stick (of Elvis) things.
Or mabey had that Puppet (Elvis looking one) from the Muppets , to stand in for Ryan!

2727 days ago


The whole point was to show Elvis, not an impersonator. Yes, they needed to show a stand-in to help with the illusion, but the intention was not to *star* a look-a-like. Any show could have done that. I cant imagine Mr. Pelton was not aware of this. Granted, he's the best I've ever seen, but he is not Elvis. The reason he *is* so famous is for being a great *imitation* of someone else. There is only one Elvis. I can't believe people are complaining about seeing the real Elvis as opposed to someone who pretends to be him--no disrespect to Ryan intended at all. And if Idol didn't mention his name on the air, it was to maintain the illusion. Magicians hardly announce their stand-ins, but we know they have them. If Mr. Pelton hadn't been saught out because of his great contributions to this, I would have never found this site or his. He's being mentioned, believe me. Stories all over the net have done digging to find out who the stand in was. Hard work is rewarded in one form or another. As far as the "Elvis coming back being in poor taste" comments. I thought the whole thing was wonderful. Elvis was a very giving person and this was done for charity. Plus imagine all the young viewers out there who, for them, it was like seeing him perform live. What a gift to this generation

2725 days ago
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